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Soulful Features
April 2000

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Writing for Reflection and Intention.

This month, we turn our attention inward, and heal our souls through written self-expression.  Writing is similar to meditation in that it gives us the opportunity to hear the deepest desires of our souls.  It allows us to reflect on life, understand ourselves better, heal our pain, find our purpose, and put our goals and intentions out to the Universe.

May peace and joy be yours, as you connect with you soul
through the powerful act of writing.

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"Write It Down, Make It Happen"
by Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D., one of America's leading authorities on communications and writing productivity. She is the author of "Writing on Both Sides of the Brain," "Put Your Heart on Paper" and "Write it Down, Make it Happen" and president of Writing Resources, a seminar and consulting organization (www.henrietteklauser.com).

"Finding Peace Upon the Page"
by Eldonna Bouton, author of "Loose Ends, A Journaling Tool for Tying up the Incomplete Details of your Life and Heart," "Write Away: A Journal Writing Tool Kit" and "Journaling from the Heart: A Writing Workshop in Three Parts." She also offers online journaling workshops and lectures around the country.  (www.whole-heart.com)

"Writing in the Dark"
by Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT, best-selling author, speaker, psychotherapist and visionary. Her books include: "Journal to the Self," "The Way of the Journal" and "The Write Way to Wellness." She is a beloved teacher whose innovative work has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal, change and grow.  (www.journaltherapy.com)

"Writing for Clarity to Unlock Your Natural Knowing!"
by Joyce Chapman, best-selling author, speaker, and professional and personal coach. She is known for her landmark books "Journaling For Joy," "Live Your Dream" and "If I Had Three Wishes, The Only One Would Be…" A pioneer in the field of journal keeping, she provides step-by-step journaling techniques for actualizing dreams. (www.joycechapman.com) 

"Discovering Joy"
by Tristine Rainer, Ph.D., director of the Center for Autobiographic Studies in Pasadena (www.storyhelp.com) and teacher of autobiographical writing for UCLA and in the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC. Her recent book "Your Life as Story, Discovering the 'New Autobiography' and Writing Memoir as LIterature" was on the LATimes Bestseller list in 1998. 

"Writing the Journey: The Spirituality Journal"
by Ray Whiting, a minister and coach for over twenty five years, Ray's international ministry focuses on a humane approach to spirituality. His newsletter, Two Scoops, reaches around the world delivering the tools and techniques for creating the life you always knew you deserved.

 "Writing for Freedom"
by Lori Dixon, who holds a Masters degree in counseling, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Reiki Master, and has undergraduate training in art and art therapy. Lori currently works from her home studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, designing websites and creating inspirational art that she sells at www.abundancebox.com. 

"Numerology and Journaling"
by Rob Ragozzine, numerologist, owner of www.simplynumbers.com, and monthly columnist at SoulfulLiving.com

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