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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
April 2000

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Journaling

This month I would like to talk about exploring your inner self through numerology and journaling. Keeping a journal can be an important aspect of self-exploration, as you can uncover aspects of your personality that you would like to blossom, and those that you would like to weed out. Closely examining our behaviors can be very enlightening. When we watch our reactions to situations in our lives, we can learn a lot about ourselves. When we write down our behaviors, reactions, and feelings about them we can learn even more. We then can become more aware of our surroundings and ourselves.

Writing down your inner thoughts is a way to tap into your inner voice, unconscious, and the symbolism buried there. Through your writing you can begin to tap into the "symbolism" of your everyday life. Perhaps you can begin your process, by pulling a Rune, Tarot card, or maybe a Whack card. The Runes, and the Tarot are often "overlooked mirrors" of everyday life, which can aid in inner reflection. Many people use these tools today for insight, and empowerment.

In my Numerology Profiles, I use the Tarot cards extensively. I feel that they have a great deal of information to offer. For instance, suppose that you would like to know more about the current day, or month. In April, I would examine the "Emperor" card as this is the #4 card, and April is the 4th month. Look at the card, and ask what it symbolizes for you. For me, the "Emperor" talks about being constructive, having pride in what I do, and believing in myself. You can also draw a card based on your Personal Day Number.

Your Personal Period Numbers are calculated by first finding your Personal Year, and then finding your Personal Month, and finally your Personal Day. For ease of use, Iíve provided an online journaling tool which calculates these numbers for you.

Jack was born, August 17, 1955. Jackís Personal Year Number (PYN) for the current year is: (8 + 17 + 28) = 53/8. Note that the 28 in the calculation comes from (1+9+9+9) because Jackís current Numerological year ranges from his last birthday (1999) to the next one. Jackís Personal Month Number (PMN) is found by adding the current month to the PYN, so 53+4 for April would yield 57/12/3 for a PMN. Finally, for April 6th, 2000 Jack would have a 57+6 (for day 6) which would be 63/9. Jackís Personal Day Number for April 6th will be a 9. The Tarot card for #9 is "The Hermit". For Jack, this card can often signify a time to be alone and perhaps some inner reflection. He may spend part of the day relaxing and evaluating his current situation in life.

How you interpret your Personal Day Number is up to you. This can be used in beginning a daily journal writing ritual, where you journal about your particular Tarot card and Numerology numbers for the day. You could also jot down your current feelings and emotions. You will be amazed at the opportunity here to explore your unconscious. This process can be fun, inspirational, and informative. However, some people may not have a good understanding of Numerology, and the Tarot. If this is the case, I would suggest that you could start your journaling in a different way. You can simply write about what the "numbers" mean to you, or you may decide to start writing about some of the big "first" events in your life. For example you may decide to write about your first friend, date, day of school, job, teacher, or any other "first" in your life.

Using Numerology, you can calculate your Personal Day Number, which can tell you whether itís a good day for personal relationships, self-exploration, making money, or maybe just having fun. By tracking your Personal Days throughout the year, you can get a better grasp of how certain days and times, "feel". You can then begin to know which times in your life are best for certain activities. Of course, other influences are present, but your Personal Day Number can tell you a lot about what to expect for a certain day or time.

It is important to note that journal writing doesnít have to be dull, serious, and boring. You can write about family trips, your pets, plants, landscapes, seasonal changes, places, television shows, the movies, or whatever interests you at the moment.

Also, donít feel constrained to just use lined paper and a pen. Feel free to get creative and use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Bring in whatever tools that you need to get going. Try different pens, colored paper, chalk, crayons, paint, photos & glue, magic markers or whatever works for you! Part of the process here, is to "enjoy" the recording of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you donít like doing it, then you probably will not continue your journaling process for very long.

Journaling can best be used to set goals and identify areas of your life, and aspects of your personality, which you would like to improve. However, It's not easy to change our behavior. We read books, watch videos, take courses, and go to seminars, but we donít often have an immediate overnight change as a result. Real change often requires the right tools, effort, support and discipline. Journalism done regularly, coupled with meditation, counseling, coaching, affirmations, visualizations, voice dialogue, and perhaps other focused activities can begin to help to bring about change in your life.

Recently, Newsweek ran an article entitled "Pen. Paper. Power! Confessional Writing Can be Good for You," touting the benefits of journaling. For about 20 years studies have been done that have found that people who write about their experiences, feel better and visit doctors less often, and even have stronger immune responses. Also, medical research on journaling has been reported on in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). Their findings, primarily based on the research of Dr. Joshua Smyth, showed that just by writing, symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis could be alleviated.

Often our lives have become so cluttered that we often find it difficult to recognize the patterns of behaviors that are causing conflict in our lives. Often, we may be too preoccupied to notice that problems exist. Time seems to slip through our fingers. We loose sleep, or willingly sleep less because of some change in our personal or career life. Lack of time, or stress may cause us to skip meals, eat fast food, drink soft drinks, coffee, alcohol and little water. Perhaps weíve lost a family member, or friend and we find ourselves missing an important source of physical, mental or emotional support in our lives. All these are examples of imbalance in our lives.

We may not be ready to admit to others that we have problems, but journaling can help to bring focus on the imbalances that are causing physical, mental, or spiritual problems in your life. As noted in the Newsweek article, Journaling research has also been done by a Dr. James Pennebaker. He is Professor of Psychology in the social and clinical areas at the University of Texas. He is the author of Opening Up: The Healing Power of Expressing Emotions. Dr. Pennebaker is an expert in the area of stress and coping whose work has made important contributions toward the understanding of the links between traumatic experiences and physical and mental health.

Dr. Pennebaker has done extensive research, which shows how writing down your thoughts and feelings can improve your physical as well as your mental health. He conducted research in which his patients would write for 15-20 minutes a day about challenging aspects of their lives. The patients reported better health even months after the research.

Now, that we can see that there are at least basic health benefits to keeping a journal, we can look at some of the other influences it may have on our lives:

  • Journaling helps to clear the mind
  • Retrieving and remembering new information
  • Fosters problem solving
  • Helps you to focus on a given subject
  • Helps us to become organized
  • Helps you to set up plans, and strategies
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Planning for your career

As planning seems to be important for most of us, we can look to Numerology to help chart a course in our lives through the use of Pinnacle Numbers. Pinnacle Numbers represent key events in our lives. They point the way to what it can be possible for you to achieve in a certain period of time. Each of us has 4 Pinnacle Numbers that represent a certain period in our lives. Once you understand which pinnacle you are in and its corresponding number you can begin to better understand which life situations are best for you at this time.

Your Pinnacle Numbers can help you in setting goals, and measuring their achievement. Through goal setting you are able to see what you have done and what you are capable of. The process of achieving goals and seeing their achievement gives you the self-confidence that you need so that you will be able to accomplish more difficult tasks in the future.

In writing, you can record your goals and accomplishments. Your journal writing can help you to clarify your goals and greatest desires. Once you are fully aware of what those are you can begin to verbalize them and share them with others in your life. If you share them in a lively, caring and passionate manner this will engage people in your dreams and desires. This can help your desires come to fruition faster and perhaps better than you could hope to accomplish by yourself. It will also attract real opportunities, ideas, and advice.

This is not suggesting that you suppress your grief, or pessimism. A personís ability to express any emotion (positive or negative) is hindered when they suppress negative emotions. There is evidence that people who express negative emotion that includes anger, rage, and stubbornness and those who express realistic optimism, live longer and healthier lives, than people who are not in touch with their emotions.

Using your journal to tap into, and express, your feelings can help you to develop a better relationship with yourself and others. Expressing yourself will allow you to better appreciate the "good" and "bad" times in your life. You will be better equipped to handle stressful situations when they arise. The stressful situations, and challenges, in your life can be charted in Numerology through your Numerological Challenges. The Challenges represent obstacles we must face in order to grow and advance.

The Challenges and the Pinnacles can show you your potential risks, strengths and weaknesses and help you to begin have an acceptance of your current situation. As you begin to get a better grasp of your life and the opportunities available to you, you can begin to look at, and benefit most from the symbols you find in your daily life. One approach that helps you to understand your personal symbols is the Intensive Journal Method developed by Dr. Ira Progoff. The method utilizes non-judgmental techniques to help individuals accept their life situation and gain a perspective from which they can access and develop their insight and full potential.

As you can see there are many ways to start, and keep a journal. The method you choose might depend on time available, personal beliefs, cultural influences, or religious background, but the benefits you receive from journaling can be great. Remember that journaling alone; probably cannot be your solution for all problems. Discipline is important in keeping a journal. As is getting in touch with your emotions, and goal setting. Goal settings give you long-term vision, focus and helps you to organize your resources. Find a reason to keep a journal, and then begin the process.

Today there are many excellent journal resources and software tools to make your process easier. Also, remember that you can use the journaling tool to print daily journal sheets. Once you begin your process, you may wish to find a special time, and place to record your thoughts, hopes, and dreams in your journal. Doing this on a daily basis can allow it to become an important ritual in your life.

The benefits of a keeping a journal are waiting for you, and the rewards can last a lifetime. Journaling can give you a clear understanding of your present condition. This understanding can help you begin the process of making a plan to fulfill your vision for the future. Keeping a journal, studying Numerology, and incorporating ritual into your life can be part of this process. As you begin your journal you will begin to take the steps you need in order to achieve your greatest potential

What do you do with your journal when itís full? Perhaps you will someday want to go back and relive your experiences, or you may wish to simply release them. Some people may keep all of their journals, while some throw away the current journal as soon as it is done. Whether or not you wish to keep your journals for future reference, you should always keep in mind that the journal is for your benefit.

Good luck in your journey into Numerology.

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