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Soulful Features
April 2001

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Soul Nourishment II.

"Self -care is about developing our highest Self."
~ Rachel Harris

We're devoting our March and April issues of SoulfulLiving.com to the healing theme of "Soul Nourishment," exploring ways to comfort and care for the self and spirit. Taking the time to nurture and nourish our souls is essential to our health, happiness and well-being.  Our expert panel of contributors offer us their advice, techniques and encouragement for finding ways to be kind and loving to ourselves each and every day.

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May peace and joy be yours as you learn to nourish yourself and your soul!

This month's panel of experts include: Jane Alexander, holistic living journalist and author of ten books, including "Spirit of the Home" and "The Five Minute Healer"; Kay Allenbaugh, author of the bestselling "Chocolate for a Woman's Soul" series; Jennifer Louden, author of the bestsellers, "The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life" and "The Woman's Comfort Book"; Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the New York Times Best Seller, "The Four Agreements";  Eldonna Bouton, author of "Loose Ends, A Journaling Tool for Tying up the Incomplete Details of your Life and Heart"; Jim Donovan, author of the bestseller, "Handbook To A Happier Life"; Deborah Bergman, author of "The Knitting Goddess"; and Jennifer Baltz, a holistic intuitive minister and spiritual counselor.

Last month's contributors included: "Comfort Queen" Jennifer Louden, author of the bestsellers, "The Comfort Queen's Guide to Life" and "The Woman's Comfort Book"; Karen Kingston, bestselling author, feng shui teacher and international authority on space clearing; KD Farris, Ph.D., counselor, healer and author of "MESHE, HESHE, MISON & ORBIT"; Michelle Morris Spieker, speaker and author of "The Cherished Self"; Rachel Harris, psychologist and author of "20-Minute Retreats"; Katherine Martin, award-winning screenwriter and author of "Women of Courage"; and Bruce D. Schneider, psychotherapist and author of "Relax, You're Already Perfect."

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Your body is precious. 
It is our vehicle for awakening.
Treat it with care.


"Soul Nourishment and Self-Care"
by Jane Alexander, a UK-based writer on natural health, holistic living and contemporary spirituality. She is the author of ten books, including "Spirit of the Home," "The Five Minute Healer" "Detox for the Body, Mind, and Spirit," "Sacred Rituals at Home," and her newest, "The Energy Secret." Her website is www.smudging.com

"It's All About Trust"
by Kay Allenbaugh, the creator of the nationally bestselling Chocolate series, with over two million books in print. She is a writer and speaker who is known as "The Caretaker of Stories for Women of the World." She is currently collecting true stories for future women's and teen's Chocolate sequels. (www.chocolateforwomen.com)

"Transforming Shadow Comforts"
by Jennifer Louden, the best-selling author of "The Woman’s Comfort Book" and "The Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life," among other titles. She is also the creator of the popular website, www.comfortqueen.com. Her mission is to empower women to create their lives through self-kindness and she tries to live that mission herself (most) days.

by don Miguel Ruiz, author of New York Times bestseller, "The Four Agreements," "The Mastery of Love," and his newest, "The Four Agreements Companion Book." don Miguel's teachings combine new insights with ancient wisdom. A near death experience brought his wake-up call. (www.miguelruiz.com)

"Spring Cleaning: Feeling Write at Home"
by Eldonna Edwards Bouton, author of three journaling books, "Journaling From the Heart: A Writing Workshop in Three Parts," "Write Away: A Journal Writing Toolkit" and "Loose Ends: A Journaling Tool for Tying up the Incomplete Details of your Life and Heart."  (www.whole-heart.com)

"Why Elephants Don't Run"
by Jim Donovan, author of the International bestsellers, "Handbook To A Happier Life" and "This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal." He is also the founder and CEO of FreelanceHelp.com, an Internet network for creative professionals. His articles, books and newsletter are available at his website www.jimdonovan.com.

"Soul of My Souls"
by Deborah Bergman, a passionate knitter and long time explorer and reporter of the direct, non-idealized experience of spirituality. She holds a degree in Comparative Religion and offers courses that strengthen the innate connection to inner stillness through creativity. She is the author of "The Knitting Goddess" and two other books. (www.knittinggoddess.com)

"Listening to Your Body"
by Jennifer Baltz, a business and life coach and creative mentor with over 18 years experience helping people consciously create their dreams. She offers individual coaching, classes, seminars, and mastermind groups to help you create change in your life, from personal and creative growth to small business development. Visit Jennifer's website for more information, www.creativespirit.com.



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