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Soulful Features
March 2003

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Spiritual Growth Articles

Our Furry Friends

The soul is the same in all living creatures,
although the body of each is different.

This month, our Feature Articles are looking at the theme of "Our Furry Friends: Animals and Spirituality." Our panel of contributors, which includes some of today's leading experts in the field of Animal Communication, offer us very personal and touching stories, exploring everything from talking with animals and the wisdom and lessons learned from them, to grieving the loss of an animal and understanding the profound interconnectedness of all living creatures in our universe.

May your life be filled with the love and friendship of many animals!


Best-Selling Authors and Experts


"Of Friends and Tails"
by Father Paul Keenan, popular speaker, author and radio co-host of WABC Radio’s "Religion on the Line." Father Paul likes to talk and write about the issues that matter to people. Widely experienced as a national and local television and radio news commentator, he is the author of "Good News for Bad Days," "Stages of the Soul" and "Heartstorming: The Way to a Purposeful Life." (www.fatherpaul.com)

"The Edges of Things: Animals as Teachers and Healers"
by Susan Chernak McElroy is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Animals as Teachers and Healers." Her lectures and seminars about this ancient and vital relationship have been enthusiastically endorsed by healthcare professionals, students, psychologists and social workers, veterinarians, and, of course, animal lovers. Her new book, "Animals As Guides for the Soul," is full of stories of life-changing encounters between humans and animals.  (www.susanchernakmcelroy.com)

"Animal Communication - The Telepathic Connection"
by Penelope Smith, who has been called the mother of interspecies communication. She is author of the popular books, "Animal Talk" and "When Animals Speak," and editor of the quarterly journal, "Species Link.." Her visionary work has been featured in newspaper and magazine articles, numerous books, and on radio and television in the United States and abroad. As the world's leading teacher in the field, Penelope has helped launch the careers of numerous professional animal communicators. (www.animaltalk.net)

"For Purrball"
by Eryk Hanut, a writer and photographer. His latest books are "The Road to Guadalupe" and the recently published, "The Blessings of Guadalupe." He is currently working on his memoir, "Jazz Mediteranee," to be published by Tarcher-Putnam in 2003. He lives in Nevada and New York with his husband, Andrew Harvey, his two cats, Puli and Princey, and his rabbit, Snow. His website is www.erykhanut.com.

"Recalling the Song: How Communicating with Animals will Change Our World:"
by Dawn Baumann Brunke, author of "Animal Voices ~ Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life." The book features interviews with two dozen animal communicators and over 100 animals and animal spirits. Dawn is also the author of "Who Lives Here?," a series of animal and nature books for children. For the past six years, Dawn has been the Editor of Alaska Wellness, a bi-monthly magazine focused on health and wellness for the body, mind and spirit. (www.animalvoices.net)

"Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond"
by Rita M. Reynolds, founder of Howling Success, an animal sanctuary located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. For the past 25 years her sanctuary has been home to hundreds of animals. Reynolds is the author of "Blessing the Bridge: What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and Beyond." She is also the founder and editor of laJoie, The Journal in Appreciation of All Animals, first published in 1990 and distributed internationally. (www.blessingthebridge.com)

"What Animals Teach Me About Forgiveness"
by Deborah Straw, a writer and teacher who lives in Burlington, Vermont, with her husband, a dog and two cats. Her first book, Natural Wonders of the Florida Keys, was published in August 1999 by Country Roads Press/NTC Contemporary Publishing. Her second, Why is Cancer Killing Our Pets? How You Can Protect and Treat Your Animal Companion, has just been published by Healing Arts Press (Inner Traditions International). 

"The Forgotten Angels"
by Sharon Callahan, a writer, photographer, internationally recognized animal communication specialist, and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences for the treatment of animals. Although Sharon's ability to communicate with animals has been with her from childhood, a near-death experience in 1987 enhanced her ability to communicate with animals telepathically, giving her a deep understanding of the role of animals in the spiritual lives of human beings. (www.anaflora.com)

"The World Wide Web"
by Tera Thomas, who has been working professionally as an Animal Communicator since 1996. She is Founder and President of Hummingbird Farm, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to deepening the understanding, respect, communication, and relationship between all living beings and the natural world around us. Tera is also the author of "Opening My Wings to Fly: What Animals Have Taught Me." Her website is www.hummingbirdfarm.org.

"The Ancient Bond Between Animals and Humans"
by Christopher Foster, a former weekly newspaper editor. He has worked as a reporter in the UK, Africa, New Zealand, and Canada, and lived in a spiritual community in British Columbia, Canada, before moving to Colorado. He is the author of two novels, two book of poetry, and his latest work, "The Raven Who Spoke With God." (www.singingspiritbooks.com)

"Creation Myths of Equus"
by Carole S. Devereux, writer, animal communicator, and spiritual growth counselor. Her book, "Spirit of the Horse," due to be published in 2004, is a collection of myths about interspecies consciousness, written from a horse's point of view. She has worked with thousands of people and animals nationwide and conducts workshops at her Highland Retreat Center in La Center, Washington. (www.animalinsights.com)

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