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Writing for Clarity to Unlock
Your Natural Knowing!
by Joyce Chapman

For many years now I have illustrated to people that through personal writing they can individually arrive at their own truths. Why do I believe this is true? I consider this to be an innate truth because I have personally re-discovered myself, re-defined my life purpose and realigned with my soul through the process of writing.

If this belief is true, one might ask, "Then why doesn't everyone take the time to slow down, to become quiet and write?" This question is one aspect of my work in this lifetime. It is why I have taught, lectured and written for over 20 years about the art and joy of journal keeping.

Have you ever wished for a crystal ball that would reveal the answers to questions you posed? A medium that would provide magical insights and information? Within each of us we have the ability to tap into our own answers, delve into our souls and capture our own truths. It is through our own writing and the trust of our own answers that the answers we seek are unveiled.

As I sat down to write this article, I first wrote a list of questions that I know to be important for journaling and the personal journey the act of journaling commences. Journaling begins a journey of fulfillment as one dares to imagine and to truly live true to themselves and the scripts of their soul.

I encourage you to consider the following questions and take time reflecting and answering them honestly. Your answers will give you the enlightenment to take the steps to be among those who know, embrace and practice living true to their soul's journey through reflection, listening, writing and capturing the revealed learning.

I am willing to:

…connect with my soul?

…know my life purpose?

…live true to myself?

…keep my word to myself and others?

…live with clarity?

…have clear intention?

…accept that everything in my life provides an opportunity to learn, discover and define myself?

…live each and every moment fully?

…change when change is needed?

…surround myself with people who empower and inspire me?

…live in the creative process?

…reach out for help, assistance, and the information I need?

…consistently and constantly live with integrity?

…choose the beliefs, habits and values that are congruent to achieve my ultimate potential?

…practice and choose actions that are good for all concerned?

…examine, re-examine, and write for insight and direction in order to embrace and fulfill my destiny?

To really connect to one's natural ability to know oneself, it is important to be able to answer "yes" to the above questions. Journaling opens the door to one's soul, giving rise to self-discovery and empowerment. There are hundreds of creative journaling techniques to help both the novice and the established journaler, from tips to journaling circles where journalers meet to share. (http://www.joycechapman.com/journalcircle.html)

Commit to a life that includes writing and journaling, you will find it to be the vehicle that provides a renewal of the soul and allows you to live your life in joy and celebration.

Joyce Chapman is a best-selling author, speaker, and professional and personal coach. A pioneer in the field of journal keeping she provides step-by-step journaling techniques for actualizing dreams to individuals, groups and companies through her books, newsletters, workshops, training programs, and coaching sessions. She is known for her landmark books Journaling For Joy, Live Your Dream and If I Had Three Wishes, The Only One Would Be… Her most recent publication, Notice! & Journal continues her pioneering work in the field of journaling and offers up one of the easiest motivators for journalers seeking new topics and areas of discovery. There are hundreds of creative journaling techniques to help the novice and the established journaler in all her books and on her website. (http://www.joycechapman.com/journalcircle.html)


Visit Joyce at her Website:



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