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Soulful Features
November 2000

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Gratitude and Giving.

Even the thought of giving,
the thought of blessing or a simple prayer
has the power to affect others.
~Deepak Chopra

This month, we are exploring the practices of "Gratitude and Giving."  It is important to remember that all of life is a gift.  Give thanks each day for all the wonderful gifts and blessings in your life.  Then remember to share your gifts with the world and spread the joy!

In the spirit of giving, SoulfulLiving.com will be sponsoring TheKidsAidsSite and TheBreastCancerSite this Holiday Season.  Please join us in supporting these important causes by visiting each site daily to make a free donation.

May peace and joy be yours as you practice gratitude and giving!

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To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant,
to enact gratitude is generous and noble,
but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.
~Johannes A. Gaertner


"Gratitude and Generosity are Indivisible"
by M.J. Ryan, one of the compilers of the best-selling "Random Acts of Kindness" series and the author of "Attitudes of Gratitude" and "The Giving Heart."  She is a member of Professional Thinking Partners and specializes in coaching individuals on issues of work-life balance, creativity and innovation, life purpose, renewal processes, and values-based business development. Her website is: www.ptpinc.org.

"Every Generous Moment Heals the Heart"
by Sonia Choquette, a renowned visionary intuitive and spiritual teacher for over thirty years. The author of four best selling books, "The Wise Child," "The Psychic Pathway," "Your Heart's Desire" and her newest book, "True Balance," she is a refreshing and inspiring jargon-free teacher who makes the esoteric easily accessible, and the spiritual world grounded, user friendly, and engaging. Her website is www.soniachoquette.com.

"Heartfelt Gratitude Retreat"
by Rachel Harris, Ph.D., a psychologist who has led a private practice in Princeton, New Jersey, and has led national and international workshops for thirty years.  She is author of "20 Minute Retreats: Revive Your Spirits in Just Minutes a Day with Simple Self-Led Exercises" and the co-author of the bestselling "Children Learn What They Live."

"The Art of Appreciation"
by Laura Grace, Co-founder of Infinite Wisdom, an organization dedicated to the highest human capacity, and a national author and speaker. As a regular contributor for publications across the US and Canada, Laura writes about human awareness and spiritual growth. Laura is the author of the widely acclaimed book "Gifts of the Soul" and is the creator and teacher of various transformational programs and workshops. (www.laurahyde.com)

"Have You "Pulled a Riekle" Lately?"
by Jill H. Lawrence, a national award-winning journalist who has spent a lifetime exploring personal growth, metaphysics, spirituality - everything from Angels to Zen! Today she brings that breadth and depth of experience to enrich her daily, live call-in radio show, "Jill & Friends" at Wisdom Radio. (www.wisdommedia.com)

"Making Money While Making a Difference"
by Richard Barrett, Managing Partner of Richard Barrett & Associates LLC, Fellow of the World Business Academy, Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank, Speaker, Consultant and Author of "Liberating the Corporate Soul: Building a Visionary Organization" and "A Guide to Liberating Your Soul."  (www.corptools.com)

Cultivating Gratitude
(Read Dana's Monthly Column, "Sacred Imagination," at SoulfulLiving.com)
by Dana Reynolds, spiritual midwife and author of "Be An Angel." Her essay, Visual Prayers is included in the anthology, "Our Turn, Our Time: Women Coming of Age," edited by Cynthia Black. She has facilitated women’s spiritual retreats nationwide for ten years. (www.sacredimagination.com)

"The Good News--America in November: Food and Gratitude"
Read Kathleen's Monthly Column, "Scribing the Soul," at SoulfulLiving.com
by Kathleen Adams LPC, RPT, best-selling author, speaker, psychotherapist and visionary. Her books include: "Journal to the Self," "The Way of the Journal" and "The Write Way to Wellness." She is a beloved teacher whose innovative work has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal, change and grow.  (www.journaltherapy.com)

"The Role of Numerology in Gratitude and Giving"
(Read Rob's Monthly Column, "What's Your Number?," at SoulfulLiving.com)
by Rob Ragozzine, expert numerologist, owner of www.simplynumbers.com, and monthly columnist at SoulfulLiving.com



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