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 Soulful Features
December 2003

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Spiritual Growth Articles

Graceful Living.

"Our real journey in life is interior:
it is a matter of growth, deepening,
and of an ever greater surrender
to the creative action of love
and grace in our hearts."
~Thomas Merton 

This month, our Feature Articles are exploring the topic of "Graceful Living." We are graced with a rich cornucopia of thought and wisdom on the subject of "graceful living," as each of our contributing authors share his/her personal reflections on what it means to "live gracefully."

We discover that graceful living is many wondrous and miraculous things. Living a life of grace is about living gently, lovingly, kindly, mindfully, peacefully, purposefully, consciously, gratefully, abundantly, beautifully, soulfully, and joyfully.

May your heart be filled with many blessings of grace this holiday season and always!

Best-Selling Authors and Experts


"Everyday Grace"
by Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer. She has published eight books, four of which -- including the mega bestseller, "A Return to Love" and the newly-released "Everyday Grace" -- have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. Her titles also include "Illuminata," "A Woman’s Worth," and "Healing the Soul of America." Marianne is also now the host of her own weekly radio talk show, "The Marianne Williamson Show." (www.marianne.com)

by Father Paul Keenan, popular speaker, author and radio co-host of WABC Radio’s "Religion on the Line." Widely experienced as a national and local television and radio news commentator, he is the author of "Good News for Bad Days," "Stages of the Soul" and his newest, "Heartstorming: The Way to a Purposeful Life." (www.fatherpaul.com)

"Graceful Living? See Sailing."
by Hubert Pryor, author of "Soul Talk: Positive Mind Treatments to Turn Your Life Around" and the forthcoming book, "SERENITY 101: Spiritual Wisdom, Ancient and Modern, for Peace of Mind Today."  Formerly, he was editor-in-chief of "Modern Maturity" magazine and of "Science Digest" and a senior editor of "Look" magazine.  He lives in South Palm Beach, Florida, where he is a free-lance writer and editor.

"Mindfulness + Gratitude = Graceful Living"
by Bret S. Beall, MS, PhD (Cand), former evolutionary paleontologist, now leads Global Organic Designs – Discovering Earth’s Science & Spirit (GOD-DESS). He helps people live fantastic lives with minimal time, effort or money, via consultations, demonstrations, lectures and articles about Cooking, Entertaining, Décor, Budgeting, Simplification, Streamlining, Organizing, Gardening, Travel. (www.god-dess.com)

"Graceful Living: How Shall We Live?"
by Rev. Sandra Lee Schubert, interfaith minister, poet and founder of Wild Woman Ministries, a forum to explore and express creativity and spirituality. As a minister and coach, Rev. Schubert helps people discover and unlock their creative potential -- through creating art, producing classes and workshops or just pursuing a life long goal -- and is committed to assisting people in fulfilling their dreams. Her website is www.wildwomanministries.org

"Living Gracefully by Growing Your Personal Garden"
by Maryellen Gor, an author, personal development coach, and president of Profits with People, a business consulting company. She is author of the forthcoming book, "Watering the Blooms: Growing Your Personal Garden." Her website is www.wateringcanproductions.com.

"Bring Light and Healing to Your Family for the Holidays"
Read Rev. Laurie's Monthly Column, "Soulful Love," at SoulfulLiving.com
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, an interfaith minister who is often called upon to teach, speak and write about women’s spirituality and The Feminine Faces of God. She is author of the new book, "A Goddess Is A Girl's Best Friend: A Divine Guide To Finding Love, Success and Happiness." She is also the resident "Romance Reverend" at SoulfulLiving.com, where she is a monthly columnist. (www.goddessfriends.com)

"Joining Together With Our Words of Grace"
Read Nessa's Monthly Column, "Writing Our Hearts Out," at SoulfulLiving.com
by Nessa McCasey, a former technical editor for NASA, street/performance poet in Denver, corporate writer, single mom, marketing communications specialist, and church music director. She is charting a new path for work and life in the profession of Poetry Therapy serving as a State Representative for the National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT).

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"Writing Our Hearts Out" by Nessa McCasey


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