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Press Releases

October 25, 2001

The Mandala Collection™ Offers Holiday Gifts for Healing the "Spirit" of America - SoulfulLiving.com Unveils Unique, Online Collection of Transformational Gifts and Tools

May 15, 2001
"Conscious Living" is Theme of May Issue of SoulfulLiving.com -- Expert of the Month, Sociologist Paul H. Ray, Offers Expertise in Interactive Q&A with Visitors

March 22, 2001
"Soul Nourishment" is Theme of March and April Issues -- SoulfulLiving.com Welcomes Two New Monthly Columnists to Its Growing Community

February 5, 2001
New Community of Soulful Singles Launches at SoulfulLiving.com -- "The Soul of Love" is Focus of February Issue

January 10, 2001
Contributor List Reads Like a "Who's Who" of the Soulful Community -- SoulfulLiving.com Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary!

December 11, 2000
Weary Dot Com Shoppers Find Peace and Joy at SoulfulLiving.com This Holiday Season -- "Finding Inner Peace" is Theme of December Issue

November 15, 2000
SoulfulLiving.com’s November Issue Invites Visitors to Share "Prayers of Gratitude" and Explore "Gratitude & Giving" with Best-selling Authors

August 25, 2000
SoulfulLiving.com Adds Creative Marketing Services to its Soulful Offerings

July 6, 2000
Dot Com Shopping Becomes a Soulful Experience at SoulfulLiving.com
with Launch of New Affiliate Store of "Gifts for the Soul"

June 4, 2000
June Issue Explores Intuition -- Listening to the Wisdom of Our Souls

May 11, 2000
Los Angeles Business Journal Names SoulfulLiving.com "Site of the Week"

May 1, 2000
Transformational Business is Focus of SoulfulLiving.com's May Issue

April 1, 2000
SoulfulLiving.com -- A Monthly Oasis for Healing & Joy

March 1, 2000
SoulfulLiving.com Turns Green with Soul and Environment March Issue

February 1, 2000
Souls will Bloom this February at SoulfulLiving.com

December 22, 1999
SoulfulLiving.com:  New Website to Launch January 1, 2000



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