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Los Angeles Business Journal Names SoulfulLiving.com "Site of the Week"

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 11, 2000 -- The Los Angeles Business Journal has selected SoulfulLiving.com as their "Site of the Week." Launched January 1, 2000, the monthly guide for whole life living explores unique themes of soulful interest with best-selling authors and highly regarded experts. The May issue focuses on "The Soul at Work" and features articles by fifteen business visionaries, who share their thoughts on such topics as spirituality in business, maximizing creativity and human potential in the workplace, and honoring one’s soul purpose and calling.

In their review, the Los Angeles Business Journal says "Self-help detractors, beware. SoulfulLiving.com is geared toward self-reflection addicts, and this month the site is focusing on "The Soul at Work…. The excerpts and essays are generally short, meaning they're less of a commitment and far more palatable than a lengthy self-help book. For those long toying with jumping to a new job or career, SoulfulLiving.com may hold the words to inspire that start."

The Founder and Soul of SoulfulLiving.com is a 33-year-old Los Angeles native with a background in marketing, public relations, art, journalism, and computer graphics, who discovered her soulful calling through her father’s passing two years ago. "He was a very wise and soulful man and a great inspiration to me. Through my mourning process, I found peace, hope and purpose in soulful living. I receive great satisfaction from visitors who tell me the site inspires them and enhances their lives."

"I am thrilled that the Los Angeles Business Journal has honored SoulfulLiving.com," she says. "It is very exciting to be featured on the same page as Yahoo and Walt Disney."

Next on the busy agenda of SoulfulLiving.com's Founder, which includes a full time job as a marketing manager, is to bring soulful living to the world. She is preparing a business plan and identifying a CEO and strategic partners who are also on a soulful path. She believes "business is in the hopeful process of integrating head and heart and is a reflection of the larger culture. SoulfulLiving.com's mission is to support the increasing numbers of individuals living from their souls both in and outside of business."

"Recognition by publications like the Los Angeles Business Journal confirms that our work is beginning to have impact, for which I am grateful."

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