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SoulfulLiving.com Unveils Unique, Online Collection of
Transformational Gifts and Tools

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 25, 2001 – SoulfulLiving.com, an award-winning, monthly guide to personal and spiritual growth, announces the launch of its new online retail store, "The Mandala Collection" http://www.themandalacollection.com.

The Mandala Collection invites its customers to "journey to their centers" using its unique collection of mandala gifts and tools as catalysts, designed to inspire healing, reflection, stress reduction, balance, and wholeness.

Mandalas are sacred circles, used for thousands of years as powerful transformational tools for healing, prayer and meditation. They are found in many cultural and spiritual traditions, in many forms, including Tibetan and Native American sand paintings, Hindu Yantras, Gothic rose windows, and sacred labyrinths. In more recent years, mandalas have found use in classrooms, workshops, and community and therapy settings, as tools for enhancing creativity, connection, healing, and wholeness.

The transformational items featured in The Mandala Collection have been hand-selected for their beauty, grace, and quality, and for their authentic and meaningful nature. Many of the items are handcrafted, supporting artisans and craftspeople from around the world. Stories on product pages offer customers a glimpse into the handicraft traditions and techniques of each craft, as well as an understanding of how the craft supports the regional culture.

The Mandala Collection makes its debut just in time for the Holiday 2001 Gift-Giving Season, offering over 300 items, in seven unique product categories, including Body Adornments, Gifts and Tools, Paper Products, Candles and Incense, Art Prints and Decals, Fabric Finds, and Home Decoration.

An online "Gift Center" provides customers with a selection of mandala-themed Gift-Wrap options, a Personal Shopper service, Gift Certificates, and a special collection of "2001 Holiday Gift Picks." http://www.themandalacollection.com/holiday.htm

The Mandala Collection’s "2001 Holiday Gift Picks" include:

  • Star-Shaped Mandala Candles, featuring six and sixteen "signature star points," create a heavenly, kaleidoscope glow. Mulled Cider and Sugar Plum fragrances. $32.

  • Millefiori Glass Pendants, handcrafted in Venice, Italy. Glass canes combine inside Sterling Silver settings to create one-of-a-kind "flower mandala" pendants. $22. - $44.

  • Aromatherapy Spiral Incense Gift Sets, handmade in England, include 10 incense coils and a matching ceramic holder. Available in four aromatherapy blends. $20.
  • "Wildflower Petals" Paper Star Lamp, handcrafted in India of 100% recycled, wood-free paper, features pressed hemp wildflower petals and unique star-shaped cutouts. $30.

  • Circular Zen Stone Garden brings relaxation to the desktop. Virginia slate is carved sliver-thin in a unique circular shape with a square inset of sand, reminiscent of a Chinese coin. $36.

  • Children’s Rainbow Labyrinth Kit, a finger labyrinth of Baltic Birch wood, packaged with colored markers, introduces children and adults to the benefits of "walking" the labyrinth. $54.

About SoulfulLiving.com:

Launched January 1, 2000, SoulfulLiving.com brings an oasis of healing and joy to the Internet each month, as it explores unique themes of interest with best-selling authors, in a meaningful and interactive environment. As the premier online destination for personal and spiritual growth, SoulfulLiving.com provides visitors with a rich experience, offering monthly columns and feature articles, an open journal, prayer boards, a singles community, and a unique collection of healing tools available at The Mandala Collection. SoulfulLiving.com has been featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal, Health Magazine, UCLA Alumni Magazine, CelestineVision.com, and numerous other publications.

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