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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
March 2001

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Nourishing Your Soul with the Help of Numerology

Nourish your soul daily with the words of life and with prayer and with every good work--just as we nourish the body with various kinds of food and drink by means of which our exhausted strength is renewed and our life is preserved.
~Saint Moses of Optina

This month we will explore how Numerology can help us to nourish our souls. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, nourish means:

  • To provide with food or other substances necessary for life and growth; feed.

  • To foster the development of; promote.

  • To keep alive; maintain: nourish a hope.

  • Based on this definition, nourishing your soul can mean finding interesting, exciting and stimulating ways to experience life, learn, grow, and change. It can also mean that not finding a way to create, experience, and grow can be detrimental to you. Only you can truly know what your soul needs. We all need to find ways to understand, and do something about, our needs. This means listening to your inner dreams, hopes, and desires. On occasion, it may mean acting in ways contrary to what others expect, or hope from you.

    In my own search, Iíve found a way to combine my interest in reading and Numerology. I have been looking at some Numerology authors whose books are older, and out-of-print. I think this will help to deepen my own understanding of the subject. This month, I will also try to help you move a little deeper into the study of Numerology by introducing some new concepts, and spreading them out over several months. In this way you will acquire a deeper understanding of the tools and teachers, that are available. Hopefully, you will also find new ways to nourish your soul through the aid of Numerology.

    A simple step in nourishing your soul can involve finding ways to balance your emotions, feelings, and overall physical health. Paying attention to the world around you, and its impact on others can help you to stay balanced. Paying close attention to the numerological frequency, or vibrations around you, can help you to work with the resources that are available to you. One author, Mrs. L. Dow Balliett, seems to have abundant information on this very subject.

    Mrs. Balliettís work revolved around bringing difficult concepts to light. Her teachings, although a little esoteric, are based on keeping the body, mind, and spirit balanced. She talks about how being balanced is important, and that with lack of balance, man is sour. She taught that by applying the correct numbers, sound and colors in your life you could achieve proper balance, thus properly nourishing your soul.

    Mrs. Balliett then correlated the colors with an individuals personal numbers, and his/her life. Your numbers can help to illuminate areas of interest that will help you nourish your soul. Some of the most important Numerology numbers are your Outer Number, Soul Number, and Life Path Number. These numbers illustrate your basic tendencies, skills, and energies available.

    Your Soul Number is a core part of your inner being. It represents your inner feelings, drives, dreams, and aspects of your spiritual strengths and sensitivities. At the present time you may be unaware of, or unable to listen to, your inner voice. However, your Soul Number is part of the key to unlocking the richness of your soul. It can be found by totaling the values of the numbers representing the vowels in your birth name. You can use the chart below or you can use the Soul Number Calculator.

    The questions below can help you to uncover deeper information about your beliefs. You can write down, or record, your thoughts and reactions for later review. Perhaps, you can even use this information in personal therapy, or in counseling sessions with your partner.

    What things do you feel strongly about in your life at present?

    How did you react to reading your personal numbers?

    What are the positive thoughts?

    What are the negative thoughts?

    How do your feelings and thoughts align with your personal numbers?

    Are you denying expression of the potential expressed in your personal numbers?

    However you use this information, it can be important to help you maintain a connection to your soul. If you simply forget about your reactions, then you might never reap the benefits that can come your way. Once you have a better understanding of your self through your personal numbers, you then can work with the resources that are available, rather than against them.

    Today, many people are faced with obstacles in their path that they themselves created. An example might be the people with deep wanderlust in their heart, yet they look around and say, "I canít travel to Egypt. I have car payments." I canít say that you should pick up, and go, but look at the things that hold you back from achieving your dreams. Your Soul Number may offer some guidance here. You may engage in activities that are mutually exclusive to your Soul Number. For instance you may take on extra responsibilities, rather than allowing yourself free time. You may want to raise a family, yet never stay in one place for more than a few months.

    I think, the work of listening to your soul, or your inner dreams, revolves around keeping awake, and not allowing yourself to become jaded and yielding to old, unconscious habits. On a very basic level, nourishing your soul means finding time for you. This may cause conflicts in your life, but with the help of your personal numbers you can get a better understanding of what people see in you, your potential, and abilities.

    Remember that your Soul Number is a key part in allowing you to unlock your potential. Review your inner dreams, and see how they revolve around it. Listening, and acting on your desires can help you achieve a more balanced state. It is my belief that a well-balanced mind/body connection is vital to your overall health, well being, spirituality, and situation in the world.

    The power of this connection was indeed understood by Pythagoras, and many others. If this information strikes a chord within you, then why not look for appropriate, sound, and healthful ways to at least feel better physically, mentally, or spiritually? Perhaps then you can find more room in your life, for more activities that nourish your soul.

    For now examine the world around you and see how your Soul Number allows you to fit into it. Search for ways to nourish your soul as boldly as you can. Soon you will discover and develop strength, courage, pride, and enthusiasm. Use whatever you can to continue to fuel your search, and that of others.

    Next month we will discuss more about your Soul Number, your personal numbers and your colors.

    Good luck on your journey into soulful living and Numerology.

    Numerology Chart: Numerical values of letters





































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