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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
July 2000

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Finding Joy Through the Use of Numerology

The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the Joy. ~Jim Rohn

This month we will talk about how you can utilize Numerology to help develop, find, and bring Joy into your life. Joy comes from going where your inner spirit leads. Joy has the ability to open your heart, build courage, lesson fear, install hope, increase inner strength and encourage healing. As we develop our personal capacity for joy, it lives within us like a flame. Its intensity grows as we nurture it and its power spreads to all areas of our life.

Joy can be especially important in the development of strong, long lasting, heartfelt relationships. Sogyal Rimpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, said: "The most essential thing in life is to establish an unafraid, heartfelt connection to others." Building on last month's studies, we will again look at our personal Soul Number.

Your Soul Number is one number that will show us the things we need the most to feel comfortable in any relationship. Your Soul Number also can be used to indicate the people that you can best develop intimate and meaningful relationships with. In any relationship, when your Soul Numbers are the same it suggests a strong emotional tie, which is very spiritual and resistant to the ups and downs of life.

To develop close, heart-felt ties with others you may need to start doing some things in your everyday relationships that will help you to better connect with people. You may need to motivate yourself to help you along your path. A strong support system can also benefit you. With both internal and external help, it will be hard for you to sway from the desired path.

It is important to note that we donít have to look at bringing Joy into our lives from a "Pollyanna" point of view. Finding joy doesn't mean neglecting your responsibilities for the long term. It also doesnít mean that you need to exhaust yourself in your quest. Focus on what you can do and let go of what you are unable to do. We can then roll up our sleeves, and get to work. It may not be easy but it can definitely be life enhancing.

As you attempt to change and bring in more joy, you may struggle with issues of value and self-worth. You may even have pangs of guilt about the past, present or future. Your ego can panic, as you grow stronger emotionally and spiritually and it may become desperate. You may feel that you are inadequate. On a subconscious level, you may feel that you do not deserve more joy. This can be your egoís attempt to distract you from all of the positive things that can happen to you. Your ego may attempt to project your guilt and fears outward onto others. Once we understand this, we can realize that everyone is our mirror.

Numerology can show you what others may see in you through your Outer Self or Personality Number. The "outer self" may be a projection of what "others" hope, expect, and maybe even fear of us. Some of these impressions can be true, while some can be projections of the cast-off elements of other peopleís personalities, fears, and dreams. This is not to say that the number is a negative one, but one in which we may have some issues.

Your Personality Number can represent some of your unrecognized strengths, weaknesses, skills, and potential. It may even describe a social mask you use to protect yourself. You may even wish to compare the Personality number with your Soul Number, as they may offer conflicting descriptions of your personality. This "point of conflict" can be important for you to understand, as it can provide vital information to your growth.

Since the personality is the way we express ourselves, itís important to be in tune with this number. Often, we are unaware of certain mannerisms that are socially detrimental. As you get older, these traits can become difficult to change habits. It can be to your benefit to have relationships in which others are supportive of your growth. They can point out our shortcomings and help us to seek out healthy, honest, and socially acceptable ways of expressing and relating.

Outer/Personality Number





Independent, Inventive, Thinker

Needy, Follower, Gloomy


Cooperative, Communicative

Stubborn, Persistent


Friendly, Creative

Aloof, Listener


Leader, Responsibility

Lazy, Incompetent


Explorer, Generous, Traveler

Outgoing, Selfish


compassionate, magnetic, dependable

Obstinate, dogmatic, stubborn


Social, Thinker, Strategy

Greedy, Obstinate


Expert, Champion, Business-minded

Slovenly, Uncoordinated


Wanderer, Wise

Ignorant, Closed, Egotist

Becoming more aware of your personality, opening up and bringing "Joy" into your world may be a big undertaking in your life. It is not always easy to accept how others feel about us, let alone how we feel about ourselves. This may be an event, which requires deep soul searching. However, be careful in analyzing your "self" and "soul". One author, Thomas Moore stresses that we cannot tend the soul alone. Instead, the task must involve "family, friends, neighborhood, work and community. Soul is about quality of depth with focus on the particulars of life. Being connected to other people is what gives us our sense of self."

"Instead of trying to understand what is going on with the soul and finding treatment for it by making resolutions that we never keep anyway, a better alternative is to feed the soul what it needs. By looking at problems as mysteries, we can contemplate and discuss them instead of trying to solve them."

Another author/lecturer, astrologer Caroline Casey says that we should "participate actively in shaping and creating our personal and collective reality by embarking on an adventure of joyful maximum self-cultivation" and she encourages everyone to "understand the myths pouring through our personal and collective livesÖ" She thinks that astrology is one language among many for describing reality.

Our Maturity Number can help us begin our own understanding of life and our role in it. It represents your "true" self. As you grow and mature this number becomes more prominent in your life. Its energy gains more strength as you experience life. The gift of maturity is that you know your own special identity and inner potential within the world today.

As you mature you have a greater awareness of who you are and your life direction. With age comes wisdom. This is important from a Numerology, and Maturity number, perspective. It can be a good idea to find a way to be in situations, perhaps as a volunteer, where you are around people from different generations. You never know what you might learn from someone younger, and full of aspirations, or older and wiser than yourself. In fact, the Maturity Number often involves issues around the "inner desires" we all tend to have as children. Listening to, and acting on, your inner urges can help to activate the power and energy of your Maturity Number.

Your Maturity Number can be an energizing guidepost toward a more satisfying and joyful life. When we resist the challenges of life, depression can arise. When lifeís challenges have been diligently and honestly worked with, a mature realism can be arrived at. Personal freedom can then be achieved.

Looking at our lives from an overall perspective can be extremely beneficial. We all experience different cycles throughout our lives. Two Planets that influence us cyclically are Saturn and Pluto. The cycle for Pluto is well over two hundred years, while the Saturnís cycle is much shorter.

Embracing the lessons of Saturn and Pluto can be part of the path toward happiness and joy. The transits of these planets show where we need stability and structure in our lives and where we are transforming. In your search for joy, it would be wise to understand the power these planets can have on your life.

Saturn has about a 29-year cycle, which repeats, throughout your life. During the first cycle, your task is to develop your identity, and face the challenges of life. Also, it is a good time to develop a personal support system. By the second Saturn return at age 58-59, we can see what our lives have become and we can see what we no longer have the time to change, and where we can re-dedicate ourselves to our true passions.

In your search for Joy, the cyclic events in Astrology can be a great aid. Understanding your planets can be very illuminating. One branch of Astrology, called Vedic astrology talks about gemstones that can help you to bring about various types of life changes. Some stones that can help in your quest for Joy are Jupiterís stones (yellow sapphire, topaz and citrine). Wearing these stones, or keeping them in a special place can help you to tap into their power.

Finding Joy can be a life-long journey. Ultimately, developing joy is about becoming responsible for your life and the happiness and joy that flows through it. We can find joy in small things if we just remember to look.

Finding Joy can mean that you appreciate the simple gifts that life has to offer. It means giving yourself permission to be happy. It means not beating yourself up when you make a mistake. It's recognizing that every day is special, and that every moment can hold joy.

Take time to enjoy the simple things in life, and perhaps find ways to organize your life to make that easier. Remember that there are many tools available to you in your quest for a better life. Feng Shui, one of these important tools, allows us to organize our environment to support the blessings of love, joy, harmony, prosperity and health in our lives. We all can appreciate rejuvenating environments and experiences.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

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