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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
June 2000

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Awakening Intuition Through the Use of Numerology

This month we will talk about how you can utilize Numerology to help develop your intuition. We all have the capability to use and develop our intuitive abilities. We can use the power of intuition to understand the meanings behind the symbolism, and hidden messages; we encounter in our daily lives. Numerology can help you to begin the process of deciphering your personal symbols and accessing your intuition.

Your Soul Number is one of the symbols in Numerology that can help you to get in touch with your intuition. It is a core part of your inner being. It represents your inner feelings, drives, dreams, and aspects of your spiritual strengths and sensitivities. Many people, may be unaware of, or unable to listen to, their inner voice. They may keep their inner dreams locked away, unable to bring them to fruition. Your Soul Number is part of the key to unlocking the mysteries of your soul. It can be found by totaling the values of the numbers representing the vowels in your name.

Soul Number Calculator


Keywords (Urges from your Soul)



Your soul has a calling for independence, individuality, creativity, and leadership. Whatever you do in life, you need to have management control.



Your soul has a calling for harmony, bliss, romance, and cooperation. Inwardly you yearn for situations in which there is little stress, or competition.



Your soul has a calling for hope, peace, creativity, and joy.



Your soul has a calling for stability, security, family, service



Your soul has a calling for travel, and wanderlust.



Your soul has a calling for love, family life, caring, support. You have a strong desire for a safe, comfortable home.



Your soul has a calling for quiet, nature, education. Your soul has a strong need to know, and tap into the secrets of the universe.



Your soul has a calling for accomplishment, competition, and teaching. Your soul has a strong need to be seen and acknowledged.



Your soul has a calling for travel, accomplishment, and love. You have a strong yearning for attachment, being understood, and understanding.


If your Soul Number is #1, then your soul calls for creativity, and individuality. You take great pride in your abilities. Inwardly, you have a strong desire to be recognized for your talents. Outwardly, you may push away feelings of worth and the compliments of others. Also, in your desire to manage the big picture and the main issues, you may often leave the little details to others.

What does your Soul Number mean for you? What ideas, or wishes, have you had in your mind and put off as impossible? These dreams can be a part of your Soul Number. Your Soul Number is about tuning into your inner voice, vibration or song. Imagine listening to your inner song.

In Numerology each letter in your name can correspond not only to a number, but also a Numerological Musical Note. The letters in your name can be arranged into a personal song. Listening to your song can help you to learn more about the energetic aspects of your personality. It can reflect the vibrancy of your life through the waves of music.

Imagine the melody of your Soul. Everywhere you go people react to the vibrations of your soul. They "dance" to your music. Who do you dance with in your life? Listening to your soul can help you to foster growth of your intuition, and build more intimate relationships.

Music and Art are ways in which we can open up our souls. One artist, Howard Richman, translates his intuitive feeling about you into a Sound Portrait. Another artist, Carol S. Sakai creates Sacred Self-portraits. These artists capture your inner and outer qualities. People find their portraits helpful to encourage self-reflection.

Journaling (see April's column) and artwork can help you to develop your intuition. By looking at the numbers in your name, you can find the colors, which are represented by your name and make a simple crayon drawing or complex oil painting based on those colors. Then you can step back, and ask yourself how the painting makes you feel and what thoughts and emotions emerge as you look at the finished page.

Art, especially the art created by the artists mentioned above, can help you to begin to understand your true self. We are all vibrant, energetic beings, and understanding that we all are more than our bodies is important. Understanding your personal energy, your inner voice, and your feelings is the path to tapping into your intuition.

Moving towards these energies and emotions and accepting them will help you to better access your intuition. Often, in today’s world, we repress, or move away from "bad" or "negative" experiences and feelings and try to only have "good" or "positive" emotions and feelings. Negative feelings or emotions can provide information that something may be wrong. Because of this no feeling should be repressed. Experiencing, what many people consider "negative" emotions can help you in your journey into the unconscious and intuition.

Occasionally, I’ll receive an email from a reader that is similar to this:

"According to my numerology reading, I’m an eight person: persistent, down-to-earth, reliable, competitive and entrepreneurial. This hit a nerve - I have a deep hatred of being referred to as ‘down-to-earth’, which comes from being, astrologically speaking, a Taurus. In all the horoscopes I've ever read about myself, Taureans are described as placid, stubborn, lazy and, irritatingly, down to earth.

It all sounds so boring. I want to be flamboyant and fun. "

Developing your intuition means that you must find ways to let go, and free your soul. Freeing your soul involves living authentically. We are all merely actors on the stage of life. Our challenge is to find and live out our true roles, and not the mundane parts that we may let ourselves fall into.

You should not use any personality or intuitive system to label yourself. Yes, it is true that you may be a very reliable person, but you can have fun as well. In Numerology, you will have many numbers that reflect who you are, not just one. Your personal numbers can indicate areas of your life that you excel in, and areas where you will experience blocks or obstacles. Learning to navigate around and through, these obstacles can help to foster growth in all areas of your life.

When we fight against who we are, we create our own blockages. Dealing with these can be even more difficult, than if we had accepted the challenge in the first place. Handling challenges and obstacles can allow you to build self-confidence and learn about your physical, mental, and spiritual makeup. As you experience the various parts of your self, you can learn about your limitations, begin to accept them, and work on methods of improving yourself.

Handling these difficulties can teach you about new ways of expressing yourself, as you "open up" and develop greater endurance and capacity. While you are doing this, you will be gradually lifting the "lid" on certain aspects of your personality and emotions. Ultimately, as you learn to express, feel, and be "in" your body, you can begin to tap into the intuitive side of your personality.

Getting in touch with your physical body can be very important when you are learning to accept your feelings and express yourself. As we are energetic beings, we can look at our chakras. Your Soul Number can point the way in which to focus your attention. Each chakra also gives us the opportunity to satisfy a deep soul urge.

C.G. Jung referred to the chakras as the 'gateways to the consciousness'. Your chakras are in constant motion, offering your personal energy vibration to the world around you and the people in your life.



Root/Base of spine (1)

This chakra is involved in our sexuality, survival issues, self-preservation, instincts and our will to live.
Organs/glands: Adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs and bones

Keywords: Survival, Security, Passion

Navel (2)

This chakra is involved in creativity, empathy, feeling and expressing of feelings. This chakra assists us in working, and living, harmoniously with others.
Organs/glands: Genitals, spleen, womb and bladder

Keywords: Romance, Wisdom

Solar Plexus (3)

This chakra is the center of our self-esteem. It is the center of our personal power.

Organs/Glands: Pancreas, adrenals, stomach, liver, gall bladder, nervous system

Keywords: Feeling

Heart (4)

This chakra is The center of our relationships, love, compassion and stability.

Organs/glands: Heart, thymus gland, circulatory system, lungs, limbs

Keywords: Acceptance, Love, Peace, Understanding, Contentment

Throat (5)

This chakra governs the power of all forms of communication, writing, and the arts.

Organs/glands: Thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, throat, and mouth
Keywords: Honesty, Kindness, Ability to communicate

Forehead (6)

This is chakra is the center for inner and outer vision.

Organs/glands: Pituitary and pineal glands, left eye, nose and ears

Keywords: Beauty, Perceptions

Crown (7)

This chakra regulates energy entering the body through the crown. It is our area for higher knowing.
Organs/glands: Pineal, cerebral cortex, central nervous system, and right eye

Keywords: Spirituality, Victory

Above your head, Upper thighs(8)

This chakra affects our sense of balance, time and planning.
Organs/glands: All

Keywords: Glory, Motivation

Above your head, lower thighs (9)

Through this chakra we gain knowledge of our life purpose, relationships, archetypes and personal symbols.
Organs/glands: All

Keywords: Foundation, Intention

If your Soul Number is #1, then your soul calls for life situations in which you can be passionate and expressive. Red can be your favorite color, and it can be used to your benefit in many situations. Feeling into the "energy" surrounding the base of the spine can help you in your endeavors.

When you repress the feelings represented by this Soul Number you may have difficulties or issues surrounding survival, security, and passion. Also, symptoms can arise in the adrenals, kidneys, spinal column, colon, legs or bones. There is no way we can truly, and totally deny our emotions, because they will eventually manifest themselves. Our personal energies and emotions need to flow like the blood in our veins. Trying to live without our emotions flowing is like driving a car without ever changing the oil.

Often problems with our health can be an indication that some larger issue is at hand, but when you listen to your body, you can begin to take the steps necessary for being whole, healthy, and vibrant. As you take the steps towards greater personal awareness, you help to unlock the door that prevents you from fully accessing your intuition.

In developing your intuition, meditation can be very important. Many teachers and authors, such as Carlos Castaneda, stress the importance of quieting the inner mind, and then tapping into your intuition through meditation. Then you will be more freely able to access the inner wisdom and power of your intuition. At first you may need to find simple ways to activate your imagination, to begin fostering growth in your intuition. To develop your imagination, you must become intimate with your thoughts. Psychologist CG Jung called this your Active Imagination.

What are your best days for finding quiet time? 1, 7, 9, 16, 18, 25, 27 days can be the best days to spend alone or make time to meditate. These include the calendar days and your numerological days as well. Also the hours of 1, 7, and 9 can be good times to meditate. Feel into it for yourself and see what works for you.

When developing your intuition, know that there is guidance available to you at all times. How attuned are you to the subtle messages around you? By developing the ability to quiet your mind, be still and be comfortable with silence, you can help your intuition to grow and expand.

As you develop your intuition, find ways to utilize it in your life. Do intuitive readings for yourself and others. Increase your vocabulary, and develop a rich tapestry of language on which to base your own readings and the readings of others. In this way, when you see a "crow", it can become a key that will unlock your inner world, and it then becomes so much more than a mere crow. It becomes an index into your "inner encyclopedia" and you can then move on from that point.

Good luck on your journey into soulful living and Numerology.


"We may worry about death but what hurts the soul most is to live without tasting the water of its own essence."

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