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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
November 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Creating a Soulful Home with the Help of Numerology

When a man looked at one of Joseph Turner's paintings and said, "I can see nothing in it," the artist replied, "Don't you wish you could?"

This month we will look at how we can utilize Numerology to create a "Soulful Home." What is a soulful home? To begin with, it is a home that tells a story. A truly soulful home also invites visitors to help build that story. It is also an ideal space for relationships, entertainment and social interaction. Toward this end, many of us may want to decorate our homes with items that reflect our zest for life, passion, understanding, compassion, joy, and especially humor. Of course many of your interesting items may also have personal symbolism, perhaps even with items that reflect your own numerological profile.

How else, can Numerology help you in this mission? Well, we have talked about this very topic in previous columns. In those columns we talked about your Life Path number and your Personal Address number. This month we'll try to dig a little deeper into them. What is that secret ingredient that will inspire you and help you to build your soulful home? Your true answers most likely lie within you. There are no hard, or binding, truths about building your own soulful home. As you remember, your Life Path number describes your path/journey through life. Understanding it can help you to live within your life and in your home in a more conscious manner. Your Personal Address number describes the power of your home in your life. Generally, Numerology reveals challenges and blessings in your life. Numbers reveal those things that can help to contribute to your happiness, overall well being, and prosperity. You may already know the things that encourage your own happiness and prosperity.

I mentioned decorative items that had personal symbolism. What does that really mean? It means that these items have some personal significance to your life. When you look at them, they can remind you of some important event or experience. Objects might be books that you've read, posters from inspiring movies, shells from a trip to the beach, or others items of personal importance. One book that has taken on meaning in my own life is Robinson Crusoe. I now have a nicely weathered edition I found at an estate sale and have placed it in an inexpensive display case inside my home. In Robinson Crusoe, Crusoe who is shipwrecked on an island takes an inventory of his life. On the island, he decides to make a list of his problems and a list of things for which he can be happy, grateful or thankful for. Do you have anything to be thankful for? Do you take time out in your life to give thanks and show gratitude? In the story, Crusoe considers the fact that he has no clothing to be a difficulty, yet the weather is nice enough that he doesn't really need clothes. Somehow he creates a little balance in his life, by "learning to make lemonade out of lemons." His island becomes his soulful home. It didn't have everything, yet Crusoe learns how to cope with his problems.

You can use your own Life Path number to help you take an inventory of your own life. Are you on the "right" path? Are you finding ways to manage your strengths and weaknesses? Generally, you will feel drawn to and take pleasure in the activities that your Life Path describes. When you are on your true Life Path, you can pull others to you who are intrigued or inspired by you. This is especially true for those with Life Path numbers that reflect independence and leadership (1 and 8). For those individuals with a strong independent streak, especially those on the 1 or 8 Life Path, a home design that allows them to have separate space for "work" and space for "creativity" can be extremely important. They may need an outlet for pent up emotions. A real entertainment room, with a pool table, stereo, or television, will allow them to entertain while perhaps talking business at the same time. I remember watching a medical/crime drama show (Crossing Jordan) on TV and the lead medical examiner was bringing things from his home into his office. He even brought in an old victrola. He told his staff that he was "integrating". Some of us may have a need to integrate our "home" and "work" lives. After all, your work is your path, or a part of it, in life. Your Life Path is something that requires you to pay attention, as it represents more than just a single job. It represents craftsmanship, talent and abilities. Its power permeates your life. The more you integrate it into your life and take on real and worthwhile challenges, the more information and experience you will gain about yourself and your abilities.

Is your home alive? When you engage yourself in your life, the world around you will become more alive. That is part of what having a soulful home is all about. The careful design and layout (perhaps utilizing feng shui) of your home will help to fuel its power in your life. Your Personal Address number can help you to design a home that fits your needs. An individual with a #3 Personal Address number would do well to design his/her home around simplicity. They may have issues around money, and may constantly have to battle for their reasons for working. Are they working for their egos? Are they working for money? Are they working to satisfy their needs? They enjoy comfort and luxury. Yet overdoing it can create stress. They need to develop ways to be more aware of their own internal needs. They will also have to find ways to balance home and work life. A lively and entertaining home is important for them. Yet, they must be careful not to be so busy with work that they force away friends and family.

To begin creating your soulful home, you may have to find a way to see life in some new ways. There may be low points in your life, but there are probably also high points. You have to look for your own inspiration. Once again, your inspiration can come from a lively television series, friends, books, magazines, art, or other sources. Sometimes it seems we have little to work with. It is up to you to squeeze every ounce of vitality out of your life. Creating a soulful home can be a step in your path toward developing and building true happiness, and the process might be surprisingly simple. You just never know. For many of us, it can start with simply questioning the things we believe as our personal reality. While you are doing this, other questions may come up. Your numerological profile can help you to answer some of them. One of the most important questions to look at is: Does your home really reflect who you are? Which may be closely followed by: Does this home make me truly happy?

Ultimately your soulful home is a haven and area of respite from the rest of the world. It can help you to rejuvenate and grow stronger, if you design it properly and are aware of your needs, especially those related to your Life Path. Creating a soulful home means integrating the various aspects of your personality and life into your home. Making your own list of pros/cons for your life may also help you in your mission to build a soulful home.

Don't be afraid to really open your eyes and see your vitality, strength, and power. Are you aware of your personal desires and needs? Are you striving for better things? What do your numbers say about you? What are your true interests? Do other people know about them? For instance, do you hide away the fact that your are a great photographer? Or, are your photographs all over your walls? What are your talents? Does your home reflect your talents and interests represented by your Life Path? Have you integrated the lesson of your Life Path into your life?

Allow your needs to help you properly design, shape, and build your home. Making it a serene and rejuvenating haven can help you in other areas of life. Know that by being open, expressing yourself and inviting others into your life and home, you can help to build a healthy atmosphere, which will encourage everyone to grow. Together you can tackle more difficult issues and builder a stronger home for you and for them. Each new soulful home can help to build a bigger, better, more soulful community.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

Life Path
Address Number

Copyright © 2002 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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