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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
October 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Clearing & Decluttering Life with the Help of Numerology

“Most things are hard until they become easy.” --Watty Piper, (The Little Engine That Could)

This month we will discuss the role that Numerology can play within organizing and handling the clutter in your life. We'll look at clutter as obstacles that you must get around, move, or remove to properly navigate through your surroundings. The focus will be on the numerological and intuitive tools that you can begin using to develop awareness about your life. These tools may help you to develop insights on how you can begin the process of handling the difficult obstacles in your life. Your life, like your closets, can become filled with obstacles, trivial debris, facts, feelings, emotions, and the jumble of daily living.

Here, obstacles can be defined as anything that obstructs or blocks your path in life. Is anything blocking your path? Clearing away the jumble from your life means getting clear about your hopes and desires. Getting clear about what you really want in, and out of, life is the first step to building the life that you desire. Being aware about what is going on around you is important. How do you want to build, organize and shape your life? If you could be in a place which afforded you the life you truly wanted to be living, how would it look? What are your specific financial, professional, personal, and relationship goals? What is in your way? Is anything holding you back? Are there obstacles in your path? Of course, we all have the occasional difficulties in our lives. The question to ask yourself is this: Is there a choice in your life that you want to make, but are somehow blocked from making it? Those of us with the answer of "Yes" have work to do.

One step to begin clearing and simplifying your life is to begin to really utilize your senses to be in the world. The sights, sounds, and smells can bring you a clear representation of where you live. Tools like Feng Shui, might remind us that it's simply not healthy to inundate our senses with heavy odors or sounds. Does the roar of jet engines or the smell of that industrial plant keep you awake at night? These things are obstacles to better health, happiness, and living. Do you enjoy where you live? Also, just listening to the radio, will bring you the words of rapper Eminem: "…music is a reflection of self…" Basically, it means that what you do with your talents and abilities becomes who you are. Do you enjoy your hobbies, avocations, or work? Do you share your talents with others? Can you?

You may not realize that you have created certain blocks in your life. How can we remove these blocks? You can begin by paying attention to your inner desires. Within Numerology, we will start by looking at your Soul Number. The Soul Number represents your inner dreams, cravings, likes and dislikes. This number denotes the things you value most. It represents who you are inside. It is a reflection of you. The Soul Number is an important core influence in numerology. However, not all people are able to listen to the call that emanates from their Soul Number. They may even try to deny the parts of their personality it represents. Are you ready, willing, and able to listen to the call of your Soul Number? As noted above, some of us may have some preliminary work to do before we can fully devote ourselves to our inner dreams. Do you understand what your dreams and desires mean to you? Is your life organized in a way that permits you to grow beyond your current situation? Do you have avenues for healthy self expression? Those who do not heed the call of the Soul Number may miss out on valuable life experiences.

The power of your Soul Number can be very strong, so strong that it takes precedence over all other traits of your personality. Sometimes, something or someone (perhaps you are that someone) may be preventing you from listening to your own inner needs. It can be to your benefit not to fight against your inner dreams. When you fight against who you are, you create your own physical, emotional, and spiritual obstacles. Dealing with these obstacles can be a difficult process. You may desire to simply go along with the status quo. This may even work for a period of time. You may be able to repress the urge of your inner self, but eventually it will work its way into your life.

What can you do? The influences of the Soul Number may be large or small, but they can dynamically change any plans that you had for yourself. This isn't about forcing yourself to do something you dislike. This is about "not" dismissing your dreams, especially those of your childhood. If you had inner hopes to be a basketball star, then you might benefit from staying connected to the game as you mature. This is especially true if you have a Soul Number of #8, as it is related to leadership and athletics. Whether or not you played the game as you grew up, it can be important to tap into the energy of it now. We need to live fluid, energizing, and dynamic lives, or we become trapped in a dull existence of our own making, and we lose interest in life. As you lose interest, your life becomes disorganized, random, and filled with the debris, obstacles, and clutter that we are working hard, trying to avoid. After all, wouldn't you prefer to live in a clean, healthy, rejuvenating, and inspiring environment?

Your process of de-cluttering your life is about simplifying, making life easier to live for yourself and others, and finding and clearing out the obstacles in your life. It is about finding time for helping others. It is about finding out what is important to you. One of the first places to look is at time consuming routines that add no value to your life. Is there some time consuming habit or routine in your life that you can do without? Does this routine prevent you from doing something else? Is it damaging or harmful? Clutter can make a person feel muddled and make it difficult for him/her to put things into proper perspective. Ultimately, you will have to delve deep into yourself, and make your own adjustments and maintain a way of life that will help lead you to regain control of your time, space, and life. It is about learning more about yourself.

As an Example, let us consider the Soul Number of Mother Teresa. Her vowels are:

oe eea
65 551

Her Soul Number works out be #22, which is a Master Number. Master numbers carry more potential and responsibility than other numbers. These numbers (usually 11, 22, 33, and 44) require the individual to exert extra effort or care in life, especially within their chosen endeavor. For people with a Soul Number of #22, communication is an important tool in their lives. The ability to break down barriers is also important for #22, as is taking on multiple roles in life and seeing all sides to the important issues is important as well. Also, they would like to use their abilities in humanitarian undertakings, and have strong inner desires to express themselves in a concrete manner, as a planner, engineer, or diplomat. At times, these people may have a rebellious side, but with proper awareness they can lead dynamic and active lives with the ability to influence many people.

Mother Teresa did indeed influence people and break down barriers. She worked hard to make the world a better place. For her, the work she did became a reflection of the person inside. What were her obstacles? For Mother Teresa, her "obstacles" were emotional pain, loneliness, indignity, and disease. She worked hard to help lesson the load of these problems on the world. According to her web page, she founded a home for the Dying in 1952. It was used to care for those dying on the streets. She wanted people to be able to die in peace and with dignity. Also, she dedicated the majority of her life to helping the poorest of the poor in India, which helped to gain her the nick name of 'Saint of the Gutters.' That is indeed an interesting name. People knew her for her work, to "pick people up out of the gutter." She found life where other people turned away. Many of these people that she helped were probably thought of as no better than animals, but she worked to give them hope and dignity. She helped people to escape the dirty streets and gutters. Her Soul Number called her out to help others find hope and to overcome some of their impediments.

It looks like Mother Teresa, allowed her Soul Number to work through her. She knew what issues were important to her, and worked for those causes. She led a simple life, but brought peace and dignity to those around her. She worked hard to make the world a better place. Your process, like hers, can mean some sacrifice but ultimately it can also lead to new levels of self-discovery. Whatever your desires are, they can lead you into a bigger world with new options. Perhaps, you actions will bring you into contact with new people, where you can develop new relationships and bonds. You never know what might happen.

Briefly, we can also look again at Feng Shui, and your Personal Address Number. Both of these tools can help to shed light on how your living space can influence your life. Your home is a reflection of you and your life. Feng shui deals with the energy created/influenced by the objects in your home, and your Personal Address Number deals with the ways you can tap into the energy of your home. The special qualities of your Address Number resonate within you, which is one reason why you live where you do. If you are open to experiencing the qualities of your address number, then you may be up to the challenge of balancing your life and keeping it free of obstacles. When we arrange our home environments, we unconsciously create powerful metaphors that deeply affect our subconscious mind. Feng Shui acknowledges that your physical environment can dramatically affect the way you feel, your health, relationships and prosperity.

Together, these tools mentioned here can teach you that it is important to pay attention to your physical environment as well as to the world around you. This awareness can help you to bring order to your life. It is important that your life and your living space have some sense of order. For instance, not leaving your keys in a special place may make it difficult to find them, thus making you late for work. Also, leaving your mail all over the house, rather than in a special place, makes it difficult to find the bills. If you can't find the bills, then they can't be paid and you are creating complexity and obstacles in your life, that block you from reaching your potential!

Finding ways to simplify your life, clear your obstacles, and work through your problems, means developing a strong concern for your well being and your environment. Keep in mind that this process can be fun. Hopefully, the prospects of a simpler, better life will inspire you to begin digging into your living arrangement, habits, practices, methods, and daily routines. This work will help you to develop respect for others, your body and your true self. Personal practices can help you to become stronger, and they may help you to clear away situations that are no longer supportive and simply clutter your life. As you get to know yourself, you then will want to choose situations and people that help to support and nurture you, and you will want to do the same for others.

Good luck in your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.

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