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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
December 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Understanding Your Spirit with the Help of Numerology

Spirit: “The vital principle or animating force within living beings.” --The American Heritage® Dictionary

This month we will look at the role Numerology can play within your personal spirit, whether you are female or male. We will look at some of the facets of the human spirit that can help us to connect with our own driving force. There are so many aspects that are important to having spirit in your life. One of the more important aspects of having spirit and being human is having strong self-acceptance. I believe self-acceptance has a vital part in developing spirit/spirituality. Without self-acceptance you are missing one of the key ingredients to your “vitality stew”. After all, if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Having vitality and spirit in your life also means really believing in yourself and your abilities. It means believing, sensing, and perceiving potential in your being. How do you perceive yourself? How do you see your surroundings? Do your surroundings encourage or stilt your growth? Can we measure spirit with Numerology? Well, by now you know that we can see how you view yourself through your Soul Number. Also, we can see how others view you through your Outer Number. One of our next steps might be to look at ways in which we can look at how you perceive the world. Your perceptions of the outside world can help your growth, depending on your mental outlook and perseverance. Within Numerology, your Essence Number says a lot about how you will perceive your surroundings. It shows the things that command your attention in your life and where your personal efforts will be best focused. It also gives guiding advice on how you can be most successful during a particular time frame.

The Essence Number (based on your name) and the Personal Year Number (based on your birth date) are the two indicators of the forces that will influence your life during each particular year of your life. Your Essence Number uses the letters in your name (in what might be called transits) to arrive at important yearly (and cyclic) information. You can use the provided charts to look deeper into this number.

Expressing and investing time in understanding your spirit means that you have passion for your life. Passion is part of your driving force. Life without passion lacks meaning. This brings us to our next number, which is the Hidden Passion Number (get a reading). This is an important indicator revealing things we are very talented at, and love to do. These are talents that connect us to our life. These talents can be seen as having the ability to shape your life. This inner potential of this number gives you a strong desire to develop and to express some particular ability. Of course, having talent demands that you express it and that you experience it as part of you. In this way, the Hidden Passion shapes your personality and spirit in your life.

So how do we go about developing spirit and self-acceptance within our lives? How do we find our own animating force? One way, which we’ve discussed before, might be by reading about inspiring and influential people with their own dynamic animating force. Some of these people might include Erin Brockovich, Lance Armstrong, Granny D, Hellen Keller, or even someone like Chris McCandless, or your own favorite inspirational person.

Chris McCandless was a young man, who decided to give up his life savings and head off to travel throughout the US, and especially Alaska, to live off of the land. He met many friends during his journey, some he shared a few hours time with, and some he spent a few days with. One of these people was a James Gallien, who drove him into Alaska. Gallien was concerned that Chris's gear seemed excessively trivial for the harsh conditions that he would face on the Alaskan trails. He said that there was “no talking” Chris out of plunging into the wilderness and that Chris couldn’t wait to get started. After Jim took a picture of him, he vanished down a snowy trail on April 28, 1992. He never came out, but he did keep a small journal and some pictures which are with us today. His story is one of rugged living. Like many adventurers, he was both loathed (especially by native Alaskans) and admired. Yet he was skilled enough to last for 16 weeks on little more than rice and small game. He was brave enough to go it alone, even though he knew he might not make it back.

Based on the name Christopher Mccandless, he has 2 Hidden Passion numbers. His numbers are #1 and #3. Based on the writings about him, it does seem as if he was indeed very competitive and dominating (as shown by the 1.). He also made friends very easily wherever he went (as shown by the 3.). In addition to the information provided by his Hidden Passion I think that courage, determination and especially bravery were all an important part of who he was. I think these qualities are shared amongst many people who have stories of seemingly insurmountable odds. Whether they were a success or failure is not as important as their drive, determination and will. We can look at the tough determination of Erin Brockovich, Lance Armstrong, and the others to see that bravery had a strong role in their lives and helping them to foster their spirits.

How did these people become so brave and so determined? Where do we find the strength to find spirit and bravery like theirs? How important is bravery to your inner drive and spirit? How do you step into your spirituality or bring about your inner spirit? Your answers may be vastly different than the people mentioned here. However, you may have similar needs, to challenge yourself in ways that speak to your heart and help you to live out your passions. These people did do one thing, and that was that they accepted, and lived for, their own spirit's wisdom and didn’t worry about the expectations of others.

Perhaps like the others mentioned here, you will follow your passion and forge your own path into the world. Following our spirit sometimes involves change. Does your change have to be hard or difficult? That depends on you and where your true passion lies.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.

Essence Number
Hidden Passion Number

Copyright © 2002 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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