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What's Your Number? SM
October 2003

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Serenity

"I have not failed 10,000 times, but have successfully found 10,000 ways that do not work." --Thomas A. Edison

This month we will talk about the role that Numerology has to play within serenity, which the American Heritage® Dictionary simply defines as: “The quality or state of being serene; clearness and calmness; quietness; stillness; peace.” No matter how you think about it, serenity is achievable by all of us! However it is not magic and serenity will not come with the snap of your fingers, rather it is something that you must strive for on a daily basis. Achieving serenity requires your diligence, and determination. How do you think about serenity? What perceptions does serenity bring to your mind? Does serenity seem austere and difficult to reach? Do you imagine it as a peaceful state? Does serenity bring images of Yoda or Buddhist monks? It may be time to change your perceptions, and allow your soul to have a voice.

We’ll focus on your Soul Number. Listening to your soul through your personal numbers allows you to be open to your inner voice. Your Soul Number represents your inner feelings, yearnings, drives, dreams, and aspects of your spiritual strengths. It is what you want! Consider what Blues Guitarist Jonny Lang has to say about his love of music. He says: “My first memories are knowing at 3 that I was put here to do music.” Here is someone who understands the needs of his soul. What does your soul need? Perhaps you have a Soul Number of 7, and your soul may need quiet, nature, knowledge and education, while instead you listlessly work at a job deep in the city that makes you bored, moody and temperamental. You may become increasingly angry and frustrated, which can lead to underachievement. Note that, In Buddhism, anger is seen as the strongest of the afflictive emotions and is viewed as an enemy that can be tamed by patience.

Your age can be a strong determining factor in how you channel your energies and work toward accomplishing your dreams. Individuals younger than 20, may need strong professional support (perhaps a mentor) from outside their family to truly succeed. Recently, I saw a movie about life and the struggles of growing up. In it a young man bravely and tearfully asks his troubled mom to finally do what is right for him. If you are younger, you may need to find the courage to do the same. Older individuals may need to be more willing to take risks. What do you really want? Are you happy? Your Soul number can provide clues to reaching your potential and self-satisfaction. However, keep in mind that following its guidance requires real, honest work on your part.

With serenity we can develop better understanding, compassion and acceptance of ourselves, and the world. Your personal numbers can provide you with guidance toward the better understanding of the situations in your life, where you might not feel like being accepting or compassionate. Your personal need for serenity increases with how far you distance yourself from your inner voice. The more you listen to your inner voice, the better able you will be to access your own serenity. The Buddhists might say that when you can become quiet and patient, you can develop serenity. The individuals with a Soul Number of 2, 5 or 3 may find it easier to access their serenity than others, as they can be very easy going and tolerant. They often wish for, and work toward relationships and partnerships. They can be adaptable, and can go out of their way to make others comfortable and build community.

Questions to consider (especially for above numbers):
1. Am I being rigid?
2. Am I willing to ask for help?
3. Am I angry?

You may find it easier to bring serenity into your life by taking small steps, such as The Serenity Prayer. It’s well known to participants of Alcoholics Anonymous, as they incorporate it into their program. The prayer has much to teach about what serenity is. Living your life with serenity, and though this prayer, is about giving yourself permission to learn from your mistakes. It’s about not being afraid to take relevant missteps and healthy risks. Of course, you are not about doing things haphazardly or blindly. At its core, serenity is about being an adult.

Unfortunately, today many of us lead busy lives, with little or no time for ourselves. We are constantly prevented or distracted from quieting our minds. Because of our distractions we cannot listen to our inner voice, even though it may have something important for us. We worry what others may think of us. We may be jealous of the success of others. We may be angry at events in the world. We may be fearful of certain events. Most importantly, we forget who we truly are. Through all of this noise, we let go of our true potential, ideas, hopes, and dreams. Some of us, particularly those with Soul Numbers 5, 8, or 9, may have to work harder at handling this noise as we may “take on more than we can chew” at times.

Questions to consider (especially for above numbers):
1. Am I really handling this situation or have I learned to cope?
2. Am I afraid that I will look weak, if ask for help?
3. Am I afraid to slow down?
4. Will my life be empty if I slow down?

Now if you are not listening and acting on your inner voice, what do you do instead? This is an important question as you may be satisfying a surface want but ignoring or blocking the satisfaction of deeper desires. Our habits can block us from reaching our stated goals. We simply have to find ways to deal with our habits so that we can safely pursue our interests. Eventually our blocks can numb us to our true feelings. We may substitute our habits for real progress, feeling or accomplishment. Pushing aside your inner wishes and dreams can be a source of tension in your life. Personal growth is not about self-deception. It is about being an adult. This means that you develop an acceptance of your habit, and work with it in your life. Of course, accepting the habit, or craving, does not mean you like it. It does mean that you acknowledge it. By recognizing your habit, you can begin to work around it. You can say that you really want a late night snack, but choose not to eat. It means that you need to evaluate your habits, and scale back or eliminate those that prevent you from fulfilling your potential and thus blocking you from serenity.

At the present, others may not readily recognize the power represented by your Soul Number. They may even contribute to your unhealthy habits. You may have to work very hard to prove yourself, and let yourself and others see your natural talents. They may not believe in you yet. At first, you need to believe in yourself, although you may still need the help of others. You may need to take risks to accomplish your goals. One recent movie, “Pay it Forward” demonstrates how hope for and belief in others can help us to move forward and develop our own serenity. The movie’s concept is about taking risks for others, risks that may be difficult, challenging, or intimidating. Ultimately, it is about bringing serenity out into the world one person at a time.

Finding others who understand and share your motivation and interests can be imperative, as they can help you through obstacles, and to develop your potential. Positive feedback, emotional backing, and love are all needed and can make listening to your soul easier. Your strongest supporters and allies might be those who share your Core numbers (Soul, Outer, Life Path, Maturity, Destiny). Perhaps, they can offer insights to help you better understand your personality in an optimistic and constructive manner. This may help you to unearth your inner voice.

The act of simply listening to your inner voice can facilitate tranquility, serenity and personal growth. Until you develop a connection with your soul you may feel stressed and anxious. Your core numbers can give you direction toward following your inner dreams and developing a link into your soul. For instance, you may have a strong urging toward independence and creativity (Soul Numbers 1, 9). You will need to find ways to be your own person. If you fill your life with uninspiring activities and refuse creative outlets you can easily become bored with life. Of course, other numbers (Soul Numbers 2, 3, and 8) will require that you develop other important traits, such as social and business skills. Your numbers can hold the clues necessary to step forward in life.

Questions to consider (especially for above numbers):
1. Have I had fun lately?
2. Am I fulfilled with my career?
3. What did I like to do when I was young?
4. Am I worried about what my family might think?

Ultimately, having serenity means being authentic and living up to your potential. It means that you know when to keep on trying, battle for change, ask for help, or when to make do. Recently, I saw a reality show contestant accept the fact that all he had to wear for the duration of the contest (several weeks) was a skirt! He simply said: “It’s done.” He accepted it without judging it, and that was it. He worked with the materials he had. This is a good example of someone with a Soul Number 5. (They can be adaptable, open to change, and adventurous.) At times we all may need to find ways to work with “the cards we are dealt.”

Serenity can help us to accept our situation. Finding simple ways to develop serenity can help you through your ups and downs. One good way to start your day with serenity, might be to repeat this phrase from Course in Miracles, “Today I shall judge nothing.”

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

Copyright © 2003 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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