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What's Your Number? SM
May 2003

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Authentic Living

"Every man dies; not every man really lives." --William Wallace, Braveheart

This month, we will discuss Numerology and Authentic Living. Living authentically means that you live your life in accordance with your highest ideals. It means that you have a deep desire to know who you are and embrace all that you see within yourself. Also, you will have found ways to manage fears, stress and worries. Developing awareness is vital to authentic living. To achieve the highest level of success, you'll want to use your favorite consciousness tools. Once again, your Numerology portrait, can be one of these tools, which will help you become cognizant of your behaviors.

Delving deeper, we’ll focus on how your Core Numbers work together as a unit. Evaluating your core numbers as a single entity can help you to expand your Numerology knowledge, while you're learning more about your strengths and abilities. We’ll also look at gender influences and elemental influences of your core numbers to see how they color a reading. Hopefully, when you’re equipped with this information you'll be prepared for the authentic living trail.

Ultimately your Life Path is your answer to how you can live authentically. Your Soul Number reflects the inner you, and your Outer Number reflects how others see you. Each number adds its own distinct influences. If your numbers don’t conflict with one another then it may be easier for you to live authentically. If they conflict then you may occasionally struggle with issues, where you feel pulled in two different directions. For instance, your Life Path may call for actively helping to improve the world at large, while your Soul Number is more practical and passive. What do you do? How do you handle the stress that comes from needing solitude, yet also needing to do something for your community? Living authentically can mean that you've found ways to live with your struggles, while still doing what matters.

You will need to be cognizant of the "magnetic" push/pull effect your core numbers can have on one another. Also, you may wish to consider the power of gender influences of your numbers. Odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) are masculine, while even (2, 4, 6 and 8) are feminine. Odd numbers are agreeable with other odd numbers, while even numbers are agreeable with other even numbers. Hence, if your Life Path is masculine then you may need to be more dynamic or aggressive in pursuit of your goals. If you have a majority of masculine numbers then you may need to work at being more compassionate.

Building an understanding of the elemental influences of your numbers is another important step. These influences are Air (1 and 5), Water (2 and 7), Earth (4, 6 and 8) and Fire (3 and 9). Notice that the fiery numbers are masculine, while the earth numbers are feminine. This doesn’t mean that if you have no fire numbers, that you won’t be fiery or feisty, rather it means that you may have to work harder developing these qualities.

To learn more we’ll consider, Father Mychal Judge, someone who I believe lived authentically. He was born on May 11, 1933 and named Robert Emmett Judge. His core numbers, Numerology Reading and brief biography follow:

Life Path: 5 (Air, Masculine)

Soul: 11/2 (Water, Feminine)

Outer: 4 (Earth, Feminine)

Destiny: 3 (Fire, Masculine)

Maturity: 8 (Earth, Feminine)

His friends knew a persistent and influential man. He utilized his experiences to help countless individuals. As a priest his life was not without conflicts. He would often “ruffle feathers” because he would do things his own way. When counseling others, he would acknowledge past struggles. He didn’t let problems get in his way, instead he used them to show that he was human and to let people know that they too could rise above their troubles. In fact, he was a member of AA for many years and he drew strength from it.

Thinking about how the elements (water, earth, air and fire) usually interact can help you to analyze their influences in the reading. You need air for fire to burn, and you need air and water to grow things. Too much of any element can cause trouble. Father Mychal has 2 earth element numbers, 1 of air, 1 of fire and 1 of water. The “Earth” elements can represent the fact that he was very basic, practical, and well-grounded. If you saw him, you might even consider him "earthy." He led a very simple life, and would give generously to those in need. He was looked up to, respected and sought out for guidance.

I think his Destiny number (Fire) is well supported by his Life Path (Air). Indeed, communication, friendship and partnerships play a large role in the lives of people with a #9 Destiny number. They usually have little trouble with honesty and social skills. His #5 Life Path can represent his compassion, tolerance and inner spiritual nature. In fact, he was known for his caring guidance, even to people with AIDS, especially in the beginning when few would help them. The Life Path and Destiny definitely appear to go hand in hand. Father Mychal’s Life Path, and Destiny number were odd numbers, thus allowing their influences to work well within his life. I do believe that he utilized his inner strength (Soul Number) to bring about change and do important work (Life Path/Destiny number). The grounded nature that is carried by the Outer number and the Maturity number, seems to compliment these numbers and provided him with balance and courage within his life.

As you can see, Father Mychal had struggles, yet he still helped others, because he was able to rely on his support centers and made them a part of his life. This is part of living authentically. Knowing when you need to look for “outside resources” to bring about healthy change in your life is important. Hopefully, by becoming more mindful and learning about Father Mychal, and people like him, you'll be able to live more authentically.

Good luck in your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.

Copyright © 2003 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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