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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
October 2001

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and God/Goddess Wisdom

"The outer forms of our lives can change in an instant, but the inner reorientation that brings us back into a vital relation to people and activity takes time. " ~ William Bridges

I would like to acknowledge the recent events that have happened around the world, such as the terrible food crisis in many countries, and the horrifying destruction that has occurred in the US at the World Trade Center. There are no real words that can convey the sense of grief, and loss that we all feel. Yet, there is much that we can do to help the troubled areas of the world. I sincerely hope that the good deeds and actions of the people that we see coming out to help, volunteer, and donate time, money and blood does not end. If there is anything to learn it is that we need people to have the courage to reach out to help others.

Many people may now be turning toward spirituality for deeper meaning and answers in this time. It can provide an outlet or emotional release for you. I believe that we must now be willing to look deep within ourselves to build an understanding of what it means to be human. No matter your sex, somewhere inside all of us are qualities related to caring, nurturing, insight, honesty, compassion, pride, and dedication. What does it mean to you to be human?

I believe that it is important now, more than ever, to strive toward being true human beings, above all else. This means that we must acknowledge who we are. Of course many of us may feel the desire to lock ourselves away from the world and not allow anything else, especially more pain into our lives. Unfortunately when you suppress any feeling, emotion or impulse, then you are also suppressing its opposite. We need to care, and be cared for. Keeping everything out will block our true selves from experiencing life. What do we do for ourselves now? What can we do? Each of us has his/her own work to do. You may not be able to do all the work alone, as you may need assistance in unlocking many aspects of your inner self. It may even upset friends and family that you want to do this work. Psychologist CG Jung was noted as saying; "I’d rather be whole, than good." He has also been noted, for the work he did plunging into the depths of the unconscious and unlocking the darker aspects of our personality.

By looking at our dark side, or shadow, we can begin to uncover our true selves. With all that has gone on, you may not be ready to do this. If you are not ready, then I urge you to put off reading this until you are. If you are ready, then you should know that this process could be long and will require you to get your hands dirty. Our personal shadow contains all the parts of ourselves that we have tried to deny, lie about, forget or hide. It also contains aspects that we believe are not acceptable to our friends or family. Although we are looking at our darker side, we are not trying to find fault with ourselves. It’s important to know that you are okay. We all have faults, but in some ways they can be considered to be our assets. We simply need to look at our faults in a different way. Consider your faults to be like static on the radio. With static, you just need to adjust the dial until you can hear the channel clearly. Suppose you have a tendency to brag, you could "adjust" this tendency to being a speaker or storyteller.

How can Numerology help you unlock these deeper aspects of yourself? I have talked about your Outer Self/ Personality number in the past. This number could help to shine light on some aspects of your personality that you are not aware of. However, your friends and family may see certain traits that you cannot see or choose to ignore. Utilizing Numerology can help to show you what others may see in you through your "Outer Self" or Personality Number. The traits that others see in you you, may be a projection of what they hope, expect and maybe fear of you. Also, If you are in an intimate relationship your significant other may have similar issues to your own.

We will be looking at the Unbalanced or Shadow side of your Personality Number. As I mentioned above, you can adjust your personal "faults" so that you can harness the potential that they offer. An individual with a tendency to be stubborn might be able to direct that energy toward loyalty, dedication, and persistence. For myself I have worked a long time on my tendency to be disorganized. Now I realize that I do not need to be perfect, but my interests can be "eclectic" and I can decorate my home and office with a variety of seemingly incongruous styles. I have even been steered toward learning about Feng Shui.

Balanced/Unbalanced Number Chart





Independent, Inventive, Thinker

Needy, Follower, Gloomy



Cooperative, Communicative

Stubborn, Persistent, Greedy



Friendly, Creative, Giving

Aloof, Miserly, Destructive, Cold

Kali, Dark Mother


Leader, Responsibility

Lazy, Incompetent, Thief



Explorer, Generous, Traveler

Outgoing, Selfish, Dependent, Cheat



Compassionate, magnetic, dependable

Obstinate, dogmatic, stubborn



Social, Thinker, Strategy

Greedy, Obstinate, Loner, Dull



Expert, Champion, Business-minded

Slovenly, Uncoordinated, Powerless

Baseball player


Wanderer, Wise

Ignorant, Closed, Egotist, Slow


CG Jung
and other therapists would say that your personal shadow is the representation of that part of human possibility that we deny in ourselves and project onto others. Because we do this, friction can result. Arguments can break out between friends, or family members. There is much to know about your shadow, but the main thing is that it is deeply ingrained within all of us. You cannot hide, or escape from its effects, but you can be aware of its influence on your life. CG Jung considered the shadow to be part of what he called "archetypes". The archetype is the basis of images, patterns, and stories that appear universally in myths, dreams and fantasy, conditioning your individual life experience.

As the archetypes represent myths, there are many that relate to Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens.

The "Dark Mother" is one of the more important female archetypes as it is all about exploring your darker feminine side. The "King" is an important male archetype as it is about exploring your masculinity, leadership abilities, and fatherhood. Also, it can represent the voice of calm and reassurance. Numerologically, the "Dark Mother" might easily be represented by the #3. This is because on the balanced side, the mother figure is giving and gentle yet has the capability to be destructive and seemingly uncaring. The King archetype can be represented by the #8, as it represents leadership and loss of control as well.

There are many different Gods, Goddesses, and archetypes about which we could talk. However, the important thing for you to remember is that each one represents a particular type of energy. In order to learn more about yourself, you may wish to read more about Greek myth, or the story behind your favorite personality, deity or archetype. This can be extremely beneficial if they have similar qualities to your particular numbers. You can then hang a picture of your favorite personality at home, at work, or place it on your altar if you have one. Also, if some other object reminds you of the traits that you are interested in, then you can use that instead.

Today, you can even turn toward your favorite television shows, movies, and songs for insight into the shadow side of your personality. I remember an episode of Star Trek, called "Skin of Evil" that dealt with a being that was "left over" after a race of advanced beings cast off all of their hate, violence, and other dark emotions. Recently, I saw an episode of Frasier we’re he dreamt about all of his ex-girlfriends, at the end of the show, Frasier says "I need to get all of you behind me, to move on." Then he turns around, and they are all gone.

Your Soul Number will also be important in uncovering the shadow. You can refer to the chart for this number as well. It represents how you see yourself. You may have forgotten about certain qualities that it represents. You may also have grown as a person, and you can now see the path you took to get where you are. Perhaps some of your inner qualities are responsible for the person you are today. Ask yourself if the qualities represented by your Soul Number are in, or have been in, your life. Have you turned your back on certain aspects of your personality? Do you wish that you acted a certain way? Are you happy with the way you are? Are you angry at the way that you are? The answers to these questions can help you to better understand how the shadow has played out in your life.

Also consider how you might "lean" too heavily toward the "balanced" or "unbalanced" side of your personal numbers. Consider the story of Cinderella as an example. Do you let others have all the fun, while you do all the work? Is there a way that the work can be shared? Do you feel that you should hold all the responsibility for yourself? Are you afraid to ask for help? Do you like having fun? These are all valid questions, and they can help you to see whether you are living a balanced numerological life. It is not healthy to always be the leader, or always be the "worker-bee".

There are many challenges to becoming more fully human. You will want to find a way to live your life more awake, aware, and consciously. For both men and women, spirituality and ritual may be able to play a role in the process of becoming more human and becoming more aware of the shadow in our lives. You may wish to have objects around that remind you of your particular numeric energy for both sides of your personal numbers. Once again, pictures or other objects can be useful for this purpose.

The process of understanding, and accepting, your personal shadow can help you to better understand when to utilize the different aspects of your personality. This can be a powerful process. Accepting the different aspects of your personality into your life can indeed be difficult at times. However, remember that it harms you and those around you when you lead your life in an uncaring and unconscious manner. Of course, always remember that every aspect of your personality is appropriate at certain times. Hopefully this process can help us all to find ways to be more human and lead our lives more openly.

Good Luck on your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.

Copyright © 2001 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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