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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
September 2001

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology, Flow and Synchronicity

"In the middle of the journey of life I found myself in a dark wood where the way was lost." ~ Dante

This month we will be talking about Numerology, Flow and Synchronicity. According to The American Heritage Dictionary, Synchronicity is a "Coincidence of events that seem to be meaningfully related, conceived in Jungian Theory as an explanatory principle on the same order as causality."

In plain language, the definition states that there seems to be meaning behind a related series of events in your life. The phrase "being in the right place, at the right time" comes to mind. As it happens, a little synchronicity seems to have popped into my life. A few weeks ago, at work I became involved in a big talk about synchronous computer program events. I had just started this column the night before. A day or so later, my roommate was playing some of his old records. What did he put on? "The Police: Synchronicity." It was all very strange.

One important issue that stands out here, especially for me, is that of awareness. How will you recognize, and take advantage of, a synchronistic moment if you are not aware? I am sure that I miss many of these events, just because I am too busy to notice. If you are busy, over-stressed, over-tired, over-worked, then you are probably not in the flow of things. You may never get the chance to live in the moment. Take the bull by the horns and live life!

It can be difficult to lead a synchronous life by allowing stress, demands, and pressure to build up. You may need to make space for yourself. You may even need to ask for help from others, as you probably need to rearrange certain situations in your life. For some of us, there may be a lot of "up front" work to do, before we can really live a simpler life with less stress. Last month we talked about developing a personal practice and following your personal cycle. I believe that this is a good way to begin living a life of peace, balance and synchronicity. As you do this, you can reach out to others in the community and help them to do the same thing. I believe synchronicity is a cornerstone in the campaign toward helping others and building a stronger community.

There are many excellent organizations that are always looking for volunteers. You can help others in innumerable ways by volunteering, sharing, and perhaps being in the right place, at the right time for someone in need. These groups and the people in them might even be able to encourage you to be more aware of your actions. We are really talking about living simply, honestly, and in the moment. Unfortunately, we might not often see these ideas reinforced by society. We can live this way, but we need to look at ourselves and understand how we can bring about the change.

Learning about how to lead a synchronistic, simple life that allows you to be in life’s flow can be a life-long journey. I believe that we can start our synchronistic lifestyle as children. In fact, I am often questioned about how effective, or impactful, a Numerology reading can be for a child or young adult. A reading can be tailored to fit any age. A great deal of helpful guidance, especially about your overall life patterns, can be obtained by paying attention to your chart at any early age. Rigidity, resistance, and fear can take over as we age which makes learning about flow, taking it easy, and synchronicity, vital. This is why I think that it will be important to get help from anyone who is willing. By bringing others in on your plan, you can make your chance for success that much greater.

Helping others and even children to know their Personal Numbers can help to build their strengths, and interests. Knowing your "personal numbers" can help you to know your impact on the world around you. Think about what you "bring" to any situation, or relationship. Does the stress that you bring with you make it tougher? Does your laughter lighten the mood of the room? Your personal numbers can help you to be more aware of your general nature, if you pay attention.

Often we don’t pay attention to ourselves or the world in which we live. We get so busy, that we overburden ourselves, rather than finding the time to enjoy something that will allow us to be who we are, as we would be able to do if we were capable of living in the moment. We all need freedom to experience life, especially children. Being aware and dedicated toward finding new ways to face life can help to reduce everyday stress. Then we can be in the "flow" and enjoy living. Many people enjoy being able to lose themselves in a rejuvenating hobby or activity. Do you have a hobby that you enjoy? Do you share it with others? Does it help you to relax, kick back, and feel better? Your personal numbers can help to guide you to the activities that can be part of the puzzle toward unlocking who you are. These activities may even help you to help others to learn, grow, and achieve freedom.

This month, we will look a little deeper into your Personal Year Cycle, and begin to explore the individual Days. It is important to remember that your personal year, month and day numbers can provide general guidelines, not hard and fast rules for living your life, but we are trying to live more in the flow!

By first looking at your personal year, you can get a good feeling for the kinds of activities, or endeavors, that you might do well at during the year. There are some times when you may feel more introspective, and some when you can be a powerful example to the community. As you progress through the year you can study the numerological energy of the days and you can gain a better understanding of the rhythmic, or seasonal, pattern that underlies your life. Some of the keywords for the individual days are explained below.

Keywords for personal months & days

1- new beginnings, action, originality, choices, options

2 - cooperation, peace, balance, inaction, possibilities

3 - entertainment, socializing, self-expression, freedom

4 - work, foundations, practicality, honest, responsibility

5 - freedom, new situations, learning, travel

6 - service, family, responsibility, care, social

7 - introspection, wisdom, planning, skill

8 - power, money, business, sports

9 - endings, service, dedication, honesty

You may wish to keep a record of your feelings, and actions for a period of time, along with your personal numbers for the month, day, and year. Do your experiences accurately reflect the keywords in the chart above? Are your descriptions, for a particular number, consistent? You may begin to notice a pattern in your life, as your compare your notes. If you do, then you will have one more tool that can help you achieve greater awareness in your life. I have talked about journaling in the past, but I think that a chart that simply indicates a good/bad day, and includes a few keywords, is a great starting point. I use a vertical grid, and I can easily glance at all the days of a particular number. When I want to know about a particular day, I find the number, and evaluate its row. I generally record a month or two on one page. This process can be fun, if you want it to.

Your Personal Days may provide some valuable insight into your personality. Maybe all of your #3 Days, end up with you feeling lonely. A #3 Day can be a great day to socialize, which means that you might want to find opportunities to be with others on those days. Your insights might not be that obvious, but who knows what you might accomplish with a daily record of your health, and feelings? As you probably know, your Personal Days will progress from 1 to 9 in a repeating series, over and over. On which days do you usually feel the lowest? On which days do you usually feel the best? There is a good chance that you will find a pattern. That is what we are looking for here.

Living life flexibly, and openly, is important. I believe that your Life Path is also one of the numbers that can show you where you might need to stretch, or challenge yourself. Keep it in mind as you try to evaluate any patterns in your life. Ask yourself about your flexibility. Ask yourself about your willingness to change, and move in new directions. Ask yourself about how you handle everyday stress. Is the way in which you handle stress, influenced by your Life Path number?

Your Life Path number can help you to better understand your reactions. If your Life Path number suggests that you enjoy freedom (#5), then you may want to find ways to better adjust on the days which indicate less freedom and more responsibility. Often the #4 Day can represent responsibility, challenges, work and important choices. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun on a #4 Day, rather it indicates that this is a day when you can feel the tug of responsibility. How you answer that tug depends on your awareness and your willingness to be mindful of your actions. At home you might lash out at someone, rather than kindly asking him or her to handle a few of your extra tasks. You might do all of the tasks yourself and then sulk later. Whatever you do, know that your choices are yours to make, but repression, anger, rage and jealousy may keep the door to understanding your personality locked.

As we get more in touch with our personal patterns and cycles, and the flow of life, we may feel called to engage in certain pursuits. That also means, that we may not necessarily stick with a particular pursuit for a long period of time. This is especially true for children and young adults. Your activities and pursuits can, and should be beneficial avenues for learning, growth, and fun. However, personal safety is important. It revolves around making sound, aware choices in your life. More than anything else it is important to understand the Inner you and your inner core.

As you develop an understanding of your inner self and your daily rhythms. you can better attune to the flow of life around you. You can approach life in a more synchronistic way. Hopefully you will begin to say that; "you were in the right place, at the right time" more and more.

Good luck in your journey into Numerology and Soulful Living.

More Information:
Personal Day Calculator
New England Society of Jungian Therapists

Calculations for Personal Calendar Numbers
(Years, Months and Days)

These numbers can help you to see the rhythmic pattern that underlies your life. (However, keep in mind that a full understanding of your complete Numerological Chart, which includes Your Life Path, Challenges, Pinnacles, and Birthname chart, can help to illustrate your core personality traits that will influence your perceptions and how you take advantage or utilize different seasons in your life.)

Example Birthday: 10/1/1970 (October 1, 1970)

Calculations (Using birthday example):


Personal Year

Personal Months

Personal Day

10 + 1 + Year of last birthday

(In Sep 2001 that is 2000)

10 + 1 + 2000 = 2011

2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 4

Month Number + Personal Year Number

Jul 2001 (7) + 4 = 11/2

Aug 2001 (8) + 4 = 12/3

Sep 2001 (9) + 4 = 13/4

Personal Year Number + Personal Month Number + Day Number

Sep 1, 2001 –

4 + 4 + 1 = 9

Copyright © 2001 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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