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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
May 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Health

"Your body often has the ability to begin healing itself if you stop the behaviors contributing to the problem" --Dr. Dean Ornish

This month we will look at the use of Numerology in understanding more about our health and our bodies. Specifically, we will look at ways in which we can maintain and improve our health by being more aware of stress in our lives. Having good health is a moment by moment and lifelong process. True health may require making essential changes for some of us. A good question to keep in mind when thinking about your health is: "What small step can I take right now that would help to add to, or better, my life?"

Being aware of your physical needs can be an excellent first step, but it may not be enough. You may also need to focus on the mental and spiritual aspects of your personality. Interesting research has been done into the ways your mental, emotional and spiritual sides can be used to improve your health, in the field of Psychoneuroimmunology. The research is encouraging and may motivate many people toward incorporating meditation and other techniques into their lives. However until we are ready, most of us can find immediate benefit by finding simple and healthy ways to alleviate stress within our lives. Today medical professionals recognize that stress can be a key source of illness. Dr. Andrew Weil, says, "I am convinced that stress is the primary cause or aggravating cause of the majority of illness."

Within Numerology, the Balance Number may be able to offer some guidance when you are faced with obstacles, especially those involving stress. The Balance Number gives you an idea about helpful ways to deal with challenging or intimidating circumstances. Your personal Balance Number represents your ability to remain calm, centered and balanced. Its influence can be felt when you experience times of trouble, heavy stress, conflict, or turmoil. During these times, if you do not have a means to find your focal point or center then you may find yourself struggling to achieve a sense of peace. Paying attention to the information that your balance number provides can allow you to begin to stabilize yourself.

Your Balance number is found by adding the numerical value of the initials of your full name at birth. If you were born John Thomas Doe, then you would analyze the following letters: J, T, and D. J = 1, T = 2, D = 4. Adding these letters (1 + 2 + 4), we get #7. John has a Balance number of 7. This means that John may be very introspective and enjoy time by himself. He may need to find ways to better connect with his family and friends during times of stress as he may often try to solve all his difficulties alone or perhaps simply try to wait out his problems.

Remember that your emotional anguish affects your thinking and can depress your immune system, increasing your level of stress. Author and Herbalist, Susan Weed says; "good health is flexibility, openness to change, and groundedness."  How do you handle change? Personal change can entail risk as well as a certain amount of faith and courage. Often, how you react towards change often depends on whether you create it or feel under its control. When change takes place suddenly, it may be a wake up call to find a solution to an existing situation, especially when you experience physical changes within your body.

Of course, we are all born with strengths and weaknesses. We all may have some personal habit that may add stress into our lives. Within Numerology and Astrology, we look at life as a learning process. We all experience life differently, but learning about your personal numbers can help you to bring out and enhance your talents, and help to turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths. Hopefully, you have a desire to grow and improve yourself. If you do, then it is important to face up to your obstacles and do the work necessary to overcome them. Some of the obstacles in your life may be created by you, while others will not be. Wherever they come from, you will need to develop techniques to handle them and the stress that may be related to your obstacles.

Suppose that John, from our example above, finds that he really enjoys a Sunday morning treat of coffee and doughnuts. Once a week, his little treat might not harm him. However, suppose that he starts enjoying his "treat" more often. He may know that it isn't good for him. Generally, people today are aware of the health benefits of eating a healthful diet. Well, maybe nothing happens to him or maybe he gains weight or develops insomnia, either of which can cause a great deal of stress. Perhaps he wants to stop having his "treat." It may be hard for him to change when every morning someone hands him a cup of coffee or the breakfast cart rolls right by. Somehow he must find the strength to break the pattern. His Balance number of #7 would indicate that rather than just "thinking" about change, he should go out and create his own change, perhaps with help from others. Perhaps he does not feel fulfilled by his current career path which does not satisfy his Life Path Number.

The Balance number can indicate the tools and techniques that may help you to get onto the right path, but your other numbers, such as your Life Path, can help to show you, what the right path actually is. When you are living through your Life Path, you are connecting with skills and resources that come naturally to you. You will feel drawn to the activities that your Life Path describes. The Life Path number also describes the theme of the lessons and experience that you will gain through real and worthwhile challenges.

Your Balance number, in conjunction with your other personal numbers, such as your Challenge Numbers, can help you to develop a better sense of yourself and your personal stress triggers. Also, building strong and lasting relationships with others can be an excellent way to stay healthy, and stress free. Our friends and family may often be able to provide an "early warning" for us, as they may see things that we don't or can't. They can also help us to steer away from stressful situations in the first place.

Trying to decide if stress has become an obstacle in your life can be easier said than done. You may be blind to the damage stress can create in your life. However, one way to start is being open to listening to advice and guidance from friends and family. They can be in tune with you and can be aware of problems and stress long before you. You may wish to try to analyze your stress levels by yourself, but that process requires that you be totally open and honest with yourself.

Relieving stress in your life means that you must be willing and able to step away from harmful situations, and change the habits that contribute to creating stress within your body. It may not be easy, but help from others can make it more manageable. The task of becoming complete is one in which you must face your obstacles and consciously work to improve yourself. This process, may involve taking risks, working with others, and doing things you might be afraid of, but ultimately these steps will lead to a more rewarding life.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology!

Copyright © 2002 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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