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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
April 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Symbolism

"Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap" - Tzara

This month we will discuss the role of Numerology within Symbolism. Numerology can be defined as the science of numbers, as it is composed of the Latin word "numerus," which means number, and the Greek word logos, which means word, reflection, insight, and expression. While Webster's dictionary defines symbol as: "Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible." Symbolism is: "The practice of representing things by means of symbols."

Numerology, as well as Astrology, utilizes symbols that when understood, represent "seeds" or "pathways" for change, growth and personal transformation. In Numerology, our primary symbols are our own personal numbers. Symbols and images can be considered the languages of the unconscious mind. Authors and Behaviorists such as Joseph Campbell, Robert A. Johnson and Carl Jung see symbols as universal archetypes that occur throughout all cultures, in religion, writing and art. Symbolism can add power and meaning to your understanding of numerology.

Numbers are everywhere in our world. Each of us has a birth date, age, weight, and other numbers in our lives. Numbers are part of living. We all like numbers. We ask questions like: "How old is he?" or "How many children does she have?" Many of us may ask, "How much does she/he weigh?" or "How much money does he make?" These numbers symbolically represent who we are. Who among us, especially when we meet someone new, has not identified that person by his salary, height, weight, or other numeric characteristic at some time? Numbers have become powerful symbols in the modern world.

However, many people still may wonder where symbolism fits into their daily lives. It may seem that it doesn't fit into the complex world of today. Symbolism is a seldom fully understood, fact of life. For many of us, our first exposure to learning about symbolism was in school. We might have thought, "What is this to me?" Well, symbolism is all around us. For example, when you are driving and you come to a stop, because the traffic signal was red, you have responded to a symbol: red means "stop."

For some traditions the significance of symbolism has not been lost at all. In fact the holiday of Norooz, which is celebrated in March, illustrates use of symbolism today. Norooz, which is a Persian holiday, begins on the first day of spring. Norooz celebrations are symbolic representations of the "End" and the "Rebirth." Before Norooz, the people celebrating will clean their homes, make new clothes, bake and plant seeds as sign of renewal. This is one modern-day representation of how symbolism is used in our daily lives. Perhaps you have similar traditions or celebrations that you follow.

Within Numerology, your own name is a powerful symbol of your personality and what you can become. Your first name is the most influential part of your whole name. It has a constant effect on your daily life. For most of us, our names were given to us by our parents. When they named you, what did they have in mind? Were you named for an ancestor, family friend, saint, or world hero? Did they know what your name meant? Do you know what your name means? Are you happy with your name? Do you want to change your name?

According to some ancient beliefs, the name was a living part of the person. It was alive and as important as the spirit, personality, body and soul of that individual. For them, the name was a source of strength. The name for an individual was much more than a simple identifier, and it was chosen with due consideration. Your name can have a deep and powerful effect on your life. Children with odd or different names can be ridiculed. Your name can influence your self-esteem, confidence, and sense of power. Your name is like a top quality suit. Some people will grow into their names, while others will strain to fit. Does your name fit you? Have you grown into your name? Do you know the names of all the people that you encounter daily? Just knowing the names of the people you encounter can be the start of new relationships.

By using and understanding the meaning of your name, you can find ways to develop pride, and self-understanding. In the distant past, the symbolic meaning of a person's name was an understood and implicit part of its overall worth. How can you begin to better understand the symbolic meaning of your own name? The Runes, Tarot, Astrology and many other divination systems are rich in symbolism. These systems, in conjunction with Numerology, can help you to understand your name.

Tracking down symbols, especially those represented by your name, to their cultural, religious, or mythological origins, can be enlightening and help you to connect with cultures, beliefs and traditions of the past. Your personal numbers can help guide you to the corresponding symbols. All of the information that you gather can help to build a detailed picture of a particular name. Understanding the information that symbolism provides is all about the search for finding the deeper significance within everyday life. Numerology can help you to unearth the "raw material." You will have to polish it and utilize the information in your life. Hopefully this will provide new ways for you to better know yourself, and others.

Suppose you work with a young man, named Jason. How do you use Numerology to begin to understand him? Well, every name, middle name last name, and nickname can be turned into some number. You could do the Numerology name analysis and find out that his name works out to a #5. Reading about the Tarot cards, like the 5 of cups (or the others 5's), can help you to uncover the symbolism of the five. Your research would let you know that he is a curious person who may enjoy travel. This is one layer of information. However, suppose you go deeper, talked with him, got to know him better, and found out that his parents named him because of "Jason & the Argonauts". His parents were adventurous, and they wanted their son to have that same spirit. In understanding this, you might get to truly understand who Jason is and wants to be.

Our names distinguish us from the rest of the world. They are our "calling cards." Knowing some small unique detail about individual names could be a great icebreaker at your next party. It can help you to better connect with others, and maybe even give them a quick glimpse into another aspect of their personality. At the very least, it's a simple way to meet new people and to take conversations to a level deeper than; "What do you do?"

By learning both the strengths and weaknesses of names, you will be able to improve yourself by intentionally choosing to build skills that match the influences of your name. By finding out all that you can about the symbolism behind your own name, you will be better able to incorporate that qualities that are represented by it into your life. You will then be more than capable to wear your name with understanding, pride and dignity. Hopefully, your work can lead to deeper levels of personal growth and development. Today, with a little elbow work, we can utilize Numerology to understand the qualities, characteristics, and traits that are symbolic of our names. Although the significance of names may not be fully understood today, the fact remains that they continue to have significant power in our lives. Hopefully, you can begin to develop an understanding of the significance of your own name.

Good luck in your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.


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