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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
May 2001

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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How Numerology Can Help Us Live More Consciously

"And what is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not been discovered."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This month we will look at ways in which Numerology can help us to live consciously. You may even already be living life as a Cultural Creative in an attempt to understand who you are. Doing so means that you stand for Ecological Sustainability, Globalism, Women's Issues, Alternate Healthcare, Spirituality, Social Conscience and Social Optimism. Values are also very important. It is important to note that according to a study by sociologist Paul H. Ray, Cultural Creatives are well distributed over the whole United States, and there are over 50 million. You never know when you may meet someone who shares your interests.

You may also note, that there were many early pioneers of conscious living. They utilized many of the same core practices that we use today. They believed in peace and tolerance across race and religion. Pythagoras was one of these people. He helped to found a strong, private, society. Pythagoreans were famous for their loyalty, friendship, ethics, and honesty. They were even allowed their own possessions. Men or women were permitted to become active participants in Pythagorean Society. Several women went on to become famous philosophers.

The Pythagorean life certainly fits into living life as a "Cultural Creative", as they seem to believe in many of they same things. The big question many of us face is: "How can I live consciously?" The fact is that living consciously means taking an active stance in life, being aware of what we are doing, knowing how we have affected others and ourselves, and understanding our actions.

How can you be aware of your life, if you do not keep track in some manner? Journaling may offer some help. You donít even need costly materials. You can use simple pen & paper. You donít need to rely on your computer to tell your life story, go out and write it yourself. When you begin to write things down, analyze them, and meditate on them, you will begin to develop a rich new language of symbolism and enhance your intuitiveness.

I often get letters asking about the meaning of a particular number that keeps reappearing in an individuals life. Without a broader context, it is hard to say what that repeating number is. It may be part of a larger pattern. Only you can see all of the patterns, and symbolism, in your life. Today, there is research being done in which the patterns hidden in our in lives can be analyzed.

One researcher, Stan Tenen, has put more than 25 years of research into something called the "Meru Project". He has discovered numerical symbolism within the Hebrew text of Genesis. Tenen, says that our civilization is not the first to question the makeup of consciousness.

The study of meaning within Hebrew words is known as Gematria. Gematria has become a highly discussed modern day topic. It involves the study of the symbolism within Hebrew words, and the Jewish Kabbalah. Within Hebrew every letter, word and phrase equals a number. The numbers can be correlated with the Tarot, the Kabbalah, Runes, Planets and Chakras.

Another researcher, Dr. Ivan Panin, studied the numerics of the Bible. He did his work in the 1800ís. For participating in plots against the Russian Czar, he was exiled, eventually migrating to the United States. In 1890 he discovered mathematical designs underlying the Bible.

As you can see there are people who have attempted to unlock the messages hidden within our world. They have found deeper meaning and structure in their respective areas of study. You can find similar meaning within your own life. The tools are available, if you are willing to take the time to be consciously aware each day. The numbers in your life can help to illustrate the overall pattern in your life, and they can help to answer questions that you may have. Some of these questions may include:

  • How may I live more consciously?
  • How can I have better and more successful relationships?
  • How can I consciously spend my money?
  • How can I find more time to do the things I want?
  • How can I take better care of my body and mind?
  • How can I make decisions that are right for me?

These questions can be answered. As you devote more time to understanding yourself and your particular patterns you will gain a greater understanding of the solutions that best suit you. Gather your numbers, and we will begin work next month. Some of your important numbers are listed below:

  • Place of birth (Latitude and Longitude)
  • Time of birth
  • Date of birth
  • Street Address for place of birth
  • Current Address
  • Motherís birth information
  • Fatherís birth information
  • Birth information for your children
  • Telephone number
  • Email Address
  • Pager number
  • Fax number
  • SSN
  • License plate
  • Employee ID
  • Clothing sizes
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Route numbers
  • Bus numbers

Of course, these numbers are for your eyes only. It may seem personal, but thatís the point. You will not be sharing the information with anyone. We will break down the information into corresponding numbers. I will then show you how to look for patterns within them. In this way you can answer many important questions by yourself. Next month, we will begin the process and you may be amazed at the information that is represented. Later, we can use Gematria to delve even deeper.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.


Do Something: site: http://www.dosomething.org
Mission is to train and mobilize young people to be leaders in their communities.

Institute of Noetic Sciences: site: http://www.noetic.org
Explores the deeper knowing at all levels.

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