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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
April 2001

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Nourishing Your Soul with the Help of Numerology

"No man is an island, entire of itselfÖ any manís death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." John Donne

This month, we are continuing  our look at "nourishing our souls with the help of numerology."

Tending to the needs of your soul can be formidable work, so letís roll up our sleeves and begin. As we are indeed not alone in the world, it can be to your benefit to build healthy, vital, and sound relationships. Relationships can offer us personal support and help in many ways. This support can be in the form of kind words from a friend, aid from a family member, or maybe simply talking with a professional caregiver. Finding others who share your interests can be important, as they can help you to mature through life. Positive feedback, emotional support, and love are all needed and can make nourishing, and comforting your soul easier.

Your strongest supporters and allies, might be those who share your personal numbers (Soul, Outer, Life Path, Love, Heartís Desire). When your personal numbers match, it shows that you share similar interests. In a business relationship, it would be good to have matching, or non-conflicting, Life Path numbers. In a romantic relationship, the Love number should illustrate compatibility. Also, donít forget about the Relationship Stress Number (RSN), which can help to point out possible problem points in the relationship. However, It is very important that you know and understand yourself as well as understanding the other people in your life.

Basically, itís import to find healthy, conscious and creative ways to find balance, build strong relationships, and strive for your potential. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a sense of our inner talents and strengths. When you find ways to tap into your inner strength and have outer and inner support for your personal growth, youíll be able to tend to your soul needs. As you nourish your soul, hopefully you will begin to realize that you are part of the larger world around you. Your actions have impact on the lives of others. What you say, how you live, and where you work all have impact on others. We can begin to notice the little things in our lives that can help to awaken and nourish our souls.

Awareness is the part of the key to developing your soul. It can be important to simply remain open to the possibility that your abilities and potential have room to grow. It can also mean that you can benefit by utilizing everything in your life for your growth. One resource in your life that is probably not understood is the application of color. Color can be an important part of everyday life. By looking at color in this way, you can become more aware of your moods as they relate to the color of your clothes, and even how you feel in particular offices and homes. Know that Red is stimulating, Blue is calming, and Yellow is cathartic. These basic qualities can help you to move past stagnant or over active, situations. A color may appear distasteful to us when we are not aligned with its numerical energy.

Color was an important part of the Balliett Method as taught by Numerology author L. Dow Balliett. Mrs. Balliett believed in simplicity and as such, her method reduces everything to its basic number vibration. For instance, the energy of each color is found by adding the numeric values of each letter in that color. (RED = 9 + 5 + 4 = 18/9 vibration/energy). Notice that the energy of particular colors can be modified. DARK RED ( 4 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 9 + 5 + 4 = 34/7) has a different energy than RED.

After you have found a number for a particular color, you can then evaluate it according to your personal numbers. Do the numbers match? Do the numbers conflict? This method can be utilized for music, and almost anything that you can think of. This method does vary from color applications that I have talked about in the past, which utilized the colors of the chakras. However, you may find one method resonates with you more than the other does. Utilizing these techniques you can apply color to your life, based on its compatibility with your personal numbers. You can match the energy of your Soul Number with its corresponding colors, and wear those colors to enhance the qualities of your Soul Number. Thus bringing out more inner qualities, and characteristics.

Staying out of unnecessary conflict can also be important. Not avoiding conflict, but being aware enough to know how to balance your wants, needs, and personality within the world around you and with the people in your life. Being in relationship can be an important part of nourishing your soul. We must genuinely handle and process our feelings, thoughts and emotions without projecting blame, hurt and anger onto others. We may need help in this endeavor, and Numerology may be able to help us understand whether the people we bring into our lives will be compatible with us, or not.

Numerology can help you to understand the appropriate time to establish a relationship based on love, business, or friendship. Knowing how your numbers interact with another individual will give you a better understanding of your relationship. It can help you better understand the potential, strengths and weaknesses of that individual. Numerology can help point out key points of conflict and compatibility. It can also give you insight into the different parts of an individualís character. Of course, no relationship is impossible if both people are willing to work at it.

Numerology can provide the information that will help you to nourish and comfort your soul, but you must take the first steps and act on it. You should place emphasis on the safe and practical long-term development of your soul in alignment with your personal numbers. This can put you into closer communication with your soulís calling, and thus, bring comfort to your soul.

Good luck on your journey into soulful living and Numerology.

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