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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
March 2000

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numbers and Our Environment

Our topic this month is about the personal space we live in, our responsibilities to that space, and our environment. Often we don’t take the time to think about the impact our daily activities have on our neighbors. I would like to show some uses in which Numerology can help you to live a more healthful life in your environment. You may ask, "How can Numerology help me to understand the environment?" The study of Numerology and other spiritual disciplines can help you to become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. We are all connected, and how you live your life has an influence on the people around you, your community, and the world. 

Numerology and other spiritual tools can aid in your quest to be more aware of yourself and your surroundings. At first it may seem very overwhelming. It is often frightening, and scary to open our eye’s and look at the state of the world around us. It is very sad to know that even seemingly small actions in our lives can have a great impact on the environment. The simple action of going to a bookstore and buying a book will make you responsible for burning a few gallons of oil. Each gallon of oil that is burned can release several pounds of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere.

How can Numerology help in this quest for a cleaner, healthier environment? Numerology illustrates that when we don't follow our path, or listen to own inner voices/desires, we can receive warnings of a physical, psychological, emotional, intuitive or spiritual nature that indicate we are on the wrong path. Problems or negative situations may occur when this happens. These situations can involve illness, serious health issues, depression, anger, accidents, and bad relationships. Last month we talked about your Life Journey Number (LJN).  Ask yourself how much your LJN resonates within you right now. Your LJN helps to paint a picture of your unique path in life. Are you on the right path? If you are not on the right path, perhaps it is time to evaluate where you are, as opposed to where you think you should be. There are tools available to help you in your quest.

Once we become aware of our actions we can begin to take steps to improve our lives and the world around us. We can begin to ask questions of the leaders in our communities, and begin to change our lives. At first this may seem overwhelming, but with dedication and persistence we can begin to make a difference in our environment.

Some people may be ready for immediate action, as they have taken steps in their lives to live a healthy life, and maintain strong relationships. These people can choose to begin to design their lives to coincide with their ideals. This is what, simple living is about.  It is about living life more deliberately, and aware, not about austerity, or frugality. It's about being fully aware of why you are living your particular life.

However, once again, it goes without saying that each of us is unique. We are all at different places in our lives. There is no one path that will work for everyone. Some of us need to begin to take action on a smaller and more personal scale before we can conquer the world, and take on weighty issues concerning the environment. Some of the tools that can aid you in your quest to improve yourself, your surroundings, and the environment are described below. These tools include Cycles, Biorythms, the Enneagram, Music, Meditation, and Numerology. 

As we are talking about the environment, and the color green, we can use Numerology to understand the meaning of the color green. Numerology shows that green (7+9+5+5+5 = 31/4) vibrates to the energy of 4. Green relates to the heart chakra (the fourth chakra). The color green and the fourth chakra deal with healing, balance, and tranquility. Green is the color of growth, and is very soothing. Chlorophyll, which is green, builds blood, rapidly improves blood oxygenation, helps cleanse the body, and is used to balance the heart. Music that resonates to the color green is "Clair De Lune" by Debussy, and "Ocean" by Larkin. You can refer to the chart provided below to understand the basic meaning of the numbers. Of course it is also important to develop a sense of symbolism, and number meaning, for yourself.

It has been shown that music can help to strengthen your immune system and heal your life. Pythagoras, the founder of Numerology, also worked with music and its vibrations. By introducing the right music into your home, office or personal space, you can begin to lead a more balanced life and begin to clear your physical/immediate environment. You can introduce the music mentioned above to bring about a stronger atmosphere of clearing, balance, and health in your home.

Meditation can also be some help. Meditation combined with music can help you to grow on both an inner/outer level. It can help you to "detoxify" after a stressful day. In this way, you can be a better person and you can contribute to a healthier environment for your family, friends, and co-workers.

Another way in which Numerology can help us in our daily lives is through the study of Cycles. Cycles are "recurring forces" that can predict changes in your state of mind, health, moods, relationships, the weather, politics, and the state of the world around you. ER Dewey helped to develop science of Cycle Study. He believed that the study of cycles could help us to develop a deeper understanding of the world we live in. In Egypt, Babylon, India, and elsewhere, cycles were used in relation to the weather, rituals, and agriculture. Today we use them in a variety of places. Some of these places range from NASA to Wall Street.

One way that we can tap into the cycles in our lives is through the study of Biorythms. Using Biorythms we can evaluate the physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of our lives. These aspects/cycles, as well as others, vibrate to a particular frequency throughout our lives. These cycles the physical (23 day cycle), emotional (28 day cycle), and intellectual (33 day cycle) all start at the time of birth.

The Physical cycle is about strength, stamina, immunity to disease, potency, and coordination.

The Emotional cycle is about mental stability, sensitivity, and moods.

The Intellectual cycle is about the ability to learn, memory, analytical thinking, logic, decision making.

Biorythms can be extremely beneficial. You can monitor your energy levels, and schedule your life accordingly. Perhaps you have a great deal of stress in your life, and have reached a point of exhaustion, or you are "doing more with less" at work. Monitoring your daily Biorythms can help you to understand your energy level and avoid or better manage your life and hopefully avoid burning out

Parents can use this as a tool to help their children manage their lives, and live as healthful as possible. It can be a good tool as depressed children can grow up to be depressed adults

Biorythms can also help you to monitor your relationships, and be aware of the times when you have the highest potential to be compatible with one another. They can also help you in your journey of self-awareness. They can help you to be aware of your actions, of yourself, and your health.

Yet another Numerology related tool is the Enneagram. The Enneagram is an ancient tool to help you mine for your true self. It is a system in which there are nine basic personality types. A professional Enneagram consultant, or you, can best determine what type you are. Once you understand your type then you can begin to understand yourself and others on a deeper level. It is important to note that the Enneagram does not encourage stereotyping. People are encouraged to avoid using the type numbers in a simplistic way that might eliminate possibilities of knowing others as they really are. 

People of each type do have their own behaviors which can impact their choices and place limits on the possibilities available within their relationships, work, and self-development. Each type has a different set of individual traits, talents and traps of automatic behavior. Each has its own way of falling into imbalance and its own way of reaching its full potential. 

Through studying the Enneagram we can begin to gain a rich understanding of the different personalities in our lives. The Enneagram enables us to relate to one another with clarity, honesty, compassion, openness and effectiveness. With it, we can develop stronger, healthier relationships and more significant life commitments. 

What else can you do in the quest to improve your self and your personal space? Just being aware, can help you to take the necessary steps. Food is another area that you can take a look at. Toxic food & drink will not help your body to be a clean and healthy environment. Things like coffee and soft drinks have been abused in this country. By supporting the companies that make the synthetic foods that we eat, we support an unhealthy global environment. You can begin to look at more natural, and organic, foods. Each person’s choice can make a positive difference. Making yourself aware can help you begin to change for the better. 

You can also journal and record your daily numerological numbers, and personal numbers. It can be very important to have a notebook devoted to you. We all make grocery lists, personal inventories and try to balance our checkbook, but we rarely pay attention to our internal accounting. Keeping a journal is an action step. Action is the next step after thinking about it and the doing enables positive changes to take place. 

You might not yet know the numerological numbers of a person, or company that you are interested in. Numerology can help you in understanding the vibrations, or energy of, a place, company, or person that you are interested in developing a relationship with. This could be choosing a new company to work for, starting a new romantic relationship, or just trying to understand the "vibes" of a particular place, such as your home or office. Just as we analyzed the color "green", we can analyze a company, person, place, or anything else you can imagine.

Perhaps you want to check out that company you want to work for. By adding up the numbers, that each letter represents, you can get a quick representation of what that company is like. This analysis may not uncover everything, but it is a good start in your understanding of the company. You may want to do some Astrology of the company, or perhaps walk around the company campus to get a good feel of the company "vibration". Simply look at the chart below and add up all the appropriate numbers. With the information provided below, you can quickly develop a brief analysis for just about anyone or anything. If your company turns out to have a number 1, then that would be a good place to work for you if you enjoyed being creative and not overly managed. If this type of company will be suitable for your personality, and will not be an energy drain, then this may be a good choice. Otherwise, stay clear, as we all need solid support structures in our lives, rather than places/people that make us tired, bored, drained, and feeling dead inside. Once in a situation like this, it is often difficult to quickly escape from the toxic effects.


Number Meaning/Keywords Representative
1 Independence, Creative, Artistic President, Artist
2 Cooperation, Harmony, Communication Mediator
3 Balance, Self Expression, Abundance Cheerleader
4 Leadership, Advice, Control, Structure Business person, Boss
5 Dynamic, Learning, Growing Scholar, Rebel
6 Nurturing, Compassion, Romantic Nurse, Teacher, Parent, Lover
7 Planning, Focused, Driven Farmer, Scientist, General
8 Authority, Champion, Leadership CEO, Athlete
9 Aloof, Giving, Caring, Wandering Super Hero, Sage, Reformer


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  


It’s important to remember that numbers in our lives are symbols that communicate to us through our unconscious. Every number in your life doesn’t have to mean something. You don’t have to spend hours every day trying to decipher the meaning of the time that you wake up in the morning. Instead know that you are in charge of your behaviors, and that you have the tools to begin to understand the world around you. Hopefully, you will find the resources to encourage and support your positive efforts at making lasting and profound changes in yourself, while understanding other individuals' behavior, too. The tools provided here can help you, if you desire, to achieve personal goals, enhance your levels of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self-awareness.

Remember that today we see a lot more respect, care, and concern about the environment. The Earth is a diverse web of ecosystems. Each has its own unique purpose. It can not continue to support us unless we implement a safer, cleaner way of life. Many people are worried about the environment and they are willing to do their part. Many businesses are also concerned and doing something about it. Today recycling has become very popular, as well as alternate power, new vehicles, organic foods, and more. 

Remember that helping the environment may mean radical change for some of us, while to others it may mean simply refusing to be seduced by the siren call of Madison Avenue. Numerology can help you to become more aware of yourself and help you toward your quest of a healthier planet Earth.

Good luck in your Journey into Numerology

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