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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
February 2000

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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You, Your Home, Health, Goals, and Numerology

This month we will use your Life Journey Number to help you begin exploring and tapping into those parts of yourself, which can help you in your growth/healing process. Iíll use the Life Journey Number in conjunction with your Personal Address Number to show you how where you live, and perceived strength or weakness, can help/hinder you in your growth process.

Your Life Journey Number, LJN, (some call this the Life Path) represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life. The LJN describes the nature of your journey through life, and how you can best accomplish your goals.

Let's calculate your LJN. Example: Joan has a birthday on February 8, 1972 (2-8-1972). Add the month (2) to the day (8) plus the total of the digits in the year (19). The total comes to 29. Then add this number together. 2+9=11 /1+1=2; Joan has a Life Journey number of 2.

The Life Journey Numbers are as follows:

This Life Journey is about developing your own will, individuality, decisiveness, and expressing your creativity, Being a caring, considerate leader is as important as is being on your own and forging your own path. Standing on your own two feet is important. 

This Life Journey is about cooperation, passion, service and balance. Being generous, honest and caring will help you to bring out the best in yourself and others. Often others will seek you out for information/advice/help. You can be exceptional at organizing and fact finding and these things can make you the most happy. 

This Life Journey is about socialization, and stepping forward. Speaking out, especially in a public forum, can be very important for you. Social skills, creativity, and looking good are extremely important for you. Balancing material needs and the need to relax can often pull you in different directions. 

This Life Journey is about being practical, persisting and dedicated. Quality is an important lesson for you. It will be important to remember that faster is not always better. Work is very important and rewarding for you. Structure and balance can be very important. Learn to provide a space for leisure in your life as well. Taking/Giving orders can be very important.

This Life Journey is about striving for the answers to life, learning, being and freedom. You can learn about freedom simply by watching others. Stay open-minded; be inquisitive, eager to learn. Being tolerant of new or unusual people/places/things can help you to be a stronger person. Variety is a key word for your journey. 

This Life Journey is about having compassion and empathy for others. It may involve standing up and willingly giving assistance to those who need it most. Balance and Responsibility are key elements of this life path. Feeling useful makes you feel happy. 

This Life Journey is about learning that "You reap what you sow." Planning, Organizing, and Simplicity are very important for you. Generally you are peaceful. Your journey is one in which being aware and open is very important. Although you may enjoy being analytical, sticking your head in the sand just wont do for you. Learn to listen to your inner judgement and you will do well.

This Life Journey is about prowess, strength,learning how to accept responsibility, and leadership. People will often look to you for answers or guidance, even from a young age. Learn to balance your personal desires with the desires of those around you. It is important that you evaluate situations from multiple viewpoints. Simplicity is important. Try not to get caught in the material world.

This Life Journey is about being passionate and compassionate. It is about understanding the highs and lows of life. Being grounded and attuning to the simple things in life, rather than the material is important for your growth. Helping others is as important as helping yourself..

oan has a Life Journey number of 2, which makes her journey about compassion and understanding. As she goes through life, this will be important in her growth process, as well as any "healing" that she may need to do.

It is important to note that I feel we all have areas of our lives that can use growth/healing. These areas can be complex or simple, but we all have them. For a strong scientific basis we can refer to Abraham Maslow . He believed that people are not merely controlled by mechanical forces or unconscious impulses, but should be understood in terms of human potential. Exploring the "human potential" is one of my goals of Numerology.

At its heart, Maslowís theory stated that "A musician has to make music! A painter has to paint!" Your Life Journey number addresses the issue of what it is that you need to do in this life. At your "core," your LJN indicates what it is that will help you to thrive and reach your potential.

If your basic needs are not met (not enough food, not enough money, your apartment isnít in a safe areaÖ) then there is little chance that you will be able, or willing, to respond to a higher calling. In this way, your living conditions can hinder your progress. Numerology, as well as other tools, can provide the means to help you begin your journey into self-actualization and deeper understanding of yourself. Hopefully, you will be motivated to take the steps in your life that are necessary to accomplish your desires/goals.

It is also important to evaluate your "personality" with the "energy" of the home/apartment that you live in. If you have a creative personality, yet you live in a home with a Personal Address Number of 4, then you may need to learn to be more organized and less "chaotic". Last month, I talked about Feng Shui, and Iíll mention it again. It is important that your home have some sense of order. If you canít find the bills, then they canít be paid and you cannot reach your potential! On a more practical basis, many authors have written about the burden of clutter. As they say "Clutter cleaning frees the spirit and is a vehicle to change, heal, recover, and move on with life."

Once you begin meeting your basic needs, you can begin to access the deeper parts, or shadow side, of yourself. The shadow is defined as those parts of yourself that you have stuffed away. It may be "positive" parts or "negative" parts. The shadow is all those parts of ourselves we have split off, repressed or denied. When you deny a trait in yourself, you tend to be very aware of that trait in other people, you may say; "He looks creative." or "I wish I had her stamina...". One of the secrets of growth here, is to look at what attracts or repels you from this person and realize that these qualities are in you. You have access to these traits if you want them!

A "Number" does not limit you to certain qualities/possibilities. It simply shows a part of your personality, but we are multi-faceted beings. We all have free will, and should not be limited by what others say or do, or because of something that we have read. Simply ask, "What are my strengths today?" and "Where do I want to be?" Use these questions as a guidepost to get you into a happy and healthful state of being.

One of the secrets of growth is to embrace the opposite of your strengths. Understanding opposites is an important part of the experience of wholeness and growth. Some examples of this are:

Jack, a businessperson , with a Life Journey Number of 8, doesnít like to be tough with clients, and force the issue of collecting money. Then, when feeling taken advantage of, he might want to be tough and have trouble knowing when and how to be gentle, patient, forgiving. If Jack was in touch with opposing qualities in himself then he could choose, intuitively, just the right combination of qualities that are called for in any particular situation.

Often our strength lies right under our "nose." Jack might be 6 feet tall and in very good shape, yet still be afraid of his own "strength" when dealing with people. Perhaps, he has had bad situations in the past, but it is critical that he recognize his own strength, and utilize it to his advantage. If he shows up, well dressed & announced, at the clients site, the client may realize that he does mean business. I am not suggesting violence, just the power of presence. His LJN is about power and strength, and not timidity. If Jack does not stand up for his rights, he will NOT succeed in business.

Larry, a father with a Life Journey Number of 4 feels trapped and hemmed in. However, he takes up painting and working with clay and he begins to feel much better. The creativity allows him to tap another side of himself (the non-rigid/responsible part) that he would not normally see.

Often, we get "trapped" in a boring routine and there may seem like there is no way out. It may be especially hard on those people who have LJN's which are about responsibility. However, once they understand that there is a creative part of their identity, they can begin to experience release, growth and healing. This is true for any person, regardless of their current situation or mindset. Movement, may mean looking at your personality and attempting "new" things that you might not normally do.

The energy of your Life Journey Number is strongly ingrained within you. Remembering your talents as a youth, and listening to those "hidden" urges that you have can help you to tap into your calling. Attuning to, and listening to, your inner urges and desires will help you to satisfy its calling. It is important to know that there is a "balance" that is required by all the Numbers. If your Life Journey Number is 1, this usually indicates a highly creative and individualistic individual. However, you too may need to learn to be less critical of your talents, and the talents of others. You may also need to keep your ego in check. Once you become more "balanced" and "aware" of your actions you can begin to progress in your growth/healing process.

Some may read about their numbers and express fear about what they have read. Look at what you fear and see in what small way you can tackle that fear. Iíve gotten emails from people about relationship charts that said two people were incompatible and they were afraid of this. I am not dismissing their fear, but Iíd like to point out that they are in a relationship. The secret is being open, conscious of your actions, honest with one another, and learn how best to support one another.

Where are you in your life? Are you reaching your goals? Are you on the right path? Do you have a journal? Are you going through some sort of disease process? Improving yourself may involve looking at what it is that you do well, and evaluating its opposite in your life. If you are a great organizer, then ask yourself when the last time you painted was. If you are a great painter, ask yourself when was the last time that you balanced your checkbook.

Ask yourself how you can benefit from the qualities available. Now suppose Bill currently lives in a home/apartment with a Personal Address Number of 6, which is about personal power, balance, money, abundance, ego and commitment. If Bill has a LJN of 1 then he may occasionally run into conflicts with his creativity and his need to be stable and practical., or he can be great at teaching others to tap into their creativity. There are at least two sides to every story. What is yours?

Once you have developed a sense of well being, and a "healthy" home you can begin to look outward. Beyond your home, you have your community: but it is important that you are and will continue to take care of your self and your personal needs. Continue your journey of self-discovery. There are many modern day psychologists, such a Carl Jung that can help you tap into yourself through simple analysis.

It is important to note that not only is where you live your "home," but your body is your home as well. Taking good care of your body; get plenty of rest, exercise, good food, sunlight, and more, is important in your quest to achieve your potential. Achieving your goals is about change for the better. It may mean some life style changes. Changing paths and goals are often not very difficult once we know a better way. Ask for help, whether itís therapy, a workshop, reading a book, confiding in a friend, or talking to a priest/pastor/rabbi. Nobody should feel "trapped" by any personality trait that they may feel is a limitation. Frequently, we just need to get beyond a current blockage; then we can pursue and accomplish the next steps by ourselves.

Self-actualization is important in your steps toward better health, more intimate relationships with others and yourself, and greater success in your accomplishments. Also realize that REAL CHANGE takes dedication and perseverance. One interesting way to bring about change, and tap into your creative potential is through a book called The Artist's Way

I recommend keeping a journal to record how much of your activities each day resonate with your Life Journey Number. You can record the things you did that did resonate, and measure them along with the things that did not resonate. Do not be overly critical. Simply evaluate the day. If you are not happy with some situations, record notes on what you would do differently next time, and then do it DIFFERENTLY next time.

Good luck on your journey into Numerology.

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