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What's Your Number? SM
January-March 2005

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Reflecting on Life with the Help of Numerology

"I love men who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection." ---Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

Wow, 5 years! It doesn't seem like that it has been that long. I think back to the beginning of Soulful Living, and I wasn't sure what to expect. It has turned out to be an amazing life-enhancing undertaking for me. Writing this column has been a great learning experience and I've come to a better sense of self and personal understanding.

Although I knew this, I've really come to more clearly see that we never stop growing. I believe that working on myself is critical for healthy relationships in my life. I utilize many tools to look inside, and Numerology is one of the most important. Once I discovered that I could apply Numerology within my life, I realized that it would only be useful if I used the information that it can provide for my own betterment and to aid my personal growth. I hope that I've conveyed this and encouraged you to utilize Numerology, and your favorite tools, in this way as well. The more I work with Numerology, the more I realize that it has awesome, life enhancing, potential.

I'd like to reflect on some of what I've learned for myself in the past five years. It's hard to write about my own personal experience, but many people have said that is what feels most real to them. As such, I'll share what I have learned and balance that with how it relates to my Life Path number. I have a #4 Life Path. For me, this is most strongly represented in my life through my persistence and dedication. More than once I've been told that I am persistent, as I don't like to give up. This, at times, leads to stubbornness on my part. Also, I enjoy solving problems and I always want to know why something is the way it is. I guess this is why I found my way into the computer field. Computer analysis has developed a strong practical, logical and dependable streak within me. Structure and balance are also very important for me. I've learned that finding space and time to allow for recreation is as important as being constructive. For a long time, I leaned toward responsibility and away from the "easy going" side of my personality. It took a long time for me to really fully listen to my own needs and find the proper space for them.

Over the past few years, I've discovered that it's important for me to set aside time to contemplate and reflect on my life. You may wish to develop your own personal practice around your own reflections. January can be a great time to start a new personal practice, perhaps based on your resolutions. If you are utilizing Numerology, then you may wish to set aside special time around your birthday, as that is the start of your Numerological year. Those of us entering mid-life this year, or within the next few years, may want to think deeply about beginning one at this time. I will be 40 within two years. I want to approach mid-life with respect and awareness. It can be a time of powerful transformation and I would like to be open to its potential benefits. I ask myself about how I can use this period of time to better share what I've learned. How can I integrate what I've learned to become a better person?

For me, time for quiet reflection is one way to look at what I've learned and to see how this information applies to my life. A personal practice based on your own reflections can give you the courage to face transformative times. I try to set aside time around my birthday, to use my Numerology portrait for my own reflections and personal insight. One lesson that I've learned is that I have to find a way to keep my desire for growth interesting and keep my passion for it alive. This is not always an easy or fun process for anybody. Sometimes I learn things that I am not encouraged about, or that I think I should already know. For me, compassion plays an important role in my personal growth. Plus, I believe that looking within helps us all to do the work that will allow us to grow stronger.

Currently, my own practice is about simply making me more important. It has only been within the past several years that I've really "connected the dots" and really began to fully integrate body, mind and soul into everything that I do. I do this through simple things like finding time to walk and for meditation, dream analysis, artwork, men's work and other tools. No matter what tools that I use in conjunction with my reflection process, it's really up to me to work with what I see, and integrate what I learn from it back into my life. For instance, recently I've really wanted to look more deeply at my dreams. I've wanted to work with them at a new level, so I began reading more about dream analysis and took a course on myth and dreams. I guess that the pull from the #4 Life Path is often intertwined with a need for stability and practicality, so for me, sometimes the steps that I may want to take to help me change or improve my life may make me feel foolish or silly, at least at first. When I pay attention to my inner desires and act on them, then I do feel better. There is no one right way to solving my problems or answering any questions that I might have.

Remember that you are the master of your life. For me, the numbers in Numerology are symbols. It's not about what anyone tells you that they mean. What do you think they mean? Your work, and mine, is more than mere numbers. Numerology is part of a process that interlocks heart, mind, and soul. It might tell you something about yourself, but what do you do with that information? Do you listen to your souls voice? I've learned that we all have many voices. One powerful tool that I've talked about before and I'm learning more and more about is Voice Dialogue. It's about listening to your inner voices. I've learned that I have to find space for the critic within me that says the work I do is never enough. This part can be loud, when I let outside events cause me to forget to meditate or record my dreams or find space for fun.

Now there can be certain events in all our lives that may force us to stop and evaluate so that we can reflect on life. For me, these times allow me to see what is really important in my life and what is not. These events may allow you to look at your present circumstances and evaluate whether this is where you are called to be.

Lately, I've felt the strong pull of my Life Path and I have been trying to work with the interests that I had when I was younger. I believe by listening to my Life Path, I will be helping myself to be more whole. Following your Life Path, can be a powerful action to take, especially during stressful times. The last couple of weeks have been a stressful for me. I've experienced a difficult ending. External events have unfolded within my life that probably will develop and mature over many years. So, I've asked for help, and dug into the art supplies and simply painted and drawn as a way to relieve stress. Part of me wishes for this process to be over now. But, I have come to a better understanding of what compassion means. For me, this has come to mean that caring for others, by being involved in community is really important. In my recent reading I found author, Henri Nouwen, had this to say:

"In solitude we become compassionate people, deeply aware of our solidarity in brokenness with all of humanity and ready to reach out to anyone in need . . ."

In other words, when we connect with ourselves, we become more human. We then become capable of truly helping others. Partly because of this, I believe that community work is extremely important. As such, I've been volunteering. I believe my work provides wholeness and structure for the people within the community. I know that if I dedicate myself to the betterment of the community, others will follow.

Of course, I can try to put too much on my shoulders. Compassion, for myself is vital here. Also, I need to step back and find balance for myself. I must remind myself to make room for the work that I need to do with my heart, mind and soul. As I do more of this work I realize that my need for balance is real and lack of balance can play out in my life through loss, damage, or negativity. I've been trying to look at my shadow and see how it plays out it my life.

I feel that finding balance in my life is critical, as many authors point out. Robert Johnson, in his book "Owning your own Shadow", says that "It is useful to think of the personality as a see-saw." He says that we can place our 'good' characteristics on one side, and the 'bad' on the other. He goes on to say that this see-saw always tries to balance itself. "If one indulges characteristics on the right side, they must be balanced by an equal weight on the left." In other words, we need to be aware of our actions and find ways to balance them, or trouble will eventually develop in our lives. Finally, he says "To balance out cultural indoctrination we need to do our shadow work on a daily basis. The first reward for this is that we diminish the shadow we impose on others." In other words, if we don't seriously take a deep look at ourselves we can project our worst and best qualities outward onto others. Parents see their children as extensions of themselves. We all see our co-workers as being more successful at one time or other.

For me, my looking at myself requires patience, compassion and especially structure and balance. In order to work with these qualities, I have been trying to live in the moment, and diminish my need to know the outcome of every situation. Over the Christmas weekend, someone used a bb gun to smash my back, rear window. It was hard for me, to center and find the space to know that the window would be repaired. After a while, I let the need to have it fixed "right now" go, and took part in the celebrations with family and friends. It is hard, but I believe the process of living in the moment, at least for me, will indeed let me develop balance and serenity in my life. Plus, it lets me step away from the need to have everything "concrete", which is a strong need of the #4 Life Path.

What have you learned about yourself in the past five years? Are you using your knowledge to expand and grow? Where do you want to be five years from now? It is my hope that you welcome the tools that your Numerology reading provides to aid you in your journey of personal exploration. I know that I am not the same person I was five years ago. Of course, I feel I still, and will always, have work to do. However, I think that I've fostered a sense of wonder as to what will come next in my life. Hopefully, Numerology will continue to play a role in my life, and in yours. I hope that your Numerology has inspired you in a way that fosters new experience, change and growth.

Numerology, Time and More... 

We are now in 2005 which equates to a 7 year within Numerology. This is an especially good time for personal reflection. Also, as January is the first month of the year it represents the beginning of a new cycle. The month of January is named after the Roman God Janus. He had two faces. One face looked toward the past, while the other looks toward the future. January is an excellent time for reflection on where you've been and where you want to go. It can be a time when you confront the things that
Janus represents, such as new opportunities or gateways in your life. When we are ready to confront Janus in our lives, we've recognized that we are at a crossroads, and it's time for a decision. 

Other Dates:

The year 2005 translates to the Chinese year 4702-4703. In 2005, Chinese New Year is celebrated Wednesday, Feb. 9. Arrival of the New Year is an important celebration on the Chinese calendar. It's a time for cleaning house, repaying debts, renewing family ties and enjoying feasts. The festival lasts for at least 15 days. It is the year of the Rooster or Green Chicken. 

In 2005 it's the Hebrew Year 5765.  All Jewish holidays begin the evening before the date specified. In Hebrew calendar a "day" begins and ends at sunset, rather than at midnight. All holidays are celebrated on the same day of the Hebrew calendar every year (with few exceptions when some holidays fall on Shabbat). 

New 364 day calendar:
A Professor at John Hopkins, Dr. Richard Henry, has proposed that starting January 1, 2006 that Universal Time, on a 24 hour scale, be used, everywhere on earth, and forevermore. As a result of this, beginning January 1, 2006 the date and time would always be the same, everywhere, greatly facilitating international understanding. 

Copyright © 2005 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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