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What's Your Number? SM
January 2004

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Numerology & Living Your Dreams

"Dreams are necessary to life." --- Anais Nin

This month we will discuss Numerology and "Living your dreams." Actively living your dreams and leading the life that you really desire may mean remembering your childhood dreams. Your early childhood dreams can provide clues and insight into a rewarding course of action today, especially if you have hidden or unsatisfied yearnings. As a child you probably had boundless vision. Your possibilities were limitless! Do you remember wishing upon a comet or a star? Were you encouraged to have desire, hope and faith? Did you believe in magic? Did you leave treats out on special holidays? Did you leave a tooth under your pillow, expecting a reward? Didn't you joke that recess was your favorite class? Playing was fun. As an adult, have your let something get in the way of playing and having fun? Men's author Robert Bly, warns men in particular to not let "fear cut down your ability to play."

Recapturing the magic of childhood may allow you to be better able to pursue your dreams. Do you remember your sense of wonderment as a child? A a child anything was possible and magic as somehow real! That magic, the power of potential, is what we are looking for. I believe it's deep in all of our hearts and minds. Pursuing your dreams can mean nudging, pushing, or waking up the part of you that understands that you indeed can unlock the magic in life. You could begin to do this by unearthing your long buried fantasies. These fantasies hold creative power. Utilizing the power, of those long ago forgotten dreams, can be both scary and fascinating. Think about all the really exciting and cool things you were going to do when you grew up! Who had dreams of going to the moon? How about living underwater, or experiencing time travel? Did you want to be a doctor, fireman, policeman, actor or astronaut? Being creative, imaginative and having some kind of faith, or hope in your life as a child lays the groundwork for being able to be inspired and have the ability to hope and dream as an adult.

You may wish to ponder the following questions:

As a child, were you encouraged to believe in magic? As a child, was it fun and easy to fantasize? Now, is it fun and easy to fantasize? As a child did you look forward to your favorite fantasy TV shows? As a child, at the movies, did you identify with the hero or heroine? As a child, were you drawn into TV shows/movies? Are you now drawn into TV shows/movies? As a child, did you listen in wonder to fairy tales? Do you listen in wonder to fairy tales?

The answers to these questions can let you know whether you nurture your inner seer or visionary. The answers can help you to better understand your views on the magic, and meaning, in life.

Do you have active and vibrant hopes and dreams? Do you believe life has many possibilities? Are you a passive individual, who accepts whatever life brings? Are you somewhere in between? Who knows where your hopes, visions and dreams can lead? For me, I was always interested in magic, health and helping others. Because of this, I've pursued study in healing, Polarity and Reiki. This has led me to do Reiki volunteer work.

I have been further inspired by quotes like this one from Dr. Jeri Mills, MD (Reiki News Magazine): "For me energy medicine was the realization of a dream that began, when as a teenager I started reading science fiction and fantasy novels. Through University, veterinary school, and later medical school and residency, whenever I felt frustrated by the limitations of modern society and western medicine, I escaped to the worlds of Anne McCafferty and Marion Zimmer Bradley - worlds where people were psychic, where surgeons performed healings with their hands and minds..."

Today, many people often let go of their dreams when they are faced with obstacles in their path. They may even have created these obstacles themselves. An example might be the people with a deep desire to travel in their heart, yet they look around and say, "I can't go back to school, I have children to raise." or "I would love to live in California, but my family is here." Of course your family is important, but so are you. You will first need to develop balance and responsibility to truly seek out your ideal life. Next, take a deep look at those things that you perceive to hold you back from achieving your dreams. For instance you may take on extra responsibilities, rather than allowing yourself free time. You may want to raise a family, yet never stay in one place for very long.

Your Soul Number may offer unique, inspiring and helpful guidance here. By now, you know that it is a core part of your inner being, and that it represents your drives, dreams, and aspects of your spiritual strengths and sensitivities. We'll briefly discuss some ways in which you can use the strengths of your Soul Number to work with and live your dreams.

If you have a Soul Number of 2 or 3, then your inner drive revolves around peace, harmony, community, relationships and communication. These are people, who enjoy having a good time, lively conversation, networking, sparkling parties, being popular and taking it easy. For them, living their dream may be easier than most as they generally enjoy connecting with others and networking. With a wide social circle they may already know many different people who would be willing to offer assistance or guidance that will help them to pursue their goals and dreams. One caveat for them, especially those with a Soul Number 2, is to not get tangled in the adult world. Don't be so busy sending your smoke signals that you forget the message.

People with Soul numbers of 1, 4, 6 and 8 often have inner battles with change. These people often enjoy things the way they are. Of course, they are all very responsible and hard working. For them, their first task may be to make room in their lives, for fun. They may dedicate much of their time to family, social, or work related issues. Once they develop balance, especially with sharing and control, they will be better able to pursue their dreams. These people may have a need to schedule rest periods in the busy lives. Part of their strength and magic is based on their leadership abilities and their ability to delegate.

People with a Soul Number of 5, 7 and 9 portray themselves as insightful, pondering, scholarly, adaptable, and roving. They also tend to be more introspective and deliberate. You may think of them as teachers, guides or mentors. People with these numbers may need to make room and time for others. They may also need to learn to ask for help, when needed. At times, they can be stubborn and try to tackle Herculean tasks by themselves. Part of their strength and magic is based on their experience and wisdom and their ability to teach.

Understanding the limitations and strengths of your Soul Number is one step in your journey into your dream life. You will need to be cognizant of the "magnetic" push/pull effect that your core numbers can have on one another. You may wish to consider the power of gender influences of your numbers. Odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) are masculine, while even numbers (2, 4, 6 and 8) are feminine. Hence, if your Soul Number is masculine then you may need to be more dynamic or aggressive in bringing its strengths into your life. If your Soul Number is feminine then you may need to bring more compassion into your life. In addition, pay attention to the elemental qualities of your numbers.

You will also have find ways to balance your potential dreams versus your inner needs, emotions, feelings, and overall physical health. We all need to find ways to understand, and do something about, our basic needs. This means finding ways to listen to your inner voice. Living your dreams may take unswerving dedication and persistence. You may want to follow the example of poet William Stafford. He wrote every single day. He even wrote a poem on the day that he died. He was born as William Edgar Stafford in Hutchinson, Kansas, on January 17, 1914

His core numbers are as follows: Soul Number: 5, Destiny Number: 5, Outer Number: 9, Life Path number: 6, Maturity number: 2

I believe that in many ways, William did in fact live his "dream life." Of course, his life was not always easy and did have obstacles. He grew up during the Depression. While he was younger his family kept on the move, from town to town. His parents were however, very nurturing. They listened to their children, and would make weekly trips to the library, which William fondly remembered. His parents inspired him to learn and grow and believe in the magic in life.

He attended college but was drafted before he could obtain his degree. As he was a pacifist (influence from the Outer Number of 9 - aloofness, independence, need for space, intuition), he chose not to fight, and lived in camps for conscientious objectors from 1942 to 1946. He was assigned duties such as fire fighting, conservation, and maintaining roads and trails. In 1948 he began teaching at Lewis & Clark College where he worked until he retired. Later he became a poetry consultant for the Library of Congress from 1970 to 1971. During his life he published more than 50 books.

Now, as noted above, William had a Soul Number of 5 (Masculine/Air). This means that family and friends are important, although there may be difficulty in relating to them. It also means that it can be possible to flourish at activities, and pursuits, that involve inventiveness and creativity. Also, remember that Air represents the intellect and the mind. It is inspiration and imagination. It is communication, ideas, knowledge, dreams and wishes. Air can be very peaceful and still, or it can be a raging tornado. It can be a calm breeze on a warm spring day, or a wet, gusty, whipping wind of a hurricane. All of these qualities can be used to describe someone with the element of Air in his/her reading.

Of course William did indeed have a very developed intellect, and he enjoyed being creative and writing. In an interview he gave on his writing career, he had this to say: "It's a confirming, satisfying activity to do. And it's almost devotional. Maybe that's too strong, but it's as if a day of my life deserves a little attention from life. It's my kind of attention to stop long enough, to let the evaluative, the speculative, the exploratory impulses that are native to that portion of my time be manifest in a sustained way so that I can recognize them and get sustenance from them." -- From an interview with Nancy Bunge

Working with your Soul Number, your hopes, yearnings and imaginings to live your dreams may mean, that like William, you will act in ways contrary to what others expect, or hope from you. It means awakening your early dreams. It can also mean looking foolish to others, when you pull out those old records and start dancing like you did when you were younger. It could mean than you place nostalgic items from your life, like childhood dolls, toy cars, teddy bears, or action figures on your desk to help you remember your magical times. It can mean that you are more compassionate, humble, or aggressive. It does mean that you express yourself! Do not be afraid to do whatever is necessary to enable you to re-ignite your passion and your personal magic fires.

You may also want to pay attention to the symbolism that is in your everyday life. Messages about your dreams, and from them, may abound. For instance, one video game company has a magazine ad that simply asks: "Who are you?" Can you answer? Perhaps part of your answer is in the magic of getting lost as a powerful hero in your favorite game! Here in Hartford, we have a hospital billboard that reads: "Listen to your Heart." This is a simple message that can have more than one meaning. Of course, there may also be Numerological symbolism in your life. Do certain numbers follow you around? A lot of people may see a particular number when they check the time. For instance, 1:23, 1:00 or 1:11 may seem to appear with regularity in your life. If this is the case, then you may want to look into the importance and symbolism of the number 1. The number 1 generally relates to individuality, creativity, determination, willpower and choice. It is also freedom and courage. Where in your life do you need these qualities?

Actively pursuing and living your dreams takes courage, willpower, determination and perseverance. One action leads to another until one day you find that you are living your dreams. You would be well served to remember the mystery and forgotten magic of your childhood! Hopefully, you were encouraged to dream, wonder and fantasize as a child. Be sure you are actively stepping forward in life into the strengths of your Soul Number and nurturing the creative and magical parts of your personality. Your potential is limitless.

Good luck on your journey into soulful living and Numerology!


Questions for those with a Soul Number of 2 or 3:

  • Do you leave time in your life to be alone?
  • Do you enjoy parties?
  • Do you enjoy socializing?
  • Are you generally the center of most social situations?

Questions for those with Soul Numbers of 1, 4, 6 and 8: Are you a work-a-holic?

  • Do you constantly put your family first?
  • What do you do for exercise?
  • What do you do for entertainment?
  • Do you allow others to take on responsibilities?

    Questions for those with Soul Numbers of 5, 7, 9:

Questions for those with Soul Numbers of 5, 7, 9:

  • Are you an introvert?
  • Do you enjoy parties?
  • Do you take the time to help others to learn?
  • Are you a mentor?

Copyright © 2004 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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