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What's Your Number? SM
December 2003

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology & Graceful Living

"Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the first link on one memorable day." --Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

This month we will be talking about Numerology and living gracefully. I consider "Living gracefully" to be living from, and listening to your heart. I also think of it as being community minded, living in peace, caring for others, being cooperative, patient, non-retaliatory and working for common good. It means living a life that is respectful of others. It is living in the moment, working hard to be aware of your emotional shackles and being appreciative and thankful for the life you lead.

Attitudes, emotions and moods play important roles in living gracefully. At certain times you may experience your own inner emotional obstacles, which hinder your ability to live gracefully and fully function in the world. Powerful feelings and emotions like hate, anger, guilt, greed, and jealousy can be persistent, powerful dispositions capable of misguiding, hindering and tying you down. On occasion, these dark emotions can settle into your life. Each day we have the opportunity to choose, and strive for, a more graceful life. You may need to be very attentive, and rattle your chains, in order to live gracefully.

Hopefully, by now you know that although you may not be perfect, you do have your own personal potential. Within Numerology your Planes of Expression (which we have talked about before) may help you to be more cognizant of your potential, ability and strengths as well as emotional obstacles. We'll look deeper into the Planes of Expression/Personal Aspects and help you to get a better grasp of them. As you may remember from past columns, The Planes show all of the energies of each letter in your Birth name as they relate to one of 4 types of energy: Physical (Body), Mental (Mind), Emotional (Soul) and Intuitive (Spirit) energy. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can also utilize the Core Numbers with this process. I've also provided a Numerology Tutor control panel, which will provide an easy starting point. It is meant to be a jumping off point, from which you can gather your personal facts from the various the Numerology tools/readings and use them to paint a portrait of yourself, friends or family members.

Before beginning your actual name analysis, you may want to take the time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I a physical person?
  • Am I an emotional person?
  • Am I an intuitive person?
  • Am I a thinker?
  • Do I let my emotions hold me back?
  • Do I let my emotions control my actions?
  • Am I connected with the world around me?
  • Who/What am I thankful for in my life?
  • How can I notice the things that bring me joy?

    Answering the questions above can help shed light on how you see yourself. You may also want to ask friends and family the questions to see how they view you. You may think of yourself as shy, while others see you as outgoing and dynamic. Seeing the real you and recognizing whether you are an intuitive, emotional, mental, or physical person can allow you to develop more compassion and respect for yourself.

    After you answer the questions you may want to compare your answers with your Planes of Expression reading. Now, what if you think of yourself as calm and introspective and your reading indicates an especially strong Physical plane? If you do indeed have a strong Physical plane then you may be more inclined than others to try to find a way to solve your issues through immediate and prompt action, rather than planning out a full course of action (as with a strong Mental plane). You may also not be comfortable sitting still for long periods of time. You may have a daunting physique, which may deter others from approaching you. It may be important for you to learn patience and serenity in order to bring more grace into your life.

    Now, you might not have a strong physical plane but instead have a strong intuitive plane. If you do then you may have great intuition and insight into many different matters. You may need to find ways to ground and balance yourself in order to live gracefully, as you can easily scatter your thoughts and energies in many directions all at once. Others can see you as an intense thinker or flighty.

    Perhaps you have a strong mental plane. If this is indeed the case, then you probably have a very alert and quick mind. However, you may tend to forget mundane or unimportant (at least to you) everyday things quickly. For you, it may be important to keep pace with those around you, rather than dealing with all the issues at work, or a home, by yourself. Living gracefully can mean learning to be helpful without dominating, be insightful without being superior, and witty without hurting others.

    You might also have a strong emotional plane. Although you are kind and caring, you can be moody at times. You can also be disorderly and messy. You are very likely to have developed some kind of artistic talent, such as painting, dancing writing, or performing. As you are very creative you may spend a good deal of your time fantasizing and daydreaming. For you, living gracefully can mean utilizing your creative talents in a way that connects and engages you with the world. Also, if you have a strong Emotional plane, then you may have to work at finding ways to step out into the world, while having an extremely open heart.

    Asking yourself about your "strongest" and "weakest" planes can help you to learn more about your needs. As they can indicate the aspects of your personality that you will need to develop the most awareness of. However, you may find that you have a fairly good balance between all 4 of the planes. If you find that your Planes of Expression reading shows that the planes are balanced then your work may be in helping others to bring balance into their lives and find their own strong points. This personal introspective process may not be an easy undertaking. You may need to look for outside assistance and encouragement. You may find motivation, guidance and hope through inspirational reading.

    As it is December, you might even enjoy reading "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. At the start of the story we see that Ebenezer cares nothing for the people. This was a person who was not very self-aware at first. It took a visit from the "ghosts" for him to begin to live gracefully and understand that he was part of a larger community. Scrooge first sees the ghost of Jacob Marley. Jacob says to him:

    "I wear the chains I forged in life. I made it link by link. I girded it on of my own free will."

    Jacob was Scrooge's old partner, who had died 7 years before. He appeared as a ghost wrapped in the chains that his actions in life had created. He urged Scrooge to make a change in his life to break his own chains of selfishness, gluttony and greed that he was building. Of course, Scrooge's greed kept him isolated and lonely. Ultimately the message of the story is that we all can change. We all can break free from our restrictions, even if we think it will be impossible.

    It is interesting to note that Ebenezer Scrooge has a strong Physical plane with 8 letters in the Physical plane, and only 7 combined for the three other planes. Also, his first name began with E, which is also in the physical group. This makes him strong willed and determined. In his case, he was very miserly. His love of money was almost his reason for being. You can see a brief Planes of Expression reading below. (P = Physical, E = Emotion, M = Mental, I = Intuitive).


    Personally, I have been reading a lot about developing faith in my life. You may like to read about something else that has importance for you and your growth. Men, especially those at midlife, may find solace in writings by Robert Bly. In his "The Long Bag We Drag Behind Us," he talks about the shadow. He says that it can be thought of as a big bag that you stuff full of all that you perceive to be unsavory or unattractive. This is done so that you can be seen as acceptable and capable of performing as a normal member of society. He goes on to say that after years and years of filling the bag you may find yourself in an emotional crisis. Ironically, many people can really see what is in your "bag". We only hide from ourselves. Of course, we all have "rough edges". Now, understanding this will help to lighten your burden. Hence, you should evaluate your planes with an open mind. Use them as a tool for positive change and growth.

    Meditating can be another step that you can take. Meditation can be best for those individuals who are doers (as with those with a strong Physical plane). Find the tools that help you to relax and be aware and at ease. If you are not rigid, uptight or constricted then you are naturally more graceful. Reaching out and working with others, as with therapy, can also help you.

    Know that we all have different dispositions, moods and reactions. Also, we are occasionally caught in a battle between them and our needs. You may want one thing, but somehow work toward achieving something else entirely. A greater self-awareness can make you more relaxed and better able to cope with everyday situations and live gracefully. In coping, know that with the more independence you desire, then the more responsibility you put on your own shoulders. Your important work may be to balance coping, independence, and awareness. Coping involves knowing when to handle a situation by yourself and when it is time to reach out for help. When you ask for help you are welcoming someone else into your life. They then can share their personal wisdom and experiences with you. Their knowledge may help you to better understand and believe in yourself. This can allow you to connect with your inner self, which can make it easier to live gracefully. Some of us may have more work here than others. Keep in mind that everyone experiences life in different ways. What is a challenge for you may not be for someone else. Difficult situations can cause some people to withdraw emotionally, mentally or physically. However, experience, maturity and self-consciousness can be of assistance to you to help you understand that there are useful techniques for managing issues in your life and the difficulties you face.

    Actively look for ways to be at ease with yourself and try to take the time to express your gratitude to the people in your life who have helped you. Be giving and offer your assistance to those who need it. Be kind, caring and accepting. If you are living a life that is indeed respectful of others then you are on the path toward a more graceful life. Remember, that you have the power to choose to lead a graceful life every day. This can mean that you make choices for growth, progress and life rather than choices based on constricted emotions. You choose to be in the world, rather than shut away from it. You choose to forgive rather than hold a grudge. If you must have your chains, wouldn't you like them to be made of flowers, rather than thorns? Hopefully with the help of your Planes of Expression, your progress can be a rewarding and exciting challenge!

    Good luck in your journey into Soulful living and Numerology.

    Copyright © 2003 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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