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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
January 2003

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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What Is Living Soulfully?

What is living soulfully? First, it is about investing in and having faith in yourself. It isn’t about commercialism, theology, peer pressure, the supernatural, or politics. It often involves rolling up your sleeves, and being willing to apply real effort into everything that you do. It means that you’re honest, have vision, keep an open mind, and that you’re willing to work on being a better person. The support of others, professional help, books, tapes, lectures, and the tools mentioned here can help you to be focused and dedicated to living soulfully. Soulful living will permeate your life, although it doesn’t take it over. Those who are living soulfully might not be perfect, but they have learned from past experiences, have acceptance and work toward persistent stability in their lives. As your life becomes more soulful, you will draw others to you who want to lead healthy, purposeful and balanced lives. 

Living soulfully is more easily explained by answering a question that I’m often asked: "Why do I believe in Numerology?" My answer is: “It helps to illustrate who I am, and what I can become.” Discovering who you are and working to develop into the person that you aspire to be is living soulfully. Studying Numerology, for me, is entwined within living soulfully. I believe in its power to provide general guidance and personality maps. You may like other tools or techniques that you’re comfortable with. Psychology and Numerology, as well as the Enneagram, Feng Shui, Astrology, Tarot, or the Runes can bring insightful guidance into your life. You can use this guidance to discover more about yourself, make life-affirming choices, connect with others and to develop opportunities.

Living soulfully means that you are ready to pursue your opportunities. It means that you are willing to explore the corridors of your soul. This means that as you are becoming the person that you aspire to be, you may have to accept some difficult memories, or unpleasant personality traits brought up by your work. You may even have obstacles to overcome. However, you know that a little persistence and optimism will pay off. Inspiration may come from seemingly unlikely sources, such as the writings of controversial author Jose Saramago. He says, “I realize we are all blind. We never truly see each other or ourselves.”  Living soulfully means that you have opened your eyes and realize that it can be possible to know yourself! It can be possible to chase your dreams! 

Living soulfully means that you have found ways to be empowered and keep hope alive, as this should be a life worth living. Your tool choice can help you to pursue your dreams, by focusing on your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Also, it can help you to navigate around blind spots and problems. But, living soulfully means that you’re willing to work on your issues and you acknowledge limitations, yet you are not hiding or burying your head in the sand. Instead, you are trying to be the best that you can be. You recognize that although no tool is perfect, they can be used to help you to move past difficulties and help you to unearth long forgotten talents, abilities and dreams that can now be acted on. 

Living soulfully means that you’re looking for ways to grow and achieve. Indeed, growth and the continuing struggle to endure play a strong role within soulful living. New growth can be accomplished by learning to listen and act on your dreams and personal calls from your heart. We are often encouraged to mature, because of a life altering experience or a call from deep within ourselves. When we listen to our personal call, we honor ourselves and work toward becoming the person we want to be. This can mean that you try out for the Devil Rays at 35, like Jim Morris did. It can mean that you overcome almost impossible odds, and achieve great success after conquering illness, like Lance Armstrong. It can mean that you learn to play an instrument, give up a habit, move to a better community, or go back to school. 

Living soulfully incorporates the principles mentioned above and allows for balance between your various personal needs. These include emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual needs. Each has a place in balanced soulful living. Maintaining balance between your needs allows you to be whole. You can begin to balance your needs in basic ways. I like to relax by watching my aquarium, which fulfills some of my emotional needs. Some ways in which you can fulfill your emotional needs, include listening to music, enjoying an occasional cigar on your front porch, watching your children play, hiking, and relaxing with friends. The hard part may be in not focusing too much on any one need. Keeping a journal may also be a way to develop peace and an understanding of your needs. 

Living soulfully means responsibility. It means being willing to learn more about yourself and taking the steps that you need to take to lead a balanced life. Living soulfully means that you are expressing who you are. Hopefully, you are also having fun, as you are working on ways to develop, grow and improve. Also, you will be sharing your life with others, and helping them to achieve their dreams as you achieve yours. All of this is what living soulfully means to me. Ultimately, living soulfully means that as we become better people, we are helping to build better communities and helping to shape a bright future for the world at large. It all starts with you.

Have you become the person that you aspire to be?

Copyright © 2003 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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