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Mindfulness and Numerology

"The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers." --- Thich Nhat Hanh

Mindfulness can be a powerful personal practice that can be simply about reminding yourself to be aware of the present moment. At first, the process seems so straight forward, yet it can bring about dramatic personal change. For me, one of the most rewarding benefits of a mindfulness practice is that it can help me to be aware of the ways in which I may let things like doubt and worry become obstacles. I continue to look at ways in which I can become more aware of the moments in which my mind seems to be caught in a loop of worry. It's really about realizing that I might not even perceive a situation as it truly is. How often do you find out later that you reacted to a false impression of a particular event?

Mindfulness can provide the spiritual "container" for you, so that you can better organize your life. How do you want to build, organize or shape your life? How would it look, if you could be in a place which afforded you the life you truly wanted to be living? What are your specific financial, professional, personal, and relationship goals? Are there obstacles in your path? What keeps you from making important choices? What fears are in your way? Is any particular concern or doubt holding you back? Being mindful, can help you to see through the haze and begin to get a clearer picture of your goals and desires. Of course, we all have the occasional difficulties in our lives. But, it is possible to work with experiences from our past to help us live better lives now.

Working within your own personal rhythm by utilizing your Personal Year cycle is one way that Numerology can help you to work with a Mindfulness practice. Each year of your life is part of an overall cycle. Each cycle is composed on 9 distinct years. Each year has its own overall pattern connected with it. The #1 Personal Year is a great time for new beginnings, while the #2 Personal Year is great for partnerships. Each year builds on the progress and challenges of the last. For the most benefit, you should prepare yourself and be ready for the opportunities and challenges that will come up in each particular year of a particular 9 year cycle. Below are brief descriptions of the themes for each particular year.

Brief description of the themes of the Personal Years:

1 Year: Beginnings, Opportunities, Strategy, Rebirth, Renewal
2 Year: Relationships, Harmony, Partnership, Balancing, Cooperation
3 Year: Creativity, Joy, Abundance, Power, Encouragement, Blending
4 Year: Patience, Honesty, Maturity, Leadership, Authority, Power
5 Year: Movement, Diversity, Education, Random, Learning
6 Year: Maturity, Wisdom, Serenity, Family, Structure
7 Year: Wisdom, Peace, Contemplation, Consciousness
8 Year: Victory, Authority, Honor, Pride, Power
9 Year: Endings, Transformation, Recognition, Freedom, Change

Generally, you will want to try to live your life according to the themes and energies that will be strongest that year. And for the most benefit, the beginning of each year is often a time when you might begin new projects and make changes in your life. You can look at this time as a fresh start as another year has passed. You may look at situations, obligations and relationships with a critical eye. Which situations no longer support or sustain you? Which situations or relations are vital to your well being?,

You will want to be aware of your Personal Year and try to best match your life choices around the theme of that year. For instance, the One Personal Year is a time for new challenges and fresh beginnings. For many people this is a good time to take on new challenges and responsibilities that they have been preparing for in the past. It is also a good time to begin nurturing new ideas and plans that have recently formed in your mind. It is important to remember that this really isn't a time for sitting on the sidelines.

Questions for a new year:

What am I bringing forth from previous years?

What gifts do I have to offer?

What gifts have I yet to acknowledge?

How can my experiences from the past, help me now?

How does the way in which others see me, shape my experiences?

How does the way in which I see myself shape my experiences?

How have I worked with this theme in the past?

How have I grown through experiences in this theme in the past?

At the start of a new year, you will want to spend some period in quality reflection of these and other important questions. They should help you to more mindfully approach your critical choices. Working with your Core Numbers can help to shine a light on those areas of your personality that are both the strongest and the weakest. They are not meant to make you feel inadequate, but rather are meant to show you a clearer picture of what may or may not be working for you now. Certain traits, skills, habits or emotions may have served or protected you in the past, but may be self limiting now. Mindfulness means that you're willing to look and perhaps make the changes that are needed. However, there is no true end goal with mindfulness. Only that you are a compassionate witness for yourself.

Be aware that a true Mindfulness practice is also not focused on your will. Much of this process involves a deep inner knowing that by following the responsible path, change and personal growth can unfold in your life.

Half way through the Personal Year is the "Peak" point of that year. It occurs 6 months after the start of your Personal year, and represents a coming together and culmination of events, circumstances and activities. It can be used as a powerful time for personal reflection, planning and looking ahead. Stressful events that occur around the time of your Peak point might seem more troublesome or traumatic to you. At your Peak point, you may wish to review the questions below in order to get a better understanding of where you are in your life.

Mindfulness questions to ask at the half way point (Peak Point):

Is this event/situation helping me to be more ordered?

Is this event really as restrictive as I believe?

How have I learned to be more aware of my own patterns?

Am I aware of my own patterns?

Am I pulling away/drawing closer to others?

Is this helping to bring ease or joy into my life?

Utilizing, and understanding your Personal Year cycle and associated tools can help you to better understand why you may do things in a certain way. However, the "why" is not so important, as understanding more about yourself. Remember that whether or not you utilize numerological tools there are benefits to being self aware.

Being present and having focus strongly relates to your ability to be in life and to be the person that you need to be. Find a way to express yourself, step forward and connect with the unfolding world around you.


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