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What's Your Number?TM
Summer 200

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Creating Change with the Help of Your Life Path Number

“Spring awakens a desire for the summer that is not yet. Awakened souls are often disappointed, but our disappointment can lead us onward, actually increasing our desire and lifting it toward its true passion." -- John Eldredge, The Sacred Romance

This season, we’ll be looking at our Life Path to better help you understand how to facilitate change and growth within your life. Your Life Path Number describes the theme of the positive lessons you have learned and will continue to learn throughout your life. It's the "What do I want to do with my life" impulse that is buried with you. It can be like a blueprint for your life experiences. As such, it may help to indicate the qualities and talents you can easily learn and use to your advantage. We all have talent, you just need to be willing to look for it.

You can look to your Life Path to help guide you in your questions around change, personal fulfillment and accomplishment. Your Life Path good place to look when you are feeling a little stuck or evaluating personal changes. I've provided a list of some great questions to consider, especially when you're looking to create or bring about change in your life.

Life Path questions:
Who has encouraged my progression along my Life Path?
Where have I limited my own progress on my Life Path?
What do I like about my Life Path?
How has my Life Path served me?
How have I lived in service to my Life Path?
How does your Life Path live through you?
How does your mood influence your progression on your Life Path?
How have you inspired others through your living of your Life Path?

When pondering the above questions, it may help you to better focus on those areas of your personality that have matured, and those that can still mature and grow. Another good step to take is to find time to sit down and record thoughts about your Life Path. How do you feel about it's importance in your life? Spend as much time as you can and write down everything that comes into your mind. You may wish to work with the Life Path Review form, provided below, in this process.

After you have answered the questions, you’ll set them aside and come back to them later. You’ll want to have enough time and space to compassionately review your response. This review process isn’t about criticizing yourself in any way. It’s about being a compassionate observer of your past and present. You can use this time to observe the feelings and memories that arise. All of us may have some areas in our lives where we feel that we have exceeded our own expectations, and we may have some areas in which we feel that we may have fallen short.

Try to just write about whatever comes to mind, without thinking about it or analyzing it. You may want to consider writing about personal traits, abilities and attitudes that have helped you to live up to your Life Path. You may also want to write about those traits that may have hindered or obstructed your pursuit of your Life Path. After you have reviewed your answers you may feel exhilarated, as you come to realize that you have accomplished far more than you ordinarily think about.  You have found ways to believe in yourself and to be accountable. Perhaps, you can share your experiences and learnings with others, as acting as a mentor can help to encourage others to pursue their own Life Path.

You may also feel challenged to rise up to the potential of your Life Path. Feeling challenged can occur when you have been avoiding the potential of your Life Path through inaction, indecision or non productive behavior. Sometimes you may be in your own way. Feeling blocked or challenged  can happen to everyone from time to time. It is up to you to determine if you are living in a way that is productive to living up to the potential of your Life Path.

Please understand that your review process is about being a compassionate observer or witness. This isn’t about being critical or overwhelming. You simply want to be able identify your personal qualities or traits that you have accepted, and looking for ways to strengthen them. This can help you to be better ready for opportunities or change.  The review process is also about looking for the possibility of further developing yourself, by working with those qualities that you have not developed as much.  It’s about balance, and self understanding. It’s about identifying those qualities that you have forgotten, rejected or not yet accepted.

The act of rejecting parts of yourself, can make you feel guilty, nervous, isolated or lost. Eventually these feelings can overflow into your life and become disruptive or damaging to your life and relationships. This disruption is called a Life Path “exaggeration”, as it may point to some powerful attributes that you are blocking within your life, but may still get expressed inappropriately. For instance, your Life Path may be about caring for others and having a family life, but your family responsibilities may lead you to feel overwhelmed and then lash out at the people you are trying to nurture and protect.

For me, my own work around my Life Path is about being steady, persistent and being willing to compassionately move myself forward. Like many people, I have those moments when may I want “something”, but I don’t want to do anything to go get what I want. I just want to be on the couch and wait. Part of my process is then believing in myself, and part is still being actively and passionately engaged in my life.  I can do my work, and I can still have moments of “couch peace”. In this way I can be live in service to my Life Path, but not be a slave to it. It’s about having compassion and faith in yourself and your abilities!

For many of us obstacles or difficulties can arise, even when you earnestly and actually want to make important personal changes, but somehow feel as if you are stuck or frozen in place. We all can become mired in our own limiting beliefs and uncertainty. We desparately want to make different choices, yet we as if we we're in quicksand or hip-deep mud! Honestly believing in yourself and your own abilities simply means that you have learned to have true compassion for yourself. It also means that you’ve reached a certain level of maturity in your life. How can you make personal changes, if you don't believe that you can have them?

Your limiting beliefs might not even be about major newsworthy life-changing events. You might simply choose to believe that you can't take the beginning steps to be happier, have more friends, have more personal time or to be a little more patient. But you can! All of your beliefs are important! Today, it seems like everyone is talking about visualization and manifestation. Yet, for these processes to be effective, it's important to realize that a vital first step is being aware of your limiting beliefs and beginning the effort that is necessary to let them go.

Feeling good about yourself and your place in life can help you to more easily create change. When you’re feeling upset or down you may not be as ready to face change. Working with your Life Path may help you to come to see where you are satisfied with your life, and where you would like to step in and create your own changes! It’s really about “rolling up your sleeves” and digging into life. It’s about actively living life and being willing to pursue your Life Path.
When looking to create change in your life, the Life Path is a great place to begin to look for answers. It can help you to become more conscious of your true goals and directions. Working with it can help you to be better prepared to make more informed choices and more effective change in your life.

Good luck in your Soulful journey and your quest into Numerology!

Life Path Review Form

Click here to Find your Life Path Number

My Life Path:
  _  1. The 1 Life Path is about will, individuality, decisiveness, and creativity.
 _  2. The 2 Life Path is about cooperation, passion, service and balance.
 _  3. The 3 Life Path is about speaking up, socialization, and stepping forward.
 _  4. The 4 Life Path is about being practical, persisting and dedicated.
 _  5. The 5 Life Path is about striving for the answers to life, learning, being and freedom.
 _  6. The 6 Life Path is about caring, compassion and empathy.
 _  7. The 7 Life Path is about planning, organizing, and simplicity.
 _  8. The 8 Life Path is about prowess, strength, responsibility, and leadership.
 _  9. The 9 Life Path is about being passionate and compassionate.
 _  11. The 11 Life Path is about self mastery and bringing wisdom into your leadership.
 _  22. The 22 Life Path is about compassionate cooperation, balance, trust and power.

  The theme of my Life Path is: (my experiences of myself, my learnings, my strengths, )

  It makes me feel: (about your Life Path)

 Movies that remind me of my Life Path:

 Books, art, poetry that remind me of my Life Path:

 Personal traits that have helped me:

Personal traits that may have hindered me:

Famous people/celebrities
Which celebrities, or people of fame, seem to embody your Life Path?

Winona Judd, May 30, 1964 -Life Path 1
Henry Kissinger (May 27, 1923) - Life Path 2
Abraham Lincoln (Feb 18, 1809) - Life Path 2
Brook Shields, May 31, 1965 -Life Path 3
Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Jun 4, 1928 - Life Path 3
Joseph Kenndey (Sep 6, 1888) - Life Path 22/4
Tom Arnold, Mar 6, 1959 - Life Path6
Albert Einstein, Mar 14. 1879 - Life Path 6
Marilyn Monroe, June 1, 1926 - Life Path 7
Andrew Carnegie (Nov 25, 1835) - Life Path 8
John Updike, Mar 18. 1932 - Life Path 9
Lou Ferrigno, Nov 9, 1951 - Life Path 9
Mahatma Ghandi (Oct 2, 1869) - Life Path 9
Jack Kerouc, Mar 12, 1922 - Life Path 11/2


Life Path Number:

Letting Go (exercise):

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