Numerology for Love
by Rob Ragozzine, of SimplyNumbers.com

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You will tend to like people who share your same love number. It shows that you share similar interests in matters of the heart.
It can be easier for you both to get along than for those with differing numbers. A friendship between two similar love numbers will always be remembered.

Suggested Reading

Love Number: 1
Your love is very strong, and it is important for others to return it. Although you love deeply, at times your pride may make you appear distant.
Love Number: 2
You are gentle, compassionate, and caring. Sometimes you give too much. You may be happiest when you are in a relationship.
Love Number: 3
You are very romantic. You also enjoy life when those around you are happy and in relationships.
Love Number: 4
You are very loyal. Expression may be hard for you at times. It is important for you for the people close to you to enjoy your interests.
Love Number: 5
You enjoy love, but not domestication. You may need to work on being grounded and practical.
Love Number: 6
You are very protective. It is important to you to be noticed, admired, and appreciated.
Love Number: 7
You are very selective. You can attract people more easily by warming up and being less stoic.
Love Number: 8
You need a strong, capable, and honest partner. You may need to spend more time with your loved ones.
Love Number: 9
You are very compassionate. Your life revolves around relationships.

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