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Chrissie Blaze

Workout for the Soul
March 2003

Workout for the Soul by Chrissie Blaze
Workout for the Soul:
8 Steps to Inner Fitness

by Chrissie Blaze

We are very pleased to welcome Chrissie Blaze to SoulfulLiving.com as our newest monthly columnist!  Each month, Chrissie will share one of her Eight Steps to Inner Fitness from her book,
"Workout for the Soul."

Step 8 - Healing: Nourishment for the Soul

Healing, like prayer, is a vitally important part of your Workout for the Soul, because the soul’s expression is an outpouring of the spiritual energy we call "Love." Sending healing to a person you never met, and may not even like, is one of the highest aspects of love or compassion to which we can aspire. When we are capable of a higher aspect of love than purely personal love, we feel for the trials and suffering of mankind and want to help. It is at this point that we can begin to obtain our highest spiritual growth.

Healing is one of the highest expressions of our soul. Healing knows no prejudice or boundaries; it knows no barriers of race, color or creed, no barriers of time or distance. We can heal our families in the same room, just as easily as we can heal a stranger across the world. It makes no difference; the keys to healing are our desire to do so and an effective, safe technique.

Through diligently practicing breathing exercises, affirmations, visualizations and prayers I have outlined during previous issues of SoulfulLiving.com, you are now better equipped to perform the important work of service to others. This is what our soul craves; to live a noble and compassionate life that reaches far beyond ourselves, outwards to mankind as a whole.

The Way of Enlightenment Today

The yogis and sages of the past gained enlightenment away from the crowds in remote caves in the Himalayas. Now enlightenment can be attained by the so-called "ordinary" person amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is because the need for spiritual, selfless action–or service to others–is now more urgent than ever before, as we enter the crucial and difficult transition from one Age to another. One of the simplest and most effective ways to give service is by sending absent healing–or healing over a distance. In this way because our motive is to help others, we will automatically advance ourselves through the law of action and reaction–karma.

It is now widely known that much of our sickness is psychosomatic. This is caused by stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns. Western medicine believes that the cause of disease is bacteria and germs, and that we have to remove them to have good health; healers regard things differently. The healer sees the bacteria and germs as an effect of the stress, anxiety and negative patterns. These latter psychological states affect the aura, cause blockages in the psychic centers, and may eventually break down the immune system; the result is disease or imbalance.

Disease often starts in the aura of the person, the subtle egg-shaped envelope that encases our physical body. Our wrong thought and action causes blockages in the aura and psychic centers, which in turn reflects back onto the physical body as ill health. Through a method called Kirlian photography, actual photographs have been taken of the aura. It has been shown through these Kirlian photographs that disease appears in our subtle or energy bodies before it manifests onto the physical.

When we are channels for healing power, this flows through us into the aura and psychic centers of the person we are healing. This pure, vibrant energy of Love brings balance and harmony to the patient and this in turn reflects onto his or her physical body so that better health results.

The Interrelationship of Life

Healing teaches that we are all interrelated. Once we understand this, we also realize that we can do no harm to anyone else without harming ourselves. The next logical step is to realize that we should not only do no harm but that we should consciously do the opposite – good. One way to "do good" is to radiate love. The problem is that we are conditioned to think that love is a feeling and an emotion rather than energy. Love is not just something we fall into, it is energy that we can use to improve lives; an energy that has different qualities or levels of manifestation.

Absent Healing is just an extension of our urge to reach out and touch. When we hear that someone we love across the other side of the world is sick and suffering, the natural urge is to want to help, to reach out and touch that person. Well, through Absent Healing, you can do just that. You can touch others, not just physically with your hands, but you can touch them even more profoundly with your love. Through using Absent Healing you can send the higher aspects of love out across the ethers of space to another soul anywhere in the world.

We are all virtually radiators of spiritual energy. This is what we are designed to be. Why else would we have the higher psychic centers that we have? If we were just here to live, breathe, eat, mate, be successful in business and make money, we would not need the higher psychic centers. Although these are closed or dysfunctional in many people our purpose is to open them fully and consciously and so become the noble, compassionate, wise souls that we really are. Through healing and prayer you will start to open and activate the higher psychic centers and because of this you are then firmly on the spiritual path.

Dr. George King, my Spiritual Master, and Founder/President of The Aetherius Society, devised a powerful, yet simple absent healing technique that I have used for many years and which is included in my Workout for the Soul. Below is a simplified version of this technique for you to use. Remember, a minute’s practice is worth a whole lot of theory.

Absent Healing Technique

1. Raise your hands up, with your palms facing outwards in the prayer position as described in last month’s column, and say out loud with as much feeling and love as you can, your healing prayer. By saying this prayer aloud, you will start to activate the healing power.

2. Now visualize a pure, vibrant white light radiating from your Heart Center, in front of your breastbone, and from the psychic centers in the palms of your hands. Really try and visualize this light until you feel it flowing through you, and fill this visualization with love. Some people feel it is a tingling sensation in their hands, but do not worry about the feeling, just concentrate on sending it out. Do not even worry if you cannot visualize it as a white light, this may take time and practice. All you need to do is to keep visualizing that you are sending out healing power and it will happen. You will definitely be radiating out spiritual power through healing even though initially you may not feel or see it.

3. Then say aloud the name of the person to whom you wish to send healing. The spiritual energy will then flow to that person to bring about balance within that person’s aura, which will reflect back into their physical body, bringing balance, harmony and ease. Whatever you do, do not visualize a sick person. Even if you know the person is seriously ill, do not visualize them as such, but instead visualize just the white light leaving you and flowing out to them. If you have the time in your healing service, and you know the person you are sending healing to, you can visualize that person being absolutely filled with pure vibrant white light.

4. Let the power continue to flow through you, your hands and your heart center for a minute or two. Imagine it as a stream of energy. Realize that this healing power is an aspect of true Love and try and feel this love and compassion filling you and flowing through you.

5. Then say aloud the name of any other person to whom you may wish to send healing, and repeat the above ritual.

6. When you have finished, close your service with another simple prayer. In this prayer, thank the Creator for the opportunity you have had of being a channel for healing power and also request that, if it be the Creator’s will, they might be healed. It is important to state your intent in your prayers, as discussed earlier.

7. Detach from your healing and carry on with your life.

You are now a healer and can claim this as your birthright!

For more information about this healing technique, please visit my website www.chrissieblaze.com for details of how to purchase Workout for the Soul. If you would like to learn how to heal, please visit www.themagicofhealing.com, which gives detailed information about the intensive two-day workshops Magic of Healing, based on the powerful healing techniques of Dr. King who was a renowned spiritual healer for over sixty years until his passing in 1997. These popular workshops are offered in Detroit and Los Angeles, and are taught by workshop designer, Gary Blaze (my husband!) and me, as well as other extremely competent Healing Instructors. Here in just two days you will learn how to heal yourself, your family friends and even strangers. You will learn how to administer contact healing, as well as absent healing. You will also learn about global healing and how you can help in the great Cause of peace and enlightenment for our world.

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© Copyright Chrissie Blaze.  Excerpted from "Workout for the Soul: 8 Steps to Inner Fitness," published by AsLan Publishing, Inc., November 2001.

Mercury Retrograde by Chrissie Blaze

New! One-Minute Peace Prayer Initiative

We invite you to become an active participant in the One-Minute Peace Prayer Initiative to be launched on January 23, 2003, to help turn the tides of war…peacefully.

We hope you will join in with this Initiative. We are joining together at 8:00 p.m. each day (or at another time during the day that is convenient for you) for one-minute with other caring, compassionate humans throughout our world in the great Cause of World Peace.

As one person you are strong, filled with the supreme Love and healing light of the Supreme Creator, God, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, or the Absolute. As one person you really can make a positive difference.

However, when we join together with other like-minded people around the world from every race, creed, color and belief, in the common and noble language of prayers for peace, the spiritual power and love we wield together is immense.

It is this irresistible force of Love that will light a Light upon our world that nothing can extinguish. It is this power that can move mountains, stop wars, heal the sick and bring light into the darkest corners of our planet, and into the hearts and lives of all humanity.

We welcome you to this band of spiritual brothers and sisters who have taken their concerns and anxieties for our planet a giant step forward – into the realms of spiritual action.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about your efforts, and encourage them to join in this great Cause for World Peace. They can visit www.chrissieblaze.com/prayforpeace.shtml or www.aetherius.org/prayforpeace to register.

In peace.

Chrissie Blaze
                                                On behalf of The Aetherius Churches, U.S.A.

Chrissie Blaze
Chrissie Blaze, a teacher, author, astrologer, media personality and senior Aetherius Church minister was a close student of Dr. George King (Yoga Master and founder of The Aetherius Society) for 25 years. Chrissie Blaze has written books including Workout for the Soul: Eight Steps to Inner Fitness, AsLan Publishing, Inc., November, 2001, Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology’s Most Precarious Times of the Year, Warner Books, Inc., April, 2002, and The Baby’s Astrologer: Your Guide to Good Parenting Is In the Stars, Warner Books, Inc., 2003 publication. For further information and details of classes and workshops in the Los Angeles area, please visit www.chrissieblaze.com. Tel: (323) 252 6391 (voicemail) or (323) 465 9652.





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