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Chrissie Blaze

Workout for the Soul
February 2003

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by Chrissie Blaze

We are very pleased to welcome Chrissie Blaze to SoulfulLiving.com as our newest monthly columnist!  Each month, Chrissie will share one of her Eight Steps to Inner Fitness from her book,
"Workout for the Soul."

Step 7 - Prayer: The Song of the Soul

Prayer is a universal language. It is the common language of that universal religion – spirituality – of which we are all, by our very nature, members. Prayer transcends words, language barriers and different religious beliefs. Despite what people may believe, it is almost always the case that when a person is faced with a life and death situation, they turn to prayer. Why? Because when we are forced to reach deep down inside us, we find solace and help in that eternal "song of the soul" – prayer. One of the most powerful ways to express our soul is through prayer. Even people with no religious beliefs all their lifetime will instinctively turn to prayer in moments of extreme danger.

What most people do not realize is that prayer, like everything else, can be learned. Just as you can become adepts with your voice through study and practice, so too can you become adepts with prayer. Just as you can develop your muscles through weight training and your minds through concentration exercises, so too can you reveal more of your soul through prayer.

There are several different types of prayer. I spent many years in an orthodox Christian environment, attending "high church" Anglican services, with plenty of incense and prayer. I worked in a theological college and know that the priests were trained to pray in a certain way using a certain style of voice. Although the prayers were positive, good, sincere and thoughtful expressions, they were not designed to radiate spiritual energy. In fact the priests did not have a concept that they were sending out spiritual energy, nor did the congregation. Prayer was a personal relationship with God and there is certainly nothing wrong with that.

However, the type of prayer in this Workout for the Soul is very different. This method was taught by my spiritual teacher, Dr. George King, as a means to radiate spiritual energy in a very potent manner, and it is called "dynamic prayer." This radiation of psychic or spiritual energy is extremely important; prayer energy is like a healing balm that can balance and change conditions on the surface of our world for the better; heal the sick and bring dynamic change in our own lives. Dr. King coined the term the "Spiritual Energy Crisis" in the early 1970s. He taught that the most serious energy shortage on this planet was a lack of spiritual energy and if we could solve this, all other problems would eventually be solved. He taught dynamic prayer as one potent way for the "ordinary" person to help solve this biggest problem facing mankind.

Prayer energy – love energy – spiritual energy – what you call it does not matter; is a power just as real as electricity and far more important. It is a power that we can channel from the infinite, universal supply. Through our prayers, we automatically channel this power; through dynamic prayer we do so in a far more powerful way. Dynamic prayer is one of the most potent keys in which to unlock the infinite powers within, to enrich your own lives and those of others.

Prayer is a spiritual science. When you pray, you are not just saying words, but are also reaching deep within you. You are forming a connection with that spark of the Creator that resides there. Through prayer you can also radiate outwards the energy of love. Like the Sun, your soul wants to pour forth light, love and healing to all and prayer enables you to do this. When this happens the more benefits you will receive in the form of enhanced health, greater dynamism and joy, increased mental powers, including intuition and inspiration.

Let us look at what happens when you pray, from a physical as well as metaphysical point of view. The floodgate in your aura, known as the solar plexus center, is the main storage battery of prana or chi in the body. When you pray, spiritual energy radiates through your psychic centers on the carrier wave of prana or chi. Remember, your psychic centers are constantly radiating out and taking in energy in order to sustain you on all levels. The higher and purer the aspect of love you are able to put into your prayers, the better results you will achieve and the more benefits will result. We also have psychic centers in the palms of our hands. If you raise your hands with palms facing upwards when you pray, this "prayer mudra" allows spiritual energy to flow outwards from not only the heart center (the psychic center just in front of the breastbone), but also from the important psychic centers in your hands.

An example of this is when you shake hands with someone and instantly feel depleted. In effect you are placing an important psychic center of yours – your palm centers - over the psychic center in the palm of the stranger’s hand. If they are depleted and fatigued their body will draw energy from yours, causing you to feel the same way. In nature, the strong automatically give to the weak. This is the way of healing and the way of life.

Do not think that by sending out this spiritual energy to those who are sick, or whatever is the object of your prayer, that you will deplete your own health. The wonderful thing about all spiritual practices is that the more you give out, the more you get back from the universal supply. We are born to radiate love and the more we do so, the more vibrant we will become.

When this spiritual energy is released through prayer it goes to a particular person or situation. How it is directed depends upon a number of factors including the words of your prayer, i.e. if you direct it to the victims of a particular earthquake it will go there. Also, the power of your concentration, your intensity and your ability to radiate spiritual energy all assist in the effectiveness of your prayer.

When your prayer energy reaches its destination it will bring balance and harmony, in the same way as healing does. It gives people extra power to heal themselves, help themselves, inspire themselves and motivate themselves. It assists, nurtures and heals. Your prayers can make the difference between life and death

Prayer should never be used to try and change another person’s mind. A conscious act to change the mind of another person – however evil that person may be – is wrong. Once we are in the world of the spiritual sciences, we are no longer playing around on the surface of life. The more we use our God-nature, the more we express our soul and radiate spiritual energy, the more effective human beings we become. The more effective we are, the more responsibility we have. The more responsibility we have, the more quickly we can advance and evolve but, by the same token, the further we can fall.

If you hear on the news that there is a war breaking out somewhere in the world and that peace talks are about to begin, you may feel inspired to send prayers to the peacemakers. Prayer will always be useful, but can be especially useful if used strategically. As the outcome of the war will depend to a large extent on the decisions of the peacemakers it is a good idea to do this.

Remember never to ask in your prayers that the peacemakers’ minds or the minds of anyone at all, are changed in any way. We are here to love, to inspire, to heal - not to manipulate others. You should phrase your prayers in such a way that light, strength and healing goes out to the peacemakers, in order that they may be guided by their higher selves to make the right decision. In other words, we should always leave the outcome to God.

Another secret of success with our prayers is to give them everything we have and then detach and carry on with our everyday life. By giving all our concentration, faith, love, reverence and focus to our prayers then detaching from the results, we are virtually handing them over to the Absolute, rather than keeping them bound to us through anxiety and fear. Our detachment gives our prayers wings to fly to their destination in order to perform God’s magic.

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© Copyright Chrissie Blaze.  Excerpted from "Workout for the Soul: 8 Steps to Inner Fitness," published by AsLan Publishing, Inc., November 2001.

Mercury Retrograde by Chrissie Blaze

New! One-Minute Peace Prayer Initiative

We invite you to become an active participant in the One-Minute Peace Prayer Initiative to be launched on January 23, 2003, to help turn the tides of war…peacefully.

We hope you will join in with this Initiative. We are joining together at 8:00 p.m. each day (or at another time during the day that is convenient for you) for one-minute with other caring, compassionate humans throughout our world in the great Cause of World Peace.

As one person you are strong, filled with the supreme Love and healing light of the Supreme Creator, God, Jehovah, Allah, Brahma, or the Absolute. As one person you really can make a positive difference.

However, when we join together with other like-minded people around the world from every race, creed, color and belief, in the common and noble language of prayers for peace, the spiritual power and love we wield together is immense.

It is this irresistible force of Love that will light a Light upon our world that nothing can extinguish. It is this power that can move mountains, stop wars, heal the sick and bring light into the darkest corners of our planet, and into the hearts and lives of all humanity.

We welcome you to this band of spiritual brothers and sisters who have taken their concerns and anxieties for our planet a giant step forward – into the realms of spiritual action.

Please tell your friends and colleagues about your efforts, and encourage them to join in this great Cause for World Peace. They can visit www.chrissieblaze.com/prayforpeace.shtml or www.aetherius.org/prayforpeace to register.

In peace.

Chrissie Blaze
                                                On behalf of The Aetherius Churches, U.S.A.

Chrissie Blaze
Chrissie Blaze, a teacher, author, astrologer, media personality and senior Aetherius Church minister was a close student of Dr. George King (Yoga Master and founder of The Aetherius Society) for 25 years. Chrissie Blaze has written books including Workout for the Soul: Eight Steps to Inner Fitness, AsLan Publishing, Inc., November, 2001, Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology’s Most Precarious Times of the Year, Warner Books, Inc., April, 2002, and The Baby’s Astrologer: Your Guide to Good Parenting Is In the Stars, Warner Books, Inc., 2003 publication. For further information and details of classes and workshops in the Los Angeles area, please visit www.chrissieblaze.com. Tel: (323) 252 6391 (voicemail) or (323) 465 9652.





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