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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column -
September 2000

Listed as a "Healing Tool" at:
by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Finding Inner Healing through Numerology

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. ~Tolstoy

This month we will look at the use of Numerology in Inner Healing. The quest for healing can be about seeking out ways to bring about ways to live a simple, healthy, uncomplicated, and comfortable life. However, to truly heal we often must become more aware of ourselves, our actions, and the way in which we lead our lives. Utilizing spiritual tools, such as Numerology, we can become more self-aware and begin our own personal healing.

However, there may be roadblocks in your path. You may have to do a lot of examining of your thoughts and your life. How often do we hear negative phrases, or stories, about how bad life is? After a while this information takes on more and more power in your life. Many of us have living and healing that we want to accomplish. If you want to heal, then it’s time take action.  Roll up your sleeves and begin the work that you know you want to do, rather than giving a greater percentage of your power to the negativity in life.

Healing can only come from within us. Important health information can come from our inner voice, the world around us, or it may come from the loving advice of friends and family. When you come to understand that changes need to take place, you will realize that healing involves doing. Our healing is about attending to our selves, and our "needs."

You may have been denying your needs for some time. Numerologically, your Inner Desire (represented by your Soul Number) may be unfulfilled. In any pursuit of greater health, it is important to find ways to nurture and listen to your inner voice. Pushing aside your inner wishes, hopes and dreams can be a source of conflict, stress, and tension.

Also, keeping track of your important Numerological rhythms can be very important. Your rhythms can help you to be aware of the energies that are available to you as you move through your life (Personal Day, Personal Year). They can give you an overall perspective of your life, and your role in it. Being aware can help you to more readily accept change, and avoid or better handle tension/stress causing events.

Today many well-respected medical professionals feel that stress is a major cause of illness. Author and physician, Dr. Andrew Weil, says, "I am convinced that stress is the primary cause or aggravating cause of the majority of illness."

Would it not be prudent to find ways to alleviate stress in our lives? What works for you? For many people, music can offer great healing benefits. Music can be one part of the puzzle in your journey toward leading a healthier life.

Author, Don Campbell (Mozart Effect) states that "by listening to music with longer, slower sounds, one can usually deepen and slow the breath, allowing the mind to calm down...As with breathing rates, a lower heartbeat creates less physical tension and stress, calms the mind, and helps the body heal itself. Music is a natural peacemaker."

According to proponents of Vibrational healing, pollutants, toxins or allergens that enter our body, can alter the normal vibrational patterns of the body. When we have an unbalanced emotional or mental attitude, our normal vibrational patterns are altered as well. When we are unbalanced, sickness or pain can result. When this happens, the body needs help restore itself to its original vibration. This is where the use of vibrational/sound therapy comes in.

According to Vibrational therapy, when you focus sound vibrations to a problem area, balance to that area can be temporarily restored. When there is balance, the body is more effective in eliminating toxins.

Pythagoras, founder of the study of Numerology, is said to have revealed the musical and numerical nature of our universe. The Pythagoreans even went so far as to develop something called "musical medicine," which were songs accompanied by an ancient Grecian instrument known as the lyre.

The lyre was considered to be the mystical symbol representing the human constitution. The body of the lyre represented our physical form. The strings represented our nerves or nervous system. The musician himself represented the spirit. The Pythagoreans were known for their aptitude to cure many physical and spiritual afflictions through the use of this music.

Music has been used for healing for thousands of years in many cultures, including the early teachings of the Greeks, Chinese, East Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, American Indians, Mayas, and the Aztecs. Music seems so incorporated in Chinese medicine that in their writing, Music and Happiness share the same character. Also, part of the Chinese character for Medicine is the same as the character for Music.

Research on incorporating music into our lives is being done today. There are many avenues that are available for learning about healing through sound. Tuning forks and Vibrational Healing are two of the most popular. However, Finding a quiet place, and just listening to music that you enjoy can help you to learn about yourself, and alleviate overall stress and begin the job of addressing certain issues that you may have.

As you listen to your music, you may wish to close your eyes and imagine a particular color swirling around your body. There are many authors who can expound on the subject of color healing. The basic application of color and music in your life can be to develop desired personal traits/qualities in yourself. By understanding the meaning of the numbers in your personality you can begin to apply sound, color, and music as a personal growth tool in your life.

I think that finding yourself a good set of tuning forks, or music bowl can help you to learn more about attuning to the particular music notes.




Helps with:




Physical strength, Emotions, Energy




Rigidity, Stress, Self Confidence, Fear




Nervous System, Emotions, Digestion




General Healing, Heart




Cleansing (for the skin), Calming




Clearing (for ears, eyes, nasal passages), Motivation




Cramps, Kidney problems, Spiritual growth, Dedication


High C


Opening up, Sharing


Middle C/D


Understanding, Movement, Acceptance

An interesting side note is the prominence of 7 and 12 in music and time. There are seven whole notes in the octave and 12 half steps in the octave. We also see the prominence of these same numbers in our time divisions - 12 hours each of day and night, 7 days in a week, 12 months in the year.

Another tool that you can use in your quest for better health is breathwork. Many disciplines can work well when you begin to understand the power of your mind.

Breathwork is one of these disciplines.

Breathwork is about reconnecting and integrating all aspects of ourselves. This process, while difficult at times, can be tremendously healing. This involves dealing with unresolved feelings, issues and events (recent, younger/childhood events, etc.) which we have kept buried and which can have significant impact on our overall health.

If you wish to heal, or develop certain qualities, then breathwork can be your bridge to get there.


Numbers involved

Helps with:



Groundedness, Stability, Strong Foundations



Intellect, Judgement, Thought, Decision



Creative abilities, Potential, Power



Intuition, Emotion, Inner Wisdom, Understanding



Insight, Understanding, Expansion

Throughout this past month, I have been practicing with the Ether/Space (#5) breath meditation as I been trying to get a better understanding of how breathing and meditation can be a more integral part of healing and opening up. The #5 meditation can be very expanding and give you the space/time to think things through.

Pursuing the process of healing and transformation using these techniques can be an enormously rewarding process. However, it must be said that it can be difficult, rewarding, frustrating, and invigorating at different times in your search.

Also, know that your mind's ability to trigger the body's ability to heal is so common that doctors factor it (placebo effect) into every medical experiment. Healing then must be a matter of stimulating whatever natural processes that reside within yourself.

There are many ways to tap into healing in your life. Find out what 'works' for you. Any system that works for me, may not work for you, or work for you in the way that it does for me. Spirit is important in any kind of healing. Determination, grit, persistence, willpower, stamina, inspiration and drive all play a vital role.

This ability to heal ourselves lies within each of us. It is just a matter of learning to tap into this incredible resource, to make the Mind/Body connection, to reach within ourselves and discover how much power we have over our bodies and ourselves. This is what will ultimately lead us all to a higher quality of life, true health, and wellness.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

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