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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
November 2000

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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The Role of Numerology in Gratitude and Giving

"You're so consumed with how much you get, You waste your time with hate and regret, You're broken when your heart's not open." (Madonna, Ray of Light, 1998.)

This month we are here to talk about the role Numerology plays in "Gratitude & Giving." As you know, this is the time of year when we celebrate various holidays, centered on gratitude and giving. One of the most notable holidays, Thanksgiving, is a holiday known for its ritual of being thankful and expressing gratitude. Some of the other holidays include Sukkot, Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa.

What are you thankful for? Many of us can be thankful for our health, home, family, and friends. We might also be thankful for our careers, clothes, vacations, or other more seemingly simple things, but to us they can be very important in our lives. You may wish some things were different in your life. At times you may feel decidedly ungrateful for the things that you have, and the experiences that you have lived through. You may even wonder what use gratitude could possibly have in your life.

There are many physical, emotional, social and health benefits to the act of expressing gratitude. Expressing gratitude can help you to develop a positive outlook, often helping us to break free of unhealthy cycles that many of us get stuck in. Gratitude, and the feelings associated with it, can decrease the production of adrenaline, which can raise blood pressure. Also, gratitude can increase the flow of endorphins, which can help to boost your immune system.

Looking back on your life, and experiences, from a place of gratitude can help you to develop acceptance, satisfaction, compassion, and humility. Our experiences according to Numerology are known as Personal Lessons (Karma). Many of us struggle with these experiences as we develop as individuals. The lessons learned, and importance placed on them, vary from person to person. Whatever form they happen to take, they help to serve and shape you into the person that you are today. When you know how difficult a situation can be, you may even be more willing to lend a helping hand to someone who is having a tough time.

The numbers in your name that are missing reveals your Personal Lessons. Any missing number signifies an area of life, which will require extra attention to balance the energy of that particular number. That does not mean that you have no lessons, or learning to do, if you have no missing numbers.

Consider your childhood for examples of early lessons that you may have learned. As a child, your parents may have constantly warned you, even reprimanded you not to touch the stove, and to look both ways when you crossed the street. Perhaps you listened, or maybe not. Maybe, you saw a television show and someone was hurt crossing the street, and you learned that looking both ways was important. Or, as a freewheeling teen you got "bumped" by a car as you ran across the street and wound up on crutches for a few months.

However you learned through experience, you came to understand that being careful and observant is important, especially when you want to cross the street. The lesson learned becomes increasingly hard/difficult to accept, but somehow the information got into your mind and you accepted it, or perhaps you waited for some more dramatic way to learn.

Developing gratitude and acceptance for your life, and knowing that your personal experiences have served you in some way, will help you to feel gratitude toward them and toward your life as a whole. Most of the things in your life have been chosen by you. You do not have to live, or work where you do, but for some reason you do. Choice is power.

Your Personal Lessons, represent Numerological information that shows times, places, and situations that can test your mettle, resolve and courage. Some of us have no testing numbers, but for those of us that do, it may seem that you are weighed down at times. It is up to you to struggle, find balance, and accept the lessons that life has to offer.

As an example, let us consider Helen Keller. Although she was born healthy, at 18 months she developed a brain fever which left her blind and deaf.

85355 253359

1,4,6,7 - Missing

5 - There are five 5's
(Multiple numbers can represent a strength, and veracity)

3 - There are three 3's

You will need to refer to a number chart, to fully understand the meaning of each number in the reading.

The missing numbers can indicate the following qualities:

  • 1 - Individuality, Creativity, Leadership
  • 4 - Responsibility, Hard work
  • 6 - Responsibility, Dependability
  • 7 - Planning, Focus

Without these numbers and the qualities that they represent, Helen had to work extra hard to have her own identity and we know that she had strong, headstrong attitude, especially as a child. In fact, she often had tantrums and fits, just to get attention. She had to work hard, to be taken seriously, and prove that she could love and be loved. She couldn’t afford to take her learning as a joke.

The 5’s represent curiosity, and learning. With so many 5’s in her name, Helen had something to rely on in her quest to understand, learn, grow and join society. Throughout her life she continued to study. In recognition of her many achievements, she received honorary doctoral degrees from Temple University, Harvard University and from the Universities of Glasgow, Scotland; Berlin, Germany; Delhi, India; and Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

These Numerology traits will not be exactly the same for everyone, as they are for Helen. They are sifted through the personality and ego. Some traits may become highlighted during periods of stress, or certain personal cycles. Also, they will be shaded by the other core personal numbers, and your own personal mannerisms and quirks.

At a basic level, these are only numbers and you are free to live your life, but they can help you to understand past obstacles and difficulties. From this vantage point, you can review you life and examine how you have benefited from your past. I believe that growth in life occurs from experience and learning from that experience. And one of the biggest lessons that many of us face is appreciating what we have.

Remember that moving forward, often in spite of fear, is part of growth. Therefore, if you are feeling powerless in your life, be open and willing to refocus your mind on what you do have. Give thanks to your gifts, rather than constantly dwelling in fear, worry, or doubt. Complaining and fear are often used by our subconscious mind to condemn, and put down, our powerful creative abilities. Our negativity can enforce feelings of powerlessness, and fear, keeping us stuck in cycles of despair, and self-destruction.

Know your strengths, and weaknesses. Harness them for your benefit, growth, and ultimate success in life. Find inspiring role models, and teachers to help encourage and assist you. Think of the struggles of Helen Keller. Helen could not have achieved all the she did, without a strong, compassionate teacher. In fact, her teacher Anne Sullivan assisted her for nearly 50 years.

When you have struggles, remember that gratitude and giving go hand in hand. How many times have you heard the phrase "It is better to give, than receive"? How many times have you not only heard it, but also felt it, believed it, and lived the meaning of the phrase. I believe that Helen did, as she traveled far and wide to give lectures and teaching. She was willing, even with her difficulties, to aid others in her own way. She was always eager to help those less fortunate than her, by appearing before legislatures, speaking, and writing articles.

It may not be easy to begin to look at your life with gratitude, but there are ways to begin to take small steps. Looking to symbolism, we find that a dark pink rose can symbolize thankfulness. Also, the deer symbolized gratitude to the Native Americans. Incorporating these, or similar symbols, in your life can help you to begin to better understand and express gratitude in your life.

Deep within, we all understand that we shape and create our lives. Often we are challenged with finding, and sustaining our inner fire and passion. Giving thanks authenticates your creative ability and honors the power within you. When we are willing to recognize, and appreciate, the richness in our lives, we are affirming our power.

Good Luck on your journey in Soulful Living and Numerology.

Personal Lessons (Karma)

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