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What's Your Number? SM
March 2003

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Numerology and Animals

"Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives." - -Albert Schweitzer- French philosopher/physician (1875-1965)

This month. we will look at the role Numerology can have within the relationship we have with animals. Our relationships with animals reflect our own self-confidence, personal pride, and acceptance of intimacy. Animals can indeed have a beneficial influence in our lives. Today there is ample evidence of the health benefits of having a pet. Many earlier civilizations understood the importance of animals and gave recognition to their power. They incorporated them into their lives and looked to the animals for inspiration and guidance. These civilizations painted animal representations on their dwelling places, wore animal masks or jewelry, and danced and offered prayers to specific animals based on their needs.

Some cultures conveyed the power and mystery of animals through myth. Many of the animal myths with us today were developed from cultures that incorporated common everyday animal symbols into their general parables. Over time these stories developed a life of their own. Think about the stork. Storks are known for living almost 70 years, having strong family love and taking special care of sick storks. Storks like to nest in chimney tops and return to the same chimney year after year. They became known for exhibiting extreme love and loyalty, and these facts gave rise to the myth that storks deliver human babies.

The American Indians also understood the importance of animals. They believed that we each have power animals (or totems) that could guide us through difficult times. They believed that the animals appear in your life to teach you a lesson or deliver a message that you need. They believe that the animals would choose you. You don’t pick a totem because it is cute or cool.

Using the messages that your Animal Totems provide will allow you to know yourself better, and to connect better with the world around you. Honoring your animal totems will help you to be healthier and happier, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are many different types of animal totems. We will use your totems in conjunction with the knowledge your personal Numerology numbers provide. For instance, Your Numerological Personal Year, in which you first discover an animal totem, can help you to better understand the message that your totem animal brings to you, as each personal year delivers you a new experience to learn from.

When you are born, you will have a Birth Totem based on the time of year. Your Birth Totem is equated with your astrological Sun Sign. Each of the 12 totems imparts special characteristics to those born in a given month.

Your Life Long Animal Totem is a totem that works with you throughout your life. It is always there when you need its powers. You can use your Life Path Number in conjunction with this totem. Your Life Path is based on your Birth date, and unlike your other core numbers, cannot be changed. This means that living up to the influence of this number and totem can be difficult, yet rewarding, as it involves struggling for and attaining what you believe in most.

During especially troubling or difficult times (see Challenge Numbers) you may encounter a Journey Animal Totem. This totem reflects a period of time in your life. The time might be measured in weeks, months, or even years. This totem animal may be here to help give you an added boost of strength or stamina when you need it most.

Perhaps at the start of a new year (see Personal Year ), you may encounter your Message Animal Totem. It usually is bringing you a new message about personal growth that is needed or action you should be taking. As Numerology takes into account 9 year cycles, perhaps you should look back 9 years to see if similar events were taking place. If 9 years ago you graduated from school perhaps now you have reached another milestone in your life (gotten married, divorced, moved, … ) and started on a new path. Your Message Animal may be encouraging you to accept this new path.

If you are not living up to your personal calling (Soul Number), and not listening to your heart, then you may experience an encounter with your Shadow Animal Totem. This totem will test you in some way. The Shadow Totem often represents inner fears that you must overcome. Your Soul Number indicates the person that you truly desire to be. If you have pushed your dreams and desires deep into the dark corners of your brain, and tried to forget about them, then you may experience encounters with a Shadow Animal.

The appearance of an animal totem in your life means that you have important lessons to learn. If you are scared by your totem then you still have not accepted the lesson that animal has for you. An animal totem can be a powerful, yet not easily understood spiritual friend. You can best use the knowledge your totems provide to help yourself grow. The totems that come to you can offer you power and wisdom, if you will learn to communicate with them with respect, trust, and understanding.

Do you have regular encounters with a particular animal totem? Have you had them in the past? For me, for a long time, a personal animal totem of the badger has been especially relevant. When I am driving, I will often spot one. For you it may be a different animal, and others may never see their totem animal. The badger has helped me to learn to manage my time and space more effectively.

Today many of us may have drifted away from learning about and understanding animals. I believe that that we can improve ourselves by allowing animals to have strong supporting roles within our lives. Unfortunately there is a need today for organizations like the SPCA and the Humane Society. How do you treat animals? Do animals have a role in your life? Are animals a part of your life?

As you explore your relationship with animals you may wish to read more about the Chinese Zodiac, Zuni Fetishes, Earth Medicine, the Medicine Wheel, and people like Ted Andrews, Dian Fossey, Susan Chernak McElroy, Jane Goodall, and Mark Bekoff.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.


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