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What's Your Number? SM
July-September 2005

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com


Living a Balanced Life with the Help of Numerology

"Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some. " --Robert Fulghum

With this column, we are looking at "Living Life in Balance." You can begin by finding ways to bring balance into each day. Hopefully, any process that you begin will allow you to increase your awareness of yourself, your life and your surroundings. We'll look into some of the topics mentioned last quarter as they may offer some guidance. Striving to live life in a balanced way can help you to lead a life with less stress, more peace and healthier relationships.

As I said in the column for last quarter, we're often unconscious to the changes and influence that our actions create on others in the outside world. This creates imbalance. Because we often are blind to our own limitations, I think that enlisting the help of others will make developing balance in your life a little easier. A partner or support team can give you helpful feedback on how effectively you appear to be bringing balance into your life. For best results, you should be willing to be open for outside help and to welcome it into your life. You may be amazed at the insights that family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow community members may be able to provide. However, you may wish to utilize various relationship tools to help you set limits, boundaries and goals for each particular relationship. One effective tool may be a simple relationship scale, which is numbered from 0 (poor) to 10 (great). By talking together, you assign a number for how strong and supportive you think this relationship is in your life. A low number reflects a need to deepen and build trust, concern and honesty within the relationship. How can you ask someone for support if you don't trust that individual? Together you can discuss where you think you both are on the relationship scale, and how you as a team could work toward a better relationship and better progress. This may be most effective for couples, but it can be effective for anyone. Find tools that will help you to strengthen your relationships and utilize them.

Now, you probably realize that living a full and balanced life will not mean that every single day will be totally balanced. Things happen. We all have times in our lives when we need to 'roll up our sleeves'. Those of us in the retail field may be required to work longer hours during the holiday seasons. Those of us in the financial fields may work longer hours during reporting and tax times.

Developing balance, will allow you to better handle yourself during stressful times such as those mentioned above. However, we all have certain strengths that may allow us to be better adapted to handling certain situations. Your Numerological Personal Aspects (Planes of Expression) can help to highlight your strengths and illustrate areas of your life that may need extra guidance and support. In those areas most outside support can be balancing and extremely helpful.

Remember that by developing an understanding of your Aspects you can find helpful ways to bring balance to the different parts of your personality. You can also use other tools and techniques in conjunction with Numerology. Buddhism, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, meditation, exercise and Ayurveda all can be very powerful balancing tools. Utilized properly, they can all help you to develop balance in your life.

Within Ayurveda the underlying factors of your stress are targeted, with the goal of bringing the area of your life that is stressed, back into balance. Stress is related to the balance of your three doshas, which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Your personal habits will generally determine how effectively these three doshas function for you, and how much stress remains in your life.

Spend some time evaluating the stress in your life. Stress can bring everyone out of balance. All too often, we let stress build and build, before we try to do anything about it. If you have mental stress, then you may wish to look into Ayurvedic ways to reduce this type of stress, such as avoiding coffee, soda, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages. Also, it is important to get plenty of rest.

Now consider that if you feel out of balance on a daily energy level, then you may wish to review your Physical Aspect, as it represents your physical body and personal strength. Understanding it can help you to understand the amount of exertion that you can place upon yourself. When you overwork, you create stress. For instance, you may lack stamina to finish all of your projects, or you might be a person who is busy from morning until night. Your Physical Aspect can help you to better understand if you are placing too much emphasis on being a "hands on" person. If this aspect is strong then you may have no problems with setting your mind on a goal and going after it, no matter how difficult it may be. Of course, others may see you as stubborn. You may need to learn about delegation and effective leadership.

If your Physical Aspect is not as strong as your other Aspects, then you may not be very practical and you may need to work on being focused and grounded. However, you can have the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. Within Ayurveda, moderate exercise is one of the recommendations to balance physical based stress that could be caused from an imbalance in this Aspect. If your Physical Aspect is strong then you would do well to find activities that will keep you motivated, vigorous, active and moving. Balance for you, means that you've found a way to stay motivated and energized. Inaction can lead to dullness and lethargy.

If you have a strong Intuitive Aspect then you may have a strong and reliable inner voice. You may spend a good deal of time dealing with spiritual issues in life. It may be easy for you to understand the motives of others, but relating to them may be more difficult. You can utilize your powerful intuition to help you to make intelligent and thoughtful decisions in your quest for better balance. You can also help others to learn how to tap into their insight as well.

If you have a strong Emotional Aspect then your can be extremely compassionate, caring and sentimental. Others come to you for solace and support. Once you have made up your mind, you are firm in your expression of love or friendship. You may get weighed down with the emotional impact of your decisions, but your example of caring and concern can help others to learn about the emotional side of life.

Since, you may be stronger in one Aspect than another, you will need to find ways to balance each Aspect with each of the others. Don't let one Aspect overshadow the others as this can lead to imbalance in your life. For instance, an overbalanced Mental Aspect can indicate thoughtfulness, but also a propensity toward being obscure, aloof and analytical. If you are able to look inside yourself and evaluate your Aspects, then you'll begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses in a new light. You be able to learn how to self- balance.

Now you should remember that your Aspects are best utilized as a guiding force. As such, they can help you to learn and understand why and how you react differently to situations than others. This can help you in your personal relationships as you compare and contrast your strengths and abilities with one another. Understanding and having compassion for yourself, and others, can allow you to lead a more balanced life, in which you fulfill the call of your soul. As your learn about yourself, and your own inner calling, it will become easier for you to understand that finding ways to bring balance into your life is vital.

There will probably be times in your life where your ability to concentrate may be limited. Perhaps you are going through a divorce, moving, getting a new job, discovering yourself, or having a child. Balance during these times would be helpful. But, how do you get there? Again, meditation may help to offer some stress reduction. In particular, you may wish to receive some form of formal training, such as Zazen. It's based on ancient meditation techniques and its goal is to still your mind. Hopefully, as your mind quiets, you will be able to develop concentration (Joriki). With strong joriki, you can direct and focus your mind which could be an aid to those of us, whose Mental and Intuitive Aspects are under balanced. The regular use of some form of meditation incorporated with Personal Aspects will help you bring balance into your life, and will allow you to better know and accept yourself.

Learning and developing balance is also about flexibility and adaptability. Many of us have learned different techniques to help us compensate for the strengths or skills that we do not have expertise with. One great example is Scott Adams, a cartoonist famous for his Dilbert comics. He has focal dystonia, which hinders his ability to draw. Scott has had to utilize software tools to help him draw his cartoon. His techniques help him to lesson the stress on his hands, while continuing to draw the comic himself.

Developing real balance is about common sense. It may also be about learning from past experiences and mistakes. We must be aware of our daily activities, and determine for ourselves what amount of activity is too little, too much and what is enough. The previous column encouraged you to set an intention to live in a more aware manner. Now, you may wish to widen your intention to incorporate balance. Part of this process is listening to the call of your soul. What does it want and are you willing to listen?

Simplifying your life can also be a big part of your balance process. For those of us who fill up entire day planners, you will need to find ways to stop over scheduling. However, many people, including me, have the opposite problem and I've found that by actually having a day planner, I've brought simplicity to my life. I've come to realize that when I have no idea of my schedule and cannot find my important documents, my life becomes complicated and there's little space for what is really important to me. Part of having balance for me is staying organized with the proper tools. I have also found that looking to others for feedback is a valuable part of this process. As you bring more balance into your own life, you'll find new techniques that work for you.

Success for each of us depends on finding our own inner sense of balance. Remember that balance is a life process. There isn't anybody else who will be able to tell you how to live your life in a balanced way. Only you can define balance within your own life, which means that living a balanced and healthy life is up to you.

Good luck on your journey into Soulful living and Numerology!

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