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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com


Life Lessons and Numerology

"Life is all memory except for the one present moment that goes by so quick you can hardly catch it going." --Tennessee Williams

In this column we'll discuss life lessons and Numerology. As part of this discussion we'll talk about your personal Life Path number. It has several facets, but most importantly for us, it describes the theme of the lessons that you may learn through experience as you move through life, and this is where we will focus on in this column.

Now you should know that the Life Path is the sum of all of the numbers in your birth date.

Example: If a person was born on April 12, 1962 (4-12-1962), add the month (4) to the day (12) to the year 1962.

Within Numerology, you would add the full year together first: (1 + 9 + 6 + 2 adds to 18). Then reduce the year value to a single digit: (1+8 = 9). Then, the total of the month , day (1 + 2 = 3), and year is: (Month: 4) + (Day: 3) + (Year: 9) = 16 (which adds together as 1+6 = 7). This person has a Life Path of 7.

Primarily, I think that we all realize that true life lessons are learned by living your life. Most of the time, we are not living in the moment; we let fear, memories and daily routine get in our way. In order to fully learn from life, you have to be awake and present. You have to face life and the challenges that it brings. It's about being aware and being the true you, which means that you are willing to take on authentic and meaningful challenges. As you do this, then you will gain experience and knowledge about yourself and your abilities. For those of us that do take on challenges, your Life Path will become more important as it can highlight particular pursuits that will be most rewarding to you.

Utilizing your life lessons will require a level of compassion for yourself and others. Some of our lessons can be distressing. You may want to look for tools or techniques that will help you to remind yourself to be compassionate. Being hard on yourself will probably not help you to be as successful as you could be. One simple and powerful tool, The Serenity Prayer, may help you to find some peace with yourself and the lessons that you learn. It is: "Give me the wisdom to change what I cannot accept, the wisdom to accept what I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference"

Understanding your Life Path is a learning process that involves finding out who you are. It comprises living authentically and truly trying to pursue the life that you desire. One way to live through your life path is to seek out the activities that you love, no matter the difficulties. Part of life is about learning, and learning from your mistakes (or life lessons) can help you to grow. Following the guidance represented by your Life Path is about being honest with yourself; listening to your inner voice and actually living authentically. Part of this is understanding that we will have fears and doubts, and living with them. Eventually you may be able to live with or step past your fears.

As you learn more about yourself you can get a better handle on the things that trigger your personal uncertainties and fears. I think that it's vitally important that you are willing to learn from the past. Learning from the past is probably the most critical part in utilizing and working with your own life lessons. There is a distinction between "learning from the past" and "living in the past." For instance, I am sure that as an adult, you don't touch hot stoves any more. Your Life Path number can offer some guidance on the types of lessons that you will learn about and experience. It will be up to you to incorporate what you have learned into your life in a constructive and healthy manner. We all make mistakes, but we can learn and benefit from them, instead of dwelling in regret. After all, don't you want to live the kind of life where regrets are not impediments, but building blocks, and perhaps even something to learn from.

Your Life Path number can help you to be more aware of the particular lessons that you may face within your life. Below is a chart of the particular life lessons that you may face, based on your life path number.

Important lessons, based on your life path:

Life Path Skills, traits or qualities to learn about

#1  Learning about balance, especially around independence
    Learning to have self-confidence
    Learning about leadership

#2  Learning to be optimistic
    Learning to share
    Learning to trust others

#3  Learning to value your talents
    Learning to be expressive in healthy ways
    Learning to believe in yourself

#4  Learning to have fun and be non judgmental
    Learning that you can't control everything
    Learning about trust

#5  Learning to trust in your beliefs
    Learning to find time for rest
    Learning about staying in one place

#6  Learning to take care of yourself
    Learning about personal guilt
    Learning about personal roles

#7  Learning to focus
    Learning when it's time for action
    Learning about insight

#8  Learning to delegate and let others have some control
    Learning to be a good leader
    Learning to value outside opinions

#9  Learning to be realistic
    Learning to trust your gut
    Learning not to isolate

#11 Learning about idealism (see #2 as well)

#22 Learning to be practical (see #4 as well)

As an example, consider someone with a #8 life path. This person will generally have to face lessons around leadership and delegation, and related categories as well. All of us may face similar issues, but for these people, learning and life lessons around their own leadership abilities is vitally important for them to grasp and understand. They may repeatedly have to face situations in which they are called upon to make critical decisions. As they age, the decisions will gain in importance in their career and personal lives. Somehow they will have to find a way to gain perspective on these particular leadership challenges within their lives, in order for them to develop the skills and qualities represented by the life path and other personal numbers.

Learning to face your doubts, fears or uncertainties and balance yourself is important. But how do we do that? Finding ways to focus and center may help, but before we talk about that, you should know that recently there have been studies which indicate that the heart has a greater role in our total health than we ever thought. Recently researchers at the HeartMath institute, and other facilities, have found that heart has its own basic brain and nervous system. The studies show that every beat of our heart carries complex messages that affect our emotions, health, and quality of life. Knowing about the power of the heart, makes most of us want to change our lives to tap into the benefits. But, how can you benefit from all of this research? I believe that meditation may be one way to benefit. It can help you to find your center and allow you to ease your fears. One of the most obvious, and studied, rewards of meditation is the reduction of stress. So, developing a practice around centering meditation could dramatically influence your health.

For me, I find that a simple silent meditation helps to slow my 'inner chatter' down, which can be very distracting. In fact, I got a great chance to learn about quieting my mind during a recent 2 week retreat which included 3 days of silence. I learned about the importance of being still and simply finding a quiet spot to relax and breathe. It was a powerful time, especially for the meditation. Meditating on a regular basis may help you to be able to live more in the present moment. This may help you to find a way to better live through the energy of your Life Path, which benefits from your ability to be present, and being who you are and not the person that others may have dictated or expect you to be. It's your choice.

Those people who are more outer directed, and about being of service to others (especially Life Path #4 and #6) may want to think about incorporating some kind of meditation in their lives, as it will bring your concentration inward and allow you to focus on yourself, rather than the noise of your daily life.

Amazingly, recent research also has shown that when you learn how to intentionally shift to a positive emotion, your heart rhythms will quickly change for the better! What is even more revelation is that, as you experience emotional reactions like anger, irritation, worry, hatred, frustration and personal doubt, then the analysis and research quite remarkably illustrates that your heart rhythms become erratic and incoherent, which then interferes with the communication between the heart and brain. This can create or trigger a series of internal, body based, reactions; your blood vessels become constricted, then your blood pressure rises, and the power of your immune system becomes diminished. However, a positive change in your emotions, which is also reflected in heart rhythms, will create a favorable flow of biochemical actions that benefit your whole body, with the stress reducing effects that are long lasting.

What stops you from becoming less stressed, more positive or expansive? Well known author, Joan Boryseno says: "Whenever you feel stressed, remember that you have a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace." In the past, I guess fear is one thing that kept me in certain stressful patterns. What is most annoying, is that most of the time, I see later, that the fear is mostly in my mind. I know I can create all kinds of impossible scenarios. Only you can move past your fears. Learning to center and meditate can be ways to deal with your worries. Fear, often keeps us from growing and reaching our potential.

Another tool that can keep you from living in the past, and help you to feel less stress, is forgiveness. I feel that it's a natural extension of compassion. Author, Dr. Andrew Weil says that "The events of September 11 teach us to maintain healthy relationships. If there's someone you're on the outs with, forgive them--it's a powerful healing tool." To tap into the power of forgiveness, you can say the words below, in person or as a quiet prayer. You can develop your own words of forgiveness, but the words that Dr. Weil suggests are: "I forgive you for whatever you may have done that caused me pain, intentionally or unintentionally, through your actions, through your words, even through your thoughts, through whatever you did. Through whatever you didn't do. However the pain came to me through you, I forgive you. I forgive you."

We all have the ability to achieve our greatest and deepest dreams. Don't let your blocks, obstacles, pain or insecurities hold you back. Find ways to let go of stress and find ways to live your life in a nourishing, supportive and productive manner. You may want to utilize some of the techniques here, or develop your own routine. Even something as simple as some form of moderate exercise may help. During recent studies, Columbia University researchers checked the activity levels of several thousand adults, and they discovered that those who were active had lower rates of anxiety. "It's not a magic bullet, but increasing physical activity is a positive and active strategy to help manage depression and anxiety," says Kristin Vickers-Douglas, Ph.D., a psychologist at Mayo Clinic.

Willingness to learn, about yourself, will help you to embody the qualities that your Life Path represents. As you live your life in this way, you will find that you can draw others to you who wish to learn from you and utilize your strength, knowledge and courage. This involves being a vibrant, and active life participant, instead of passively existing. Willingness to learn will help you to take ownership of your life. When you engage yourself in your life the world around you will become more alive. This is what the Life Path number is about. Find the pursuits that feed your inner flame and go after them. Your Life Path is directly linked with your passion, vitality and your connection with others. When you are on your Life Path, you are connected with yourself. Also, know that personal accomplishment brings joy, pride and experience.

Use your own insights, especially those you learn from your Life Path, to discover more about yourself. As you progress and step onto your Life path, the qualities, skills, and abilities that you develop through your actions can brim over into your life. You will discover that you can really use your developing abilities to succeed beyond your wildest dreams and help others to do the same.

Good luck on your journey in Soulful living and Numerology.

Tools & Resources:

Life Path

Serenity Prayer

Exercise Eases Anxiety

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