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What's Your Number? SM
A Monthly Numerology Column
January 2002

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by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

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Being Present with the Help of Numerology

“I take a simple view of life: keep your eyes open and get on with it” --Sir Laurence Olivier

This month we will talk about mindfulness, awareness, and being present. Today there is an assortment of books on the subject of being aware. Many even offer plans that guide you day-by-day through the entire year. With the aid of numerology, this process is something that you can do for yourself.

As part of your own yearly, strategic planning process, you can build a timeline based on the information provided by your Personal Year, or even the current year (Universal Year). Your Personal Year is a strong indicator of the trends and circumstances that you will experience during the year. The timeline can be used as a way to make, evaluate and measure your plans, as well as any associated risks. Do you want to wait for life to happen, or do you want to go out and take on challenges? Of course, some years are better suited to planning, rather than action.

During any Personal Year (or Universal Year) there are several important time points to be aware of. These time points include the beginning, Peak, and the end point. The beginning of a year is often a time when we begin new projects and make changes in our lives. Another year has passed, and you may look at relationships, which have not matured with a different eye. This is often the time when many people decide to “clean house” and enact some new life-style regimen.

The Peak point, which occurs 6 months after the start of your Personal year, represents a culmination of events. It is also a time to reflect and look ahead. Within Astrology, the Peak point relates to the opposition*. Stressful events that occur around the time of your Peak point can be more troublesome or traumatic to you than others with Peak points at different times during the year.

The end point is the last day, of the last month. It is definitely time to reflect and think back to the past year. There are also Action Points, which occur, in the third and ninth month of the year. The Action Points involve events that stimulate or energize you in some way. During this time, people, events, or activities may move into your life that encourages you to act in a timely manner. Thomas Jefferson, born on April 2, had an Action point in July. On July 4th he signed the Declaration of Independence and in another year he died on July 4th.

Creating a viable timeline involves regular examination of activities, thoughts, symptoms and emotions in your life. This process can be started during any year, but can be most insightful during a #7 or #9 year. This is a course of stepping forward, acknowledging and recording whom you are. It is about reaching for verve, passion and zeal. You can look at life through rose-colored glasses, if you want to, but we will attempt to be more a part of it. Holding yourself back, ignoring warning signs (physical, mental, emotional) and drifting through life will not help you get where you want to be. In fact, holding back or hiding from your issues (monetary, relationships, health) can be unhealthy, unwise and restricting.

This process is about action, focus, determination and being properly prepared. Once we know and understand what the year can bring we can better prepare ourselves for the possibilities that may happen. For example, a #2 year represents a time to develop relationships of all kinds. Each year offers a unique set of challenges, opportunities and advantages. Hibernating in #2 or #3 year, means that you will miss out on meeting a lot of fun and interesting people. However, hibernating in a #7 year can be rejuvenating and rewarding for your soul. Failure to utilize the rewards or opportunities that are available during any given time period means that you will have to wait until similar patterns, vibrations, or energies are available again. This doesn’t mean a particular task will be impossible, it just means that your focus may be elsewhere. If you do not take advantage of circumstances within your Personal Year, you may have to wait another 9 years, before you experience the same Personal Year again as we progress through a series of 9-year cycles in our lives (1-9). This makes it all the more critical for you to be aware, ready and open to experience life as it happens.

As you move through the year, you can record your thoughts about events that happened during each month. It can help to record the bulk of your notes in a journal and include brief notes on your timeline. You may find personal symbolism or patterns within each month. For instance, for most of us, January 1 (the 1st month) marks the start of a new year. Within Numerology the number 1 represents beginnings, opportunities and adventure. Perhaps, for you, January symbolizes a time for new changes, hope, chances, new beginnings, a clean slate or time to try again. Perhaps, for you, this is symbolized by your birth month. December is the last month of the year, as such, it can be a time to reflect and think back on what you’ve accomplished. For some, unfortunately, February marks a time when they “give up” and forget about the resolutions that they made in January. The summer often is a time for vacations, relaxing and taking it easy.

For many of us, certain times of the year hold great significance in our lives. A certain event may symbolize, or represent a time when we first left home, graduated, got a divorce, etc. Symbolism is a key piece of the Numerology puzzle. Being aware of your feelings and memories and their triggers and associations in your life is important when you are trying to be mindful. Some events in your life may bring up memories that cause you to be angry, confused, alert, sad or happy. Writing them down in a diary or journal can lead to a better understanding of actions or events that are important to you. In this fashion, you can easily develop your own definitions/meanings. What is the theme of the month for you? Build up your own unique definitions for each month. Perhaps you can find patterns in your life. You may find out that you always go out for hot chocolate on Wednesday. Perhaps you tense up when your friends talk about money. In a #8 year this could be a real possibility, especially when you are not living up to your full potential. Perhaps certain types of television shows make you laugh. In #4 #7, and #9 years, you may need to find simple ways to entertain yourself and let go of stress Whatever you find out about yourself can be useful and illuminating. At the very least this process teaches you to be more dedicated and aware.

Your timeline can give you a quick glimpse of the entire year. It also illustrates the numerological cycles that occur throughout the entire year. You could analyze each month if you want to, but we will focus on the year. To build your Personal year timeline you will need to understand your Personal year cycle. Your Personal cycle begins on your birthday and runs until your next birthday. Each month within your personal year will begin on the same date as your birthday and overlap into the next month. By determining the Personal Year Cycle you are in now, you can determine the numeric vibrational patterns you will experience throughout the year.

The Peak point (Opposition within Astrology) and the Action points (Square within Astrology) can be challenging times. Of course, answering the questions and dealing with issues that come up during the year can assist you in handling the obstacles that arise during the year. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Your friends and family may be valuable resources. Being present, and willing to work through difficulties, can help to bring you closer to those that you want to be in relationship with. Next month we will talk more about relationships and communication, but for now consider how by not being present you are not fully connecting with the people around you. Consider for a moment the total amount of time you spend at work, versus the amount of time you spend with your friends and family.

Think of the your Personal year cycle as a wave in the ocean. You start at the bottom of a wave, proceed to the top, and come back down toward the bottom. The top of the wave is the Peak of your Personal Year Cycle. Often, dramatic shifts and changes happen at this time. You should evaluate this for yourself during the year. As you fill in your timeline, you may begin to ask questions about your life and the activities that you pursue. These questions may include:

Why do I do that?
Can I do that differently?
Do I need that?
Do I want that?
Why do I procrastinate?
Do I let others direct my life?
Am I doing what I want to do?

At times, the answers to these questions may show you that you are not listening to your inner voice. Being mindful, of course, means that you are more aware of this voice. What do you want to do about it? In a #5 year, you may not want to do anything about it, and may wish to just get out and see the world. You may wish to do some reading about listening to your soul. Activities like Guided Imagery, Counseling and Voice Dialogue may also assist you with uncovering inner longings.

The timeline can be best utilized by indicating areas of demand or conflict in your life. It can also help you to connect with your natural rhythms. Good health is important to your process because poor overall health can limit, or remove, your opportunities to step forward in your life. When you look at your personal details on paper, perhaps you will realize that there really is something happening that you need help with. Perhaps you are in a #6 year and need help with family obligations. Perhaps you will find that you are indeed taking care of the major issues in your life. Whatever you recognize, understand that being present means that when your life has extra demands you can acknowledge it and not turn away from them. Caring for loved ones, especially in a #6 year, can be both painful and rewarding. Being present may help you to find a way to learn, grow and change as result of, or in spite of, tension in your life. Know that the critical points in the year (months 3, 6, and 9) are important times to pay attention to your health. Rest can be as important and action. Proper planning can provide time and space for rest, recuperation and rejuvenation.

Your Life Path is another vital tool that can be used in conjunction with your timeline and mindfulness process. It of course indicates the areas of interest, craftsmanship and skills that can help to keep you the happiest. The activities of a #1 year can help you to unlock many of the mysteries of your Life Path. With each Life Path there are different needs. If you have a 4 or 6 Life Path then you can gain a great deal of support in your life through building stability, compassion, honesty and pride into your work life. A strong “family” presence can help you as well. The Life Path relates to your work but in a way that suggests you can be fulfilled and happy with your work and the work environment. When you are working according to your Life Path, you are deeply satisfied with your position. Your “work” may even bring great benefit to your community. Also, you don’t do work because you have to, but because you “want” to. You are not grudgingly working a job that you don’t want, building and storing contempt for the position.

Utilizing, and understanding your Personal Year cycle and associated tools can help you to better understand why you may do things in a certain way. However, the “why” is not so important, as understanding more about yourself. Remember that whether or not you utilize numerological tools there are benefits to being aware. Being present and having focus, especially within Numerology, strongly relates to your ability to be in life and to be the person that you need to be. Find a way to express yourself, step forward and connect with the world!

Good luck on your journey into Soulful Living and Numerology.

* The opposition. The opposition occurs when two planets are about 180 degrees apart. As the name implies, opposition are obstacles that must be resolved. Many people prefer to observe an opposition with an eye to the opportunities it can bring. With a finely tuned awareness of conflict, we can take the steps required to achieve a sense of balance and organization. The Square. Squares occur when two planets are approximately 90 degrees apart. Squares cause the friction and the hurdles that cause us to learn, change, grow and become productive.

Copyright © 2002 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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