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What's Your Number? SM
August-September 2004

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Moving Ahead with the Help of Numerology

“Every journey begins with but a small step. And every day is a chance for a new, small step in the right direction. Just follow your Heartsong. “ ~ Mattie Stepanek

What does it mean to “move ahead?” For many of us “moving ahead” can simply be a time when we are growing as individuals. It can be a time when we find new avenues of support for ourselves. I will look at moving ahead from a perspective of taking some first small steps, living through your spirit, being happy, and having joy in your life.

Numerology can help you by allowing you to focus on the energies, or opportunities, that are readily available to you during a particular year or other period of time. Remember, that while Astrology is based on the revolving planets, Numerology is based on the numbers and letters within your own name and birthday. Each number has its own season, or time frame. Within Numerology, we’ll be looking at your Personal Year, as it can be useful in indicating both opportunities and obstacles within your life at a particular time. Your Personal Year can help by illuminating the general themes that you can encounter. Hopefully you will be able to utilize your understanding of your Personal Year to help yourself move ahead.

Let’s suppose that you were born on April 22, and then the formula for your Personal Year is below:

(Month of birth) + (Day of birth) + (Current year)
Birthday: April 22
4+22+(Current Year)
2030 (is then reduced, by adding together all of the digits)
2+ 0 + 3 + 0

In this example, the Personal Year number is 5. Hence, if you are born on April 22, then 5 would be your Personal Year number for the current year. Your Personal Year runs from birthday to birthday. So, the person in this example will have a Personal Year of 5 from April 22, 2004 to April 21, 2005.

Now, your Personal Years can provide the building blocks, and tools, for your personality. Each year brings new skills, lessons, traits, obstacles and accomplishments. With each year that passes, you have the opportunity to grow and improve. Like a skilled craftsman, you can use your “building blocks” to build something magnificent or leave it all in a tumbled heap. It all depends on your own level of maturity and development.

Numerology goes in cycles of 9 and each year in the cycle has a number from 1-9 associated with it. Each individual year has its own characteristics, as symbolized by the number itself. For instance, a Personal Year of 1 has all the qualities that the number 1 has, and so on. They are summarized briefly below:

1 Year: A year of new beginnings, energy, fresh starts
2 Year: A year of relationships, understanding, and cooperation.
3 Year: A year of activity, creativity, art, motivation, and inspiration.
4 Year: A year of hard work, legality, discipline, and opportunities.
5 Year: A year of change, freedom, and unpredictability.
6 Year: A year of responsibility, communication, love and aid.
7 Year: A year of introspection, thought, analysis, and spiritual atonement.
8 Year: A year of authority, action, reward, respect, and recognition.
9 Year: A year of completion, endings, and change.

Utilizing the benefits of your Personal year is up to you. Hopefully you will know when it time to “put your nose to the grindstone”, relax, or simply review your life. Ultimately, living within the energy of your Personal Year, is about following your inner spirit. Mattie Stepanek would call it following your “Heartsong.”

Speaking about Mattie, Jerry Lewis, said that: "His example made people want to reach for the best within themselves." Throughout his young life, he was in and out of the hospital, but Mattie stayed positive. He said that he strived to bring out his inner voice, which he called his “heartsong.” He wrote 5 books of poetry, which sold millions of copies.

To live through your own inner spirit, you need to be aware of any issues that hold you back. What are your issues? Ask yourself whether they are financial, emotional, or personal? You can utilize your strengths in different ways depending upon your needs. What are you yearning for? What if you had the power to do one thing that would change your life this year? What would that be? What gets in your way from doing it?

Perhaps you can benefit from the opportunities presented by your Personal Year. For instance, starting a big new project can get an extra boost from the power of a Personal Year of 1.

Do you have fears about money? On a financial level, moving ahead can be about finding a new job, starting a new business, or perhaps saving for an important investment. I know that a friend of mine is on the precipice of a grand new undertaking. He is nervously investing in a franchise. Coincidentally, he is having a Personal Year of 5. He does in fact feel the need for change. He has had this vision in mind for a long time, and has made financial sacrifices to get there. For him, change is a big issue, but he has slowly built up his credibility and management skills so that he knows and believes that he can succeed and move ahead.

Do you feel alone? On an emotional level, moving ahead can be about building and strengthening relationships. Being conscious, being open, helping others, striving to better yourself are all especially important in relationships. Sometimes one partner can grow, and mature past the other. One problem that can creep into a relationship is miscommunication. Perhaps you let fears and worries prevent you from fully expressing yourself. Perhaps, you don’t work hard enough to bring focus to certain issues. Leaving things left unsaid, has prevented me from moving ahead in relationships. Also, it can be especially hard when you both are in conflicting Personal Years.

Perhaps you don’t know what your fears are, or have an only a vague idea of what you need to move ahead. I believe that if you listen to your inner desires (perhaps through your Soul Number), you may begin to understand what you need in your life.

Your inner desires may be reflected in your dreams. Your dreams may be able to provide real clues to your inner desires. In fact, certain traditions have a rite called the Istiqara, where the dreamer repeats a particular prayer, enabling him to dream a solution to a particular problem. Edgar Cayce taught, that dreams reflect and show activities in your body, emotions, mind and attitude. His philosophy was that a dream can help you to understand your life in general. Hence, if you record your dreams, they can help you to learn more about yourself.

Paying attention to your inner desires may help you to be more focused and aware in your daily life. After all, you have to be willing, and able, to see and accept the opportunities that come your way. You also need to be willing to want to move ahead. If you desire to seek out your full potential, then you must make your dreams and desires important. Find the tools that will help you to accomplish your goals. Perhaps, you would like to implement a 5-year plan in your life. A 5-year plan would be best implemented in a Personal Year of 1.

One of the most important things to remember when you want to move ahead is to be yourself. Be the best "you", that you can be. One person who embodies this is mountain climber Ulrich Inderbinen. He had a very dry wit, strong will and a great deal of inner drive. In fact, when he was asked if he ever got bored, always re-climbing the same peaks, he replied, “Only when the clients walk too slowly.” He scaled the Matterhorn more than 370 times, though he lost track of the exact number.

To tap into the energy of your Personal Year, perhaps like Mattie, you can write your own poetry. Perhaps art, exercise or reading may help you. If those things don’t work for you, perhaps you can try to dream the meaning. Dreams can be particular effective during Personal Year of 7 or 9, as these can be times of introspection. Believe in the power of your dreams. Believe in yourself. Be yourself. Follow your heart. Do whatever you need to do to bring joy into your life. For some of us, finding the courage, heart, and strength to make fresh beginnings is a challenge. Hope, faith, inspiration and courage may come from others or from deep within ourselves. Perhaps Mattie, Ulrich, or your own dreams may provide inspiration for you to move ahead.

Tools & Resources:

Personal Year Interactive Reading:

Ulrich Inderbinen

Mattie Stepanek

J. A. Hadfield, Dreams and Nightmares 

Copyright © 2004 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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