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What's Your Number? SM
April-May 2004

Numerology Books

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Numerology & Life's Crossroads

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. --Robert Frost

"There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full." --Henry Kissinger

This month we will utilize Numerology to help us safely walk through life’s crossroads. The “American Heritage Dictionary” defines crossroad as: “…A crucial point. See Synonyms at crisis” And a crisis is defined as: “A point in a story or drama when a conflict reaches its highest tension and must be resolved.“ In other words, we have reached a point in time where some choice or action must be taken. Before reaching this point Numerology can be best used to help you to stay balanced, be prepared, and have the courage to take risks.

Your Personal Year number can help you to with this process. It can help you to be more aware of your own 9 year growth cycles and to make more insightful decisions. Look back 9 years ago, and evaluate that time. You are probably experiencing events now that are similar, in essence, to that time. For instance, you may have moved to a new city nine years ago, and now you could be spending time to help a parent, or friend, move into a new home. The events may differ, but the underlying essence or theme remains the same: movement and change.

If you know what to expect in a particular year, you can be better prepared. Each year brings new opportunities and new challenges. Also, know that gratefulness, empathy, passion and compassion are especially important when you evaluate your progress through life. This is particularly true if you feel you have reached a personal crossroad. Pay attention to the “theme” of your current year as it may lead you to unexpected, yet beneficial, resolutions to many situations.

The One Personal Year is a time for new beginnings. Now is the time to take risks. It is not a time to wait, instead you need to be ready to recognize opportunities and go after them since you could very easily miss the benefits that this year provides. Now is also the time to plant the seeds for the future. Crisis at this time might involve independence, leadership and creativity issues. Have you wanted to open a business, ask someone out, or move to a new apartment? This may be the year to jump start these ideas that have been idling or stalled.

The Two Personal Year is a time for relationships of all types. However, it does require that you learn about diplomacy, teamwork and patience. Of course, any seeds that you planted in the previous year will need to be cared for now as well. Crisis at this time might involve business or relationship issues.

The Three Personal Year is a time of relaxation, celebration, births, victories and rewards. You may find that you are more engaged with parties, networking and social interaction than usual. Now is also the time to pay attention to your physical and emotional health. Your social life will benefit if you find ways to nurture yourself, avoid over indulgence and alleviate stress. Crisis at this time might involve endings, greed, or jealousy.

The Four Personal Year represents structure, stability, labor, organization and concentration. You will benefit by completing any unfinished projects at this time. You may need to find a few pioneering or resourceful solutions to some of your issues. In some ways, you may feel constrained by situations in your life, but the experience you can gain now can be extremely useful later. Crisis at this time might involve dependence, reliability and control.

The Five Personal Year is about flexibility, change and education. There may be a level of risk for you, this year. Do not be afraid of chasing after opportunities to further your education, relocate, change jobs, or travel. Crisis at this time might involve funding, moving or stagnation.

The Six Personal Year will bring a focus onto creativity, your relationships and your communication skills. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and members of your community can all play a larger role in your life now. Your connections with others can improve and deepen, if you are willing to open up and let them into your life. You may also feel more responsible for your family as well. Crisis at this time might involve selfishness, business issues, or cowardice.

The Seven Personal Year represents a time of inner reflection. At this time you may begin to wonder about your purpose in life. What do you want out of life? Now is the time to “weed out” the things that no longer fit into your life. Perhaps it is time to clean the attic, eat healthier or change jobs. Crisis at this time might involve escapism, practicality, and honesty.

The Eight Personal Year represents a time for monetary rewards, material issues, career, and other accomplishments. Being stable, healthy and organized is important. Others can seek you out for your guidance and authority. Be ready to lead and don’t be afraid to delegate. Crisis at this time might involve leadership abilities, communication, fear and apathy.

The Nine Personal Year is a time of completion, change, renewal and endings. You are completing a nine-year Numerology cycle this year! It is time to look back on the past 9 years and think about your knowledge, skill, and experience that you have gained. Crisis at this time might involve courage, determination, fear, dependence and pride.

Of course, whatever is going on in your life, you need to be ready to recognize opportunities and go after them. You should be ready to apply yourself and utilize the people, events, and challenges in your life for good. It means living soulfully. You are not sitting back. You are willing to explore the inner corridors of your soul. You are willing to stretch beyond where you are now. You accept the fact that you may face personal obstacles. This means that you are finding ways to know yourself, which will help you to be better prepared, when you happen to be in “the right place”. When opportunity knocks, wouldn’t you like to have the courage and strength needed to open the door?

How can you best be ready to seek out new opportunities in your life? How can you best be ready to handle challenges in your life? How can you avoid or limit crisis? Well, if you are physically healthy you will have a better chance at being ready and able to handle life. Interesting research has been done into the ways your mental, emotional and spiritual sides can be used to improve your health.

Psychoneuroimmunology focuses on the fact that we are in control of our own health. It is amazing, but it’s real! You have the ability to change your health based on your thoughts and emotions! One doctor and author that has done similar health research is Dr. Robert Ivker. Although Dr Ivker’s primary focus is men’s health, he points out that for both men and women there is can be considerable disparity between what your doctor calls "healthy" and the way you feel. He emphasizes the fact, that for him, true and optimal health encompasses body, mind, soul and spirit! Other research, like the study done by Mika Kivimäki, Ph.D of the Department of Psychology at the University of Helsinki in Finland emphasized the body-mind connection. The research showed that men’s health is more vulnerable to stressful life events. This study went on to show that women, in general, have stronger support systems.

Numerology can also help, by allowing you to listen to your heart. We often spend so much time dwelling on our issues that it becomes difficult to think. Sometimes too much thinking can desensitize you and numb your heart. Over thinking can lead to inaction, worry and depression. Sometimes you have to step back and listen to your heart, rather than analyzing. Your Soul Number can play a vital role here. The qualities it represents can be developed when you find a way to nurture your soul.

Now what do you do if you have family obligations? Do you put the care and concern of others in front of yourself? Be aware of how you prioritize your needs. Certain personal years (4 and 6 especially) can be challenging. These years could be times when stability and safety come to the forefront. You may need to make an effort to have “personal” time to meditate, go to the gym, and write. Family, or work issues, may dominate your awareness. What is crucial here is to find ways to make yourself important while addressing your responsibilities. Not allowing a situation to fully control your actions will allow you to develop inner peace and reduce stress. Being cognizant of your life, and the world around you, may allow you to be better able to live peacefully, without being sidetracked by inner anxieties and outer crisis.

In order to succeed and successfully work through a personal crisis, you will need ways to build self-esteem, belief, courage and stamina. When we believe in ourselves, we are better able to deal with challenging situations. Find ways to ask for help. Try to make time to stay balanced. Perhaps you can analyze your dreams, exercise (yoga, tai chi, kickboxing, aerobics), meditate or do therapy. Stress and illness can better handled, or even avoided, with the right skills and tools. Know that by reducing the physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress you can begin to heal. Of course, different tools will work better for you at different times in your life.

Also, a solution to a particular issue or crisis might be very simple or obvious, yet we are so “busy” that we don’t see it. With the help of friends, family, books and media we can gain perspective on our issues. For instance, I was listening to Donald Trump on his business reality show, and he said: “…I see people selling dirty cars. If they washed them they could get 200 dollars more…” Often we forget the details or we miss an opportunity through inaction. Others will seek you out, if they know that you are persistent, thoughtful, detail oriented, and concerned. Some crisis situations can be avoided by not letting things slide. Your Maturity Number can play a role here. Occasionally, we all can fall into a rut and let certain things go. However, living soulfully means that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work necessary for success. It doesn’t mean that you have to be a martyr or “Cinderella,” but you should be willing to put in some effort.

Remember that you are not here alone; we all have others in our lives who can help. You can also lend a hand to those who are less able to support themselves. If you have children, you might want to remember when you were growing up, and all the times when you felt lonely, isolated, self-doubt, confused, and disappointed. Helping them to understand what they are living through can be very beneficial. Your support can help your children navigate the hazards of childhood. For instance, A 9 Personal year can be difficult, yet very rewarding, for many children. They may have to face a move to a new school, divorce, or possibly even the loss of a loved one.

By simply being there for them, you will help your children to feel supported and part of the family. Also know that for many men/fathers, their inner nature doesn’t promote, welcome or encourage communication and sharing. Many fathers are unwilling, or perhaps unable, to discuss certain topics with their sons. Today there are many excellent books that cover father/child issues. Communication is important. Not only will you have to make time for yourself, but you will need to find ways to encourage your child as well.

Know that every year brings different rewards and challenges. You can grow and advance by being ready and prepared to take the risks and seek out the opportunities that can come your way in a particular year. Of course, not every risk will be appropriate for you. You can avoid some dangerous risks and personal crisis situations simply by staying mentally sharp and physically fit. Knowing yourself and your abilities will also help you to remain stress free, balanced and ready to challenge the world.

Good Luck on your journey in Soulful Living and Numerology.

Copyright © 2004 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 

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