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Rob Ragozzine

What's Your Number?TM

by Rob Ragozzine
of SimplyNumbers.com

Connecting with your Inner Self on 12/21/12

Let's discuss the inner qualities of 12/21/2012 – a date that has taken on much worldly, psychological and spiritual significance. This significance often is connected to a personal or collective unmet spiritual need. Finding a way to fill this need may feel overwhelming at first, especially without a sense of inner balance. Fortunately, the 21st speaks about balance as it relates to the Justice card in the Tarot.

If you've regularly been bringing balance into your life, you may feel better able to understand that these unmet needs may be a call toward developing deeper inner peace with your own personal practices.

Justice often signifies a need for balance, both from an inner and outer life perspective.  Also, this card often calls for clear seeing and reevaluation. With this in mind you might ask yourself how you've been supporting your inner life.  Have you felt a need for greater equilibrium? Of course, you might already be benefitting through a personal practice involving yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Tonglen or other method that helps you to reduce stress and develop greater calm in your life. Know also that your calm and happiness can spread to those around you.

Unfortunately, it seems a great amount of weight has been placed on the 21st, and it may be helpful to take some emphasis off of the day, and begin to look to it as an opening or starting point. Know that you won’t “miss out” by failing to fully take advantage of the 21st. Its potential can reach beyond one day. Simply know that you have an opportunity to connect with your inner life on a deeper level. By tending to your inner life, you’ll begin to satisfy many of your unmet inner needs.

What have you been looking to initiate? Now can be your chance. This can be your opportunity to step deeper into a religious, psychological or spiritual study you’ve been intrigued about. Take this time to open to your curiosity and move in the direction you feel is appropriate.

You'll likely want to spend some time in reflection. Be discerning and honest with yourself. Recognize your abilities and your strengths, but be willing to accept that you have weaknesses and limitations. This time can have much to offer, especially if you're willing to look within yourself for opportunities for healing, change and personal growth.  Also, be willing to be guided by your heart. What has it been calling for?

It’s also important to recognize that a strong Numerological theme for 2013 involves the opportunity to learn more about ourselves through our relationships. Friendship, love and unity are strong themes within the year. Be willing and open to address issues surrounding your relationships. It can be an excellent time to heal old wounds, and deepen your connections.

Understanding the opportunities that 2013 and the 21st provide can be an excellent opening for you to begin to heal personal and relationship issues, especially by being willing to admit your past mistakes, and to be forgiving of mistakes of your partners. Spending time devoted to learning about forgiveness and compassion can help you to mend relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

Justice also often signals a time when you’re called out for past actions and accomplishments. It’s also time to honor past commitments, both to yourself and others. Be willing to look to what you can both honor or release. What is serving or supporting you? What isn't?

You may have many questions at this time. It may take patience to fully answer them, and you may even wish to include others in a discussion about your conclusions. You can also use the questions below for greater insights.

How can I treat myself fairly

How can I open to greater joy?

What is my life a celebration of?

What is in balance in my life?

What is out of balance in my life?

What does life want for me?

What do you feel drawn to strengthen, build or release?

What am I interested in learning more about?

What am I curious about?

Remember, it starts with you. Look at the way you lead your life as a way to foster change and healing in the world. Understand that much of what is seen in the outer world reflects your inner life. Be willing to be curious. Follow and explore where your heart leads. 

Copyright © 2012 Rob Ragozzine. All Rights Reserved. 


Rob Ragozzine is an Intuitive Numerologist.  He enjoys helping readers how to rediscover their inner magic through Numerology, dreams, story, tarot, psychology and other healing tools.

To learn more about Numerology, you can join Rob on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/NumbersByRob or Facebook: www.facebook.com/NumbersByRob

Listen to his radio show, “Your Unfolding Senses,” every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern on www.awakenedradio.net, where Rob talks about opening intuition and working with tools like Numerology.

He also has a kindle book available for purchase. The book focuses on the use of Numerology, and other tools and techniques, as well, to help the reader reflect on life, find deeper meaning, overcome obstacles, express purpose and passion, and just have fun.



For more Numerology, Visit Rob at:

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