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Laura Day

The Circle:
How The Power Of A Single
Wish Can Change Your Life

by Laura Day

To start this new year off on the right track I’d like to invite you to make one single wish, the one change you want more than anything else in the world. You can make others after this one comes true. Your wish can be anything, "realistic" or not, as long as it is the one thing that you hunger for when you wake up and go to sleep yearning. Perhaps that wish is for that thing that you envy in others. Make your wish and write it down before you read the rest of this article. Keep this wish in your heart as you read on. We will work more on it later. You are going to use your own inner resources in The Circle to grant yourself this wish.

The Circle by Laura Day

How many times have you started diets over the holidays or greeted the first of the year with an overwhelming exercise program and a list of New Years resolutions. Huge, seismic, self imposed (mostly punishing) changes rarely work. They overwhelm too many different parts of us. These solutions deny the hunger and need, the insecurities and experiences that created the problem in the first place. If we could truly change our lives this way we’d all be thin, nonsmoking, vegetarians working from home making enough to donate large sums of money to our favorite causes while being able to afford all the organic produce we could eat!

The conceit of the "thinking" mind assumes that we can overcome years of programming, subdue our conflicting subconscious desires and the patterns we have created in ourselves and our world, by simply deciding. As a human being you are composed of many parts, intellect, intuition, the subconscious to name a few. We create our outer world and our experience of it, through these energies and perceptions. In a sense, we each live in our own world. The miracle of creation is that you can change your world by making subtle, organic changes in yourself.

Think back to the first time you fell in love. Remember the first time you found a mentor, a passion, a perfect job, friend, sport or hobby. Your life changed miraculously in that instant. And yet notice that the transformation was probably not a result of perfect planning, hard work, punishing exercise or self control. The change was simply a miraculous coincidence, an apparent accident of timing and opportunity. All that came before the change in your life was transformed in that synchronistic moment. Though it may have seemed to be the result of "luck," you created that metamorphosis by subtle shifts within you.

These subtle internal shifts induced external shifts in others and the world around you, paving the way for the synchronistic moment or series of evens that permitted your "miracle" to become real.

A circle is the most energy-efficient geometric form. All of life, from our cells to our planet, strive for the form of The Circle. A Circle occurs when all energy, within us and around us, is working together in perfect creative harmony, to form a life-giving pattern. The virtually limitless energy of The Circle is available to us all. It is available to you, right now. In those moments of "luck" or "miracles" you have stumbled into this energy unknowingly.

The nine elements of The Circle: How The Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life allow you to access and direct these "miracles" consciously and continuously.

I stumbled into The Circle in the very darkest moment of my life. Almost everything I loved and valued, all my support, even my beliefs were lost. As with trauma, one followed another until I did not recognize myself or the world and people around me. I remember the moment that I realized that I could fight no longer. I was out of resources, energy, ideas, plans, hope, belief. I let go. My total being was distilled to a single wish, one that seemed impossible to attain. I lived that wish. Within three weeks, my wish had come true and a new life, a wonderful life built itself around me. In documenting the elements of this experience, and using the elements with thousands of people and companies to create desired change The Circle revealed itself to me.

Even though I have been aware of my intuitive and healing abilities since I was very young, in moments of difficulty I would seek others out to answer the question "What is wrong with me?", "How can I heal?, What is going to happen?", "Are my dreams going to come true?". Not until I was forced by circumstance did I stop trying to fix what was wrong with me and rather use what was right in me that I realized that I could create the changes I wanted in myself and my life.

I am not unique. I have spent my career showing people that each of us is intuitive, a healer and a creator (whether we "believe" in this "stuff" or not!). What makes us powerful is our awareness of these gifts of self and our ability to direct our energy in the world around us.

So let us begin, you and I, this new year, together, in The Circle. If you simply put one foot in front of the other in The Circle, you will end up where you want to be and, more importantly, who you want to be!

Refer back to your opening wish. Pretend that your wish has come true. Feel your "New Reality," taste it, smell it, see it, think it, remember it, hear it. Experience and embrace your wish with all of your senses. Notice how life has changed around you in this "New Reality." Notice how you have changed.

As you embrace and embody your wish with all of your being your perceptions will change from moment to moment. You will notice barriers, judgments, memories and feelings. Do not be troubled. This is your subconscious emptying itself of all that gets in your way. Simply notice if something troubling comes up and let it go. If something troubling comes up again in the future discuss it with someone, ask someone to do a reading on it, a healing, do a drawing, dance it, work it through this issue in whatever way feels best to you.

As you embrace and embody your wish with all of your being notice that your New Reality has already happened and allow yourself the awareness that you are made of atoms of energy, each atom having a program now changed by your New Reality. Notice that not only are you made up of atoms of energy but also that everything in the room, your life, the world, the universe, is made up of this energy as well. Notice that as you change the program of your energy, all the patterns of energy, people and events change around you as well. As you change, you create a new world around you.

You have just completed the first two of the nine elements of The Circle needed to create your wish as reality. Conscious Creation and Embodiment. You should soon notice that even having just begun the process, meaningful coincidences will begin to occur. You will begin to both embody and experience in your world pieces of your New Reality. It will give you a glimpse of your own ability to create and recreate this New Year.

I Join you in The Circle,
Laura Day

© Copyright 2004 Laura Day.  All Rights Reserved. 

Laura's Newest Book:
Welcome to Your Crisis by Laura Day
Welcome to Your Crisis

Laura Day
Laura Day is the New York Times best-selling author of Practical Intuition and her newest book The Circle: How The Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life. She has taught the skills of intuition and healing to Physicians, Scientists, Celebrities, Investment institutions among others. Laura has appeared on Oprah, The View, Bis Buzz, CNN and a host of other National Television shows and print media. Laura specializes in teaching the "mainstream" how to use intuition and "energy" to change their businesses, health and lives. The Circle is a guide to use either alone or in a group to create positive, verifiable outcomes in the world. Laura lives with her husband, Adam Robinson, New York Times best-selling author and creator of Rocket Review and her son, actor/model Samson in New York City.

"The Circle takes fate and puts it in the hands of anyone who has the courage to dream."  --Nicole Kidman 

"Laura Day writes with vision and very practical wisdom - but far more significantly to me, I have seen her live this message of love in action, day in and day out. She is the real thing." --Wayne W. Dyer, Author 

"Intuition isn’t mystical. It’s a sort of background sense of how things should work; it's facts hidden in the brain. Intuition is logic. Laura Day guides you step-by-step through a systematic approach to getting in touch with this important faculty." --Dr. James Watson, Nobel Laureate and co-discoverer of DNA 


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