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Robin L. Silverman

Surrendering to Peace
by Robin L. Silverman

We live in uncertain times. We canít depend on anything any more, whether it be profits from blue-chip stocks, seasonal weather or security in our own home towns. More than ever, we crave peace. We want to know that everything will be okay and that happiness is just around the corner.

Something Wonderful is About to Happen by Robin Silverman

But there is war everywhere. Not just in Iraq as I write this, but in our own hearts and minds. With or without a gun in our hands, we are fighting the most vicious, life-defying enemy on earth: Fear. These days, people are afraid to fly. Afraid to spend money. Afraid they will lose their jobs. Afraid theyíll get sick or poisoned. Afraid to go out. Afraid to stay home. Afraid that life is passing them by before theyíve had a chance to live it.

Itís time to stop fighting and come home. Iím not talking about protesting war, which is only a war against war. Every time another voice rises in ferocious opposition to a conflict, it only adds energy to the discord that already exists. The road to peace both on earth and in our hearts lies not along a warriorís path, but by laying down our mental and spiritual arms right where we are and surrendering to peace.

Surrendering to peace sounds easy, but itís not, for to do so, we must first abandon our fear. This is incredibly challenging for most people, because we marshal all of our human strengths when we are afraid. Our values take a stand, our hearts pound with determination, our intellect chooses sides and our resolve hardens into steel. Our egos do everything in their power to protect us from possible harm. This can be a good thing if a bully is pointing a gun in our faces. But if there is no immediate physical threat, all this tense, angry energy prevents us from experiencing peace.

If we can let go of fear, even for a moment, something wonderful happens. The peace of God that is our essence begins to flow out. We feel it instantly in our bodies as a sigh of relief, warm hands and cool thoughts. We know it intellectually because our arguments go silent. Best of all, we become it spiritually, radiating a soft, comforting joy to everyone around us.

The Ten Gifts by Robin Silverman

The trick, then, is how to release the fear. I asked God how to do this the other night, when I awakened at 3 AM with my heart pounding and my fists clenched for no apparent reason. My soul heard a whisper, which I spoke out loud as a prayer: "I am nothing. I have nothing. I do nothing. All is God." I repeated this over and over and over. As I did, my tension completely disappeared and my heart became light and free.

If it sounds odd to you, try it with your own first name. "Mary is nothing. Mary has nothing. Mary does nothing. All that she is, all that she has, all that she does, is God." By taking ourselves out of the life and death equation, we stop struggling. Without the struggle, there is no winning or losing to fear. Without a need to defend our identity, our possessions or our actions, we can simply embrace life in the present moment. The result: instant and lasting peace.

Ending the war in our souls delivers us to life in exciting new ways. Suddenly, each person, object or experience sparkles with radiant energy. Nothing and no one is ordinary. Each person, every moment becomes memorable, special. We lack nothing, because whatever is right in front of us is totally fulfilling. Wonder is born, again and again and again.

So letís stop looking for and trying to create peace. Instead, letís surrender what is holding it back. Letís stop denying that we have it--that we are it--and allow it to come not to us, but through us. Letís become heroes to ourselves, rescuing our battered souls from the need to search in a hostile jungle of right and wrong. Letís give up the territories of self that have imprisoned us, opening our inner borders so that love may flow freely within and without. For then peace will not be an absence of war, but a genuine, lasting embrace of life.

© Copyright 2003 Robin L. Silverman.  All Rights Reserved.

Robin L. Silverman
Robin L. Silverman is the author of Something Wonderful is About to Happen: True Stories of People Who Found Happiness in Unexpected Places.



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