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Reiki is the Answer
by Patricia Rose Upczak

Are you tired of the imbalances in your life? Are you tired of hearing the horror stories of treatment of patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions? Are you appalled by the atmosphere that seems to have developed in our schools and daycare centers for our children? Do you wish for healing and balance in all areas of your life? If you have answered yes to any of these questions REIKI is for you.

Reiki (ray-key) is an ancient healing art that helps one's body balance its own energy and heal itself. The purpose and goal of Reiki is to help people balance their lives physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Reiki has been a transformative, powerful healing tool for me and has enabled me to discover the endless mysteries in life. There is so much to learn and explore. As human beings we can get stuck in the struggles of everyday life. The mundane can wear us down, but as spiritual beings having a human experience we can look at life from a different perspective.

Studying Reiki helps us to find the inner peace needed to gain this perspective. Through Reiki we can learn to live a life of expectedness, as opposed to a life of apprehension or negativity. We are pulled towards our destines through circumstances and synchronicities. Our job is to pay attention and take action when the timing feels intuitively feels right to us. Reiki helps us do that. It is not a religious belief. People from all walks of life use Reiki as a part of everyday life. I was a teacher of learning disabled adolescents for 25 years and it helped me with my students on a daily basis. Reiki helps us become clear channels of energy and light. You don't have to be special to do Reiki well - just take a Reiki class and start healing yourself naturally, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

One of the techniques I offer my Reiki students to visualize this force or energy is to imagine a divine ocean that is an enormous source of loving power. If we can imagine that we are tiny drops in this ocean and that each one of us is a spark within the whole. Every action we take has an impact on the rest of the Universe.

The main focus of Reiki helps us become aware of and heal the imbalances in ourselves and our lives. One of the greatest challenges for a Reiki pratitioner is to learn to view the world with compassion, clarity and without judgment. It is vital for our complete health to heal the multidimensional parts of ourselves. The path of Reiki can help all of us to do that. Reiki calls us to be authentic, whole human beings filled with integrity in all areas of our lives in order to balance our total health.

Rituals like meditation, Reiki and prayer empower us to experience the life we seek. This life does hold challenges and heartache, but it also has unbelievable beauty everywhere. It is important to start thinking of yourself as an energy being along with your physical body. It is my belief that a healers' path includes learning to develop peacefulness, unconditional love, gratitude, compassion and happiness through an act of intention. We are all multidimensional, multisensory beings connected to each other at many levels.

It is my firm conviction that our schools, hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and businesses would be much more positive, healthy atmospheres if people were encouraged to be involved in healing arts like Reiki. Reiki encourages and supports balance, respect and harmony at all levels. Our society and world could use that balance and healing now more than ever before.

There are may people teaching Reiki from different Schools of thought. Do research, ask questions and follow your intuition when investigating any healing art. There are many good organizations and books that will help you find the right teacher for you. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing tool that we all can use as a way to heal ourselves and this seemingly chaotic world of ours together.

©Copyright 2000 Patricia Upczak. All Rights Reserved. 

Patricia Rose Upczak is an author and Reiki Master who first began her studies of this healing method 15 years ago. She is also a Special Education teacher with 25 years of experience working with children and teenagers. She became interested in Reiki when she herself was in need of healing and has used her knowledge as a teacher and mother to share the essence of Reiki with others. The insight she provides about truth and simple living could only come from a person with life experience as a teacher and a provider. It is imperative to understand the basic components of Reiki and how it is meant to be used. This book explores the need for each of us to incorporate the peace and respect Reiki gives is into our own lives as well as the lives that surround us. 

Patricia is also giving a National series of Conferences and Classes this summer and fall. The events range from Reiki Classes to workshops on Synchronicity & Healing to Education Courses. The Reiki courses teach participants how to become level I & II Reiki Practitioners as well as understand how to use healing in their daily lives. The workshops/lectures Patricia offers give individuals assistance in understanding the process of healing and using that healing to become more creative. The Education Courses are designed to give current teachers new methods for teaching learning disabled students and are available for credit. To register for any event contact us at 303.258.0107, email synchron@csd.net, or click on our website at: http://www.csd.net/~synchron. Her latest book REIKI A WAY OF LIFE is available at bookstores, Amazon.com or can be ordered by calling 1-800-929-7889.


Visit Patricia at her website:
Synchronicity Publishing



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