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Lucia Capacchione

Reflecting on Divine
Presence in Our Lives
by Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R.

In this time of great natural disasters all over the globe, and of devastating world conflict, I am finding great solace by turning inward and reflecting on Divine Presence in my life. We can only control nature to a certain point. Recent calamities around the globe have taught us that lesson. And we can only influence politics and world events through external activity, like voting and community action, up to a point.

I have talked to so many people of late who feel dispirited by world events, by war, politics, revelations of greed and corruption. People of all ages seem to be falling into despondency. I am no exception. After watching any news show on TV, it is easy to get depressed. The news is usually bad. Good things are happening, to be sure. But they don't seem to make it to the television screen. I have friends who simply will not watch television news any longer. It's too depressing. They will get their "news of the world" elsewhere, but not there.

Living with Feeling
by Lucia Capacchione

Living with Feeling by Lucia Capacchione
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Purchasing this book at Amazon.com helps support SoulfulLiving.com!

In these difficult times, one thing we can all do is focus our attention inward. Not to the exclusion of living in the world. No, turning inward is not to be used as an escape. Rather it is a way to balance ourselves and stay centered in our soul life. Going within can refresh us and help us take charge of our reactions to the world around us. 

My favorite ways to turn inward are through meditation, journaling and inspirational reading. One form of meditation that helps me get centered is to repeat the words:

"I choose to experience Divine Presence now."

As I sit quietly and repeat this mantra, my mind tends to quiet down as I take in the meaning of the words. This can be a wonderful meditation.

It is also helpful to remember this phrase throughout the day. Especially when things are getting hectic and the outer world has pulled heavily on our energy and spirit.

"I choose to experience Divine Presence now. "

Just repeat those words silently to yourself. You can even put little flash cards or post-its around with that sentence printed on them. Put them in your organizer book, on the wall, next to your computer, on your desk, in the car.

I also find that reading what others have said about Divine Presence is immensely recharging. One of my favorite books is The Practice of the Presence of God, a classic spiritual text by Brother Lawrence. A simple, uneducated monk, he experienced Divine Presence in the most ordinary acts of daily life such as chopping food in the monastery kitchen. The God-intoxicated, ecstatic poems of Hafiz and Rumi are also great for transporting us back to our spiritual essence. Living in the Presence of God, by John Allan, is a contemporary gem and a favorite of mine. And another classic, Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, edited by Mary Strong, is filled with reminders of Spirit working in our lives. Gerald Jamplosky's, Shortcuts to God, is also a treasure.

The Creative Journal
by Lucia Capacchione

The Creative Journal by Lucia Capacchione
Buy at Amazon.com

Purchasing this book at Amazon.com helps support SoulfulLiving.com!

Journaling about Divine Presence has also been a great refuge for me when the outer world seems overwhelming. Some do this in a gratitude journal. If you already keep a journal, this could be a separate for Reflections on Divine Presence. This is a place to contemplate all the ways in which we experience Divine Presence in our lives. It often starts with writing down all the things we are grateful for. The people who bless us with their love and support. The places that give us safety and comfort. The work we do that graces us and the lives of others. The financial and emotional support that flows to us through others. 

The journal is also a wonderful place to record special experiences in sacred or holy places. I often reflect on my many trips to Assisi, the home of Francis and Clare, where I feel a profound Divine Presence. Just remembering walking the streets and hillside forests there, or visiting the places where these great beings are buried and where they prayed, gives me great comfort. I can think of parks, beaches and other places in nature where Divine Presence has been powerful and unmistakable. We each have our pilgrimage experiences, places we've been where we felt Divine Presence as tangibly as we feel our own hand. These are worth remembering from time to time.

by Lucia Capacchione

Visioning by Lucia Capacchione
Buy at Amazon.com

Purchasing this book at Amazon.com helps support SoulfulLiving.com!

Another way to get spiritually centered is to create a photo collage depicting our experience of Divine Presence. This makes it tangible and projects something back to us - a feeling, a mood, a heart's desire. Many people who have used my Visioning® method are now focusing on inner peace and love and on world peace. They know that world peace will come about from the inside out, from each of us continuing to wake up more and more to Divine Presence in our lives. For more details on the Visioning® method, go to: http://www.soufuliving.com/visioning.htm.

Magazine photos collages of Divine Presence will be different for everyone. One person may show pictures of nature, meditation gardens, animals, etc. Others might focus on people and even include snap shots of loved ones. The point is to create an illustration of how, when and where YOU experience Divine Presence. If you have never practiced awareness of Divine Presence in your life, or you have forgotten to do it, such a collage is a wonderful "visual affirmation." Take a photo of it. Carry it around. Scan it into your computer. 

Create a Divine Presence altar and mount your collage as a background. Place objects on your altar that have spiritual significance for you. Use it the collage as a focus for meditation and contemplation. Remind yourself to honor the divinity that resides within your own heart and soul.

© Copyright 2005 Lucia Capacchione. All Rights Reserved.

Lucia Capacchione
Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D, A.T.R, is an internationally known art therapist, corporate consultant, trainer and best-selling author of 12 books including, Recovery of Your Inner Child, The Creative Journal, and The Power of Your Other Hand and her new title, Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams (Tarcher/Putnam).

Dr. Capacchione conducts public workshops and trains professionals internationally through her Creative Journal Expressive Arts Certification Program. Her books have been translated into several languages and her work has been endorsed by such experts in the health field as Joan Borysenko, Bernie Siegel, Louise Hay, Gerald Jampolsky and Norman Cousins.

Recognized for her ground-breaking discovery of the healing power of writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand, Dr. Capacchione is a pioneer in healing and recovery through expressive arts. She has been the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles and frequent guest on radio and television. She is director of the Creative Journal Expressive Arts certification training program for professionals. 

An inspiring speaker, workshop leader and director of spiritual retreats, Dr. Capacchione engages audiences with playful, hands-on experiences. Widely acclaimed for her ability to catalyze innate creativity and inner wisdom, her methods are being applied in education, medicine, mental health, the arts and the entertainment industry. 

Website address: www.luciac.com
P.O. Box 1355, Cambria, CA 93428 USA
Phone: (805) 546-1424

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Visit Lucia at her website:



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