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Caroline Joy Adams

The Power of Positive Words
by Caroline Joy Adams

Words have tremendous lasting power, far more than we often realize. Negative ones can have terrible effects on us our whole lives long, affecting our deepest sense of ourselves as capable, lovable, worthwhile beings. Such words, often carelessly hurled at us without thought for the potential consequences, by parents, siblings, teachers or others in our early years can contribute to a legacy of self-doubt that can cloud our experience of life well on into our adulthood.

But the power of positive words is just as compelling. And those of us who have had the most challenging of childhoods often reveal that the one key element that allowed us to survive extremely difficult life circumstances was hearing words of encouragement spoken to us by at least one special person–whether a relative, teacher or friend, who showed compassion and understanding toward us, touching us deeply and helping us believe that there was indeed hope for the future.

It can also be the power of words, which we have read, that have effected us most deeply–perhaps stories of the lives of others, whether through fiction or non-fiction, that helped us believe that our lives could take a different turn and become something much more rich and special and magnificent, than our present circumstances would have made it seem possible.

I know that I have always been powerfully influenced by the words I have read, as well as the words others have spoken to me. And this has resulted in the lifework that I am now immersed in, which revolves around offering messages of encouragement and empowerment to others through my own words in various forms. I am deeply grateful for the life pathway that has lead me to be able to offer inspiration to others in this way, as I am often told that my words, whether through my books, inspirational magnets or prints, have given an individual just the message they needed on a certain day to help them face the challenges before them and bring forth their inner reserves of strength and confidence propelling them to take the life-changing actions that can lead them to a better place.

The seed for this work of mine was planted just about nine years ago, when I attended a social gathering at a friend of a friend’s house. I noticed that afternoon as I moved from room to room a series of affirmative messages on small strips of paper, written by those who lived there, and posted all over the house which seemed to speak to the heart of the reader wherever one looked. I was deeply impressed by this, and went home thinking that perhaps I should write empowering messages to myself, too. And since I happened to have the skill of making words look beautiful through the art of calligraphy, I realized that my affirmative messages to myself, were I to create and post them around my own house, would actually look quite compelling, too. Perhaps drawing my attention to them and allowing them to truly penetrate my heart, mind and soul to a deeper degree every time I looked at them.

This idea began to germinate in the back of my mind. And not long afterwards, I was part of a group that one night undertook to listen to a meditation tape by a powerful spiritual teacher named StarHawk. This tape had a wonderful story, guided visualization and chant, and it is still something I love listening to on a regular basis. It is called "The Way to the Well," and is about finding our place of power within. During the meditation, we were guided to find our interior place of power, and to then take back with us into our everyday life something as a remembrance of what this place of power felt like. And what came to me as I listened to the tape was this phrase–" Seek your truth, and speak your truth… for there is power in your visions and in your words…"

The next day I wrote this saying out on a peach-colored piece of paper in dark blue calligraphic ink–and posted it on my refrigerator, so that I might look at it again and again throughout the day. And as it turned out, this was just the beginning–for before long, a whole series of phrases had come to me. And one by one, designs formed around the words and these too made their way into small acrylic frames, which found their way onto tables, desks, bookshelves, counters, and bedside tables all over my house, so that no matter where I was, I was confronted by words that brought me back to that place of my inner sense of strength, beauty and power.

Before long, I showed my work to a group of friends, who loved what I had done, and encouraged me to print these sayings and offer them to others, perhaps even selling them in stores so that a wider audience could appreciate and use them. I agreed to do so–and thus began the business that evolved into what I decided to call "Inspirations," my series of affirmative, empowering sayings that now grace the homes of hundreds of thousands of people nationwide.

And though I do write with the unwavering intention and fervent hope that my words will make a difference to others, the truth is that I need to take in my own encouraging words just as much as anyone else possibly could. Because in reality, very few of us EVER receive enough positive, powerful words into our being–the kind of words that encourage us to believe that we are indeed beautiful, powerful, intelligent, creative beings with a unique and wonderful purpose and mission, right here and now, in every moment of every day.

Yet in order for us to truly rise to our highest state of loving energy, creativity, personal power, passion and spiritual awareness, we need constant reminders of who we really are at our essence. We crave, and need to hear words of empowerment and acknowledgment of who we are from all sources–as often as we can. And yet because very often we don’t receive these messages from those around us, even those we are closest to, as wonderful as that would be–we need to give ourselves every possible opportunity to hear such encouraging and affirming words–whether we speak them silently or aloud, or read them to ourselves.

For when we do so, we truly can feel a greater sense of our power and beauty flowing through use–energizing us to give more of ourselves to each other, and to blossom into the fullest possible versions of ourselves.

So I will leave you with these words from my most popular saying, Sacred Journey, which I wrote some time ago, but still read over myself every day–and hope that you too, will take these words into the very center of your being, know their truth, and thus come more deeply in touch with the beauty of your own soul.

May these words, too, allow you to open to the very power of the universe, that it may begin to flow through you ever more freely, attuning you to a sense of infinite possibility and limitless wonder about who you can become, and what exciting new direction your life may just be about to take. For at every moment, regardless of your current challenges, a new chapter of your life is about to unfold, and many special and unexpected blessings may be right around the corner. Just believe that it is possible, and you will then open to taking the actions that can bring more magic, joy, beauty and love into your life, starting right now!

With peace and blessings to you, now and always,
Caroline Joy Adams

Copyright © 2001 Caroline Joy Adams.  All Rights Reserved. 

Your Life is a Sacred Journey
And it is about change, growth, discovery, movement,
transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is
possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply,
 listening to your intuition, taking courageous risks,
embracing challenges at every step of the way…

You are on the path 
Exactly where you are meant to be right now…
And from here, you can only go forwards, shaping your life story
into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage,
beauty, wisdom, power, dignity, & love….

Caroline Joy Adams

"Sacred Journey" is available in a beautiful 11 x 14 print available through Caroline’s web site, as is the following saying which is available in a magnetic 3.5 frame: 

Always remember
who you are & why you are here…
For you, created in love, are truly a spark of divinity…&
your most sacred task in this lifetime is to open fully to your Spirit,
that you may find and use your unique gifts for the benefit of all….
To grow ever more deeply into your own inner wisdom…
& to learn to love yourself and those around you as
compassionately as possible…
and thus, shall your inner light radiate forth,
spreading warmth and beauty wherever you go…

Caroline Joy Adams

Caroline Joy Adams is an artist, writer, spiritual seeker, and creator of the "Inspirations Gift Collection," an empowering series of posters, prints and other items which feature her beautiful designs and words of inspiration. She is also the author of the gift book A Woman of Wisdom: Honoring and Celebrating Who You Are. Please visit her web site at www.CarolineJoyAdams.com.


Visit Caroline Joy Adams at:



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