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Diane The Path of Purpose: Awakening to Personal and Corporate Brilliance
by Diane Fleck

A funny thing happened on the way to Ö.

I guess you could say, it just sort of crept up on me. I was minding my own business, working hard, raising a family, trying to keep my head above water, when I started feeling like something wasnít quite right. I felt disconnected from work and my life. I felt like something was missing, but I didnít know what!

At that time, I had worked for 18 years in Corporate America. Most days I was just going through the motions of what was expected and not paying attention to how I really felt about the job I was doing. I just didnít have the commitment or passion that some of my colleagues had.

Years later I realized that what I was feeling and thinking was not uncommon. In fact, almost everyone has these feelings of discontent at sometime during their lives. I like to refer to that time in my life as waking up to divine discontent.

This discontent signaled the beginning of a fantastic journey. A journey of the soul. One minute youíre making the grocery list and the next minute your life begins to travel down another path. This path is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs and yes Ö humor, love, peace and joy.

It was during this time in my life that a friend introduced me to new ways of seeing the world. I began my search with lots of questions and no one to give me the answers I was seeking. It seemed like a path was opening up before me but I had no idea where it would lead. I guess you could say, I was on a mission! I wanted to know what all this was about. I wanted to understand and know my life purpose.

Once you begin this journey, your life changes. You change. The people around you may change. Everyoneís journey to the soul is similar but different. The energy of change has occurred and you will never see the world the same again. Itís like Mr. Toadís wild ride. All you can do is hang on, learn and go with the flow.

That sounds easier than it really is. Remember that this journey is also an adventure. You can choose to learn in a new way or get caught in the undertow of times past. We tend to bounce back and forth on this journey. Some days are better than others. Thatís all part of the plan. I call it the universal plan to awaken to your own brilliance, to the light and spirit of who you really are. The path of purpose is the gateway to your soul.

Values, Meaning and Intent.

Whether itís working with my consulting clients, giving corporate leadership workshops or acting as a spiritual guide, the questions are still the same. What gives you a sense of meaning? Whatís important to you? In other words, defining your passion and purpose gives you a sense of meaning. Itís the big picture, the why of your life.

It sounds so easy! Yet, the answers can be elusive. It takes some deep soul searching to feel like youíve found the answers to these questions. Iíve often said that itís not the answers youíre really looking for, but the right questions that will ultimately lead you to the path of purpose.

I suggest that you begin to look closely at what you value or whatís really important to you. When defining your values you can look at what you enjoy doing and why. Pay attention to what you do for fun or on your time off. What cause or associations do you belong to? Create a list of 20 things that you value and then look for the common denominator.

Your values serve as a foundation. It stirs the fire of creativity and enthusiasm. Itís from your values that youíll find your passion. The energy of passion is explosive and full of fire. This energy must have an outlet. It must move. When looking at your list, what gives you a sense of high energy?

Your purpose is the overriding why of your life, so it needs to be big enough to hold the energy for work and play. Experiment with writing a purpose or mission statement. This statement may change several times before you feel that youíve captured just the right feeling, verbiage and nuance of your spirit.

This statement is very important. It will help you stay focused and give you a lens big enough to view not only your spirit but how you fit into the world and the natural progression that Iíll address later in this article.

Let me illustrate my purpose statement with you. " I ignite passion, purpose and spirit." This statement is big enough for both my work and personal life. I consult, coach and teach how to achieve your highest potential while living from an authentic soulful place. The energy of the word ignite gives fire to the passion and encourages others to be who they really are.

Whenever Iím looking at a new project or endeavor, I always run it by my statement first to see if Iím coming from an authentic and soulful place. This also allows an outlet for other planes of expression and personality. In other words, my uniqueness, talents and abilities can shine through without obstruction.

I can see clearly now, the pain is gone.

Getting to this core issue of purpose and the why of your life sets off all kinds of alarms in the psyche. The ego starts to act up and feel threatened. You may go into confusion and doubt.

Your world may be turning upside down and inside out. Thatís exactly what you are to be feeling. Whatís happening is that you are learning to go inside to get your own answers rather than rely on others. Youíre learning who you are, and only you have the answers.

For some this journey to the soul may take 6 months for others 6 to 10 years. There is no one way or right way. There is only your way. What can help is to find others who have traveled down their path and who can share their experiences openly and honestly.

I believe this to be the most honored and important process or commitment anyone can undertake. I encourage others who have gone before to hold out their hand and support their fellow soul travelers. We are all playing an important part in the evolution of the human species.

Then one day, you wake up and say ah, I can see clearly now, the pain is gone. I must admit, that song kept coming into my head. I think Carly Simon sang it years ago. Oops, I must be dating myself.

But honestly, just when you think youíll never get it Ė all of a sudden things start to click. You start to think about coming back to the world again. Youíve gone through the dark night of the soul and have come back to live again. You wake up to a new day and a new soulful brilliance of who you really are.

The Natural Progression Ö and the big picture.

Just like individuals, corporations list their statement of purpose, values and vision. However, Iíve found that thereís a link between the personal and the professional or company statements. This link is directly connected to productivity, personal meaning, integrity and a sense of contributing something of value to the world around us.

When individuals start to wake up to their brilliance they will in turn wake up corporate brilliance and the living link between the two shall remain strong.

When living from an authentic place, individuals will automatically shift to a more global and interconnected sense of being. The natural progression will be one of service and global community.

When you step back far enough to see the big picture in context to the world around you, you realize how important this step is. By being true to who you are, living from a place of purpose and giving of your talents and abilities to the world around you, you give back in service what you came to share with othersÖÖ your spirit.

© Diane Fleck. 2000. 

Diane Fleck is President of Fleck and Associates, a consulting and training company specializing in igniting passion, purpose and spirit!

Dianeís area of expertise is the people side of business. She helps individuals and organizations realize their area of greatness and their people potential.

Fleck and Associates provides consulting, coaching and training services. Flecks workshops include executive development, leadership, team building and personal growth seminars.

Through her 20 years of corporate experience, research, training, business and behavior psychology, Diane is a sought after expert in the field of maximizing human potential.

She believes that continuous learning and self-awareness is the key to personal success and well being. By Unleashing your individual potential, you bring more of who you really are to everything you do.

Her specific application of "how to" workshops focus on the interaction and dynamics of human behavior Ė one-on-one, in a team environment and individual awareness for living an authentic life.

Her unique flair of humor and practical experience encourages others to go beyond the norm and reach for the stars.

Her clients include fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, financial institutes, non-profit organizations, healthcare and the communications field. Sheís delivered management workshops through the Newspaper Satellite Network, an affiliate of the American Press Institute and the Newspaper Association of America. She currently serves as Vice President Membership for the American Society for Training and Development in Northern California. Fleck also serves as keynote speaker, seminar leader, executive coach and spiritual guide.

Her new book "The Path of Purpose Ė Awakening to Personal and Corporate Brilliance will publish in the fall of 2001. Her new 2001 seminar series, "Seminars for the Soul" gives tips, techniques and tools to nurture the soul within.

For more information you can call (707) 421-9376 or email dfleck@itswithin.com. Visit our web site at http://www.itswithin.com


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